Producer Michael Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship & Wiki

Producer Michael is a celebrity best known in the music industry. An award-winning producer and composer. Given his detailed understanding of the music scene, he has dramatically succeeded in record production, record promotion, artist, and talent management.

He has produced and collaborated with many famous artists and performers for singles, albums, movie soundtracks, and sound for television shows. Therefore, it is no surprise that he has earned multiple gold and platinum records as a promoter and producer in his 25-year career.


Producer Michael’s Early Life and Biography

The record producer’s real name is Michael Blakey. He was born on December 8, 1958, in London, England. He studied music in Madrid, Spain, and completed Business Education in Berlin, Germany. His ex-wife is named Sasha Blakey. They had a daughter in 2009.

Mr. and Mrs. Blakey with their daughter

Michael Blakey’s Personal Life

Blakey is a man that many people enjoy music. Although popular in the business, he is one of the essential people working in the background to ensure everything behind the scenes gets done correctly.

He has become a legend within his niche in the music industry. He has contributed to the sales of more than 100 million albums, so it is no wonder that he is considered an icon among the artists who have worked with him.

In addition, Michael Blakey has received much attention and recognition for his contributions to helping many artists succeed. Although he has yet to win a Grammy Award, he has been nominated five times. This is quite an honor for him.


Producer Michael’s Net Worth

A net worth of roughly $65 million is pretty amazing. His dedication and entrepreneurship within the music business have earned most of his net worth.

Producers earn depending on experience and deals. Michael Blakey has vast experience; he can earn up to $15 thousand per song. He founded four record labels that partnered with EMI (Electronic and Musical Industries), Warner Bros, and Universal Music.

Aside from this, he also makes extra revenue from his Youtube channel through monetization. His YouTube channel earns $265 thousand yearly.


Producer Michael’s Career

Aside from being A producer, Blakey is also a composer. He has composed and arranged music for various movies like “Beavis and Butthead Do America” and “Who Killed Bambi.” He also worked with various musical artists, from pop to country. He has produced songs for Glen Campbell, Ron White, Bob Carlisle, Waylon Jennings, 2 Pac, Coolio, Engelbert Humperdinck, Gloria Gaynor, Luther Vandross, Brian McKnight, Michelle Wright, and Mary J. Blige. These artists are just some; he has also arranged and composed for others.

Blakey made multiple motion picture soundtracks. Among these is Disney’s Cinderella II: Dreams Come True. He has received many gold and platinum records for his outstanding contribution to Shaft, Message in a Bottle, Beavis, and Butthead Do America. Producer Michael has turned his passion for flashing supercars, luxury timepieces, private jets, and high-end homes into quite the YouTube business. He and Adam Swords, his partner, are “in it to win it.”

When asked how Michael became successful, he said he pursued his passion. His passion is music, and all he did was turn his passion into a business. Blakey is so hardworking. He has put forth a tremendous effort in founding his own business and keeping it running well for all these years. Michael’s production work has contributed to over 100 million album sales as of the time of this writing.


Michael Blakey Producing Companies

Michael Blakey established 2KSounds with Mr. Bruce Gladstone and Mr. John Guidon in 1999. This company is considered the first record-producing company to execute the surveillance and promotion of online music. 2KSounds partnered with Virgin Records, and Blakey became the president of the record division.


Producer Michael in the Entertainment Industry

The multi-talented Mr. Michael Blakey entered yet another call within the entertainment industry. He has provided the music for several TV shows and films, including ‘Shaft’ and ‘Jackass: The Movie.’ He was an essential cog in the wheel that turned the business and entertained us with our favorite movies, shows, and music.


Michael Blakey Before Fame

Producer Michael’s first job in the recording business was at Hansa Studio in Berlin, Germany. He was the resident producer. His hard work and dedication put him way up in the industry through the years, and he produced tracks for some of the greatest artists in the world, like Willie Nelson, Engelbert Humperdinck, No Doubt, and Eminem.

Michael’s dreams and dedication made him decide that it was time to go into business for himself. He established three own record companies. He achieved stellar prominence in the recording industry and worked with famous and successful artists.

Blakey is a very talented musician. He was a songwriter, producer, composer, and musician. He also played as a session drummer for Tidal Force at Atico Records. Atico was very impressed with him and offered him a job to work full-time with them. He was Chief of A& R and stayed at the job from 1991 through 1994. Mr. Blakey had initially worked in Germany but set up his series of studios in the United States.


Producer Michael and His Mansion

Mr. Michael teams up with Los Angeles real estate agent Caroline Choi to tour a mansion in Newport Beach. It is a 6,500-square-foot crib mansion with four bedrooms, five bathrooms, an office, a home gym, and a garage for a fleet of cars, and it cost $14.5 million.


Producer Michael’s Social Media

Mr. Blakey handles “producermichael” on his social media account, Instagram and Youtube. He sets himself as a “lifestyle of the rich and famous” personality.

Producer Michael has over 787,000 followers on Instagram. His Instagram bio describes himself as a “Watch and Car Enthusiast.” His watch and car collections are estimated to be worth millions of dollars.

He has 1.37 million subscribers on Youtube, which launched on July 14, 2017. He uses this channel for luxury home tour listings, mainly around Los Angeles. His realty review videos have become popular enough that realtors frequently approach him to give promotions to a home they are trying to sell.


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