Ron Wright’s Net Worth, Career, Height, Age & Personal Wiki

Ron Wright - Captain Bling Bling

Captain Bling Bling is a renowned Tiktok celebrity, Instagram star, and content creator from Canada. He became well-known for broadcasting content from his personal and private life.

He was recognized on social media platforms for posting various photos and videos of money suits.

Captain Bling Bling Early Life

Captain Bling Bling’s real name is Ron Wright.

Ron Wright, now 35 years old, was born on the 25th of April 1988. He was born and raised with his family in Canada.

Ron studied in a local private high school in his hometown and got his degree in University in Canada.

Ron might share his intimate life, but when it comes to his parents and siblings, he does not disclose any information about them.

Captain Bling Bling Net Worth

Captain Bling Bling
Captain Bling Bling

Social media personality Captain Bling Bling Captain Bling Bling or Ron Wright has approximately $25 million net worth. Social media platforms Tiktok, Instagram, and Youtube, are his primary source of income.

Ron also earns money through brand endorsement and sponsorships. He can basically earn up to $100 thousand per month from this. 

Captain Bling Bling is also an Instagram celebrity and model. He has collaborated with different fashion brands.

The famous tiktok star also accumulated money on his business, a masonry company in Canada.

Captain Bling Bling Career

Ron Wright has loved making a video since childhood until he started posting on social media, acquired popularity, and focused on his career as a social media influencer.

He started on Instagram and Tiktok by sharing unique and fashion-related pictures and videos. As his fan base grew, he already created a Youtube channel. He often posts vlogs and became a Youtube star.

He often posts his extravagant lifestyle on his channel. Captain Bling Bling’s videos point out that he doesn’t have a lack of money. He has also stated that he is a multi-millionaire Youtube personality.

Ron is mainly known on Instagram for his lifestyle, open-ended questions, behind-the-scenes of his content, and promotional photos and videos.

In October 2020, he launched his Tiktok account, and his first tiktok video was by posting a brick-layering video. He gained fame on the video-sharing platform and became a famous tiktok star with 7 million followers. He primarily shares this platform’s lip-sync, humorous, and trending dance videos.

Captain Bling Bling consistently uploads videos. He also created a Tiktok set to The Kid Laroi’s “Without You.”

Captain Bling Bling Relationship Status


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Captain Bling Bling has a lowkey relationship with Catherine Szabo. The couple met in a social connection and started dating after.

They’ve been together for almost a decade already and were already engaged.

Catherine is an Instagram also, and she sometimes appears on Ron’s videos, but they keep other information and happenings about their love story away from public eyes.

Captain Bling Bling Physical Appearance

Captain Bling Bling stands 5 feet and 9 inches. He has a black eye color and hair color.

Quick Facts About Captain Bling Bling

Captain Bling is famous for his unique persona performing in a money suit.

Captain Bling Bling has two self-titled Instagram.

He loves to travel.

His favorite sport is soccer.

The captain is usually seen publicly giving food and money to needy people.