TikTok Rosa’s Net Worth, Height, Age & Personal Info Wiki

“Rosa,” or Adam Martinez in real life, is a renowned American TikTok star famous for his makeup and parody skits. 

At his age, people noticed him with his quirky sense of humor to providing amusing TikTok videos.

Adam Martinez Biography

TikTok star Adam “Rosa” Martinez was born on the 21st of April, 1999. Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, and living in the United States. He has an American nationality and Hispanic ethnicity and practices Christianity as his religion.

Adam has detached his personal life from his working life on social media. He has not disclosed any details about his relatives or siblings regarding his family members.
He studied and graduated high school at Southwest High.

Adam Martinez's Net Worth

Social media influencer Adam earns $1.5 million approximately. Social media is now his primary source of income, and he does brand collaborations too.

Adam Martinez Career

Adam, the insightful boy, had some discernment of how women work around men, then he turned those insights to create humorous video content.

Adam opened his Tiktok account in December 2019, and in his first video, he featured a girl, his alter ego. It is a poorly made-up girl with large and thick eyelashes dancing to typical mismatched music in Tiktok.

The video went viral and gathered a million views, and the girl with quirky eyelashes evolved into a funny, obscenity-spewing, and highly humorous girl.

Adam or @adamrayokay on TikTok has been recognized for his makeup tutorials and his role as ‘Rosa.’ Another Tiktok actor copied his content, which affected his video. But Rosa got viral among Tiktok users and gained 6 million followers in a few months.

Some of Rosas’ catchphrases are “come over,” “let me see,” and “open your bag.” She wears makeup, contours, and fake eyelashes.

Adam’s sense of humor is so entertaining in so many ways. His videos are going viral even other TikTok celebrities use them in their videos.

He had appeared on James Charles and Benny Soliven’s Youtube channels.

Adam Martinez Before Fame

Rosa or Adam Martinez, in his real life, had a corporate job before becoming a Tiktok celebrity. He had a 9-5 call center and typing job in the office, and some days were boring for him. One day he went home and spent hours on TikTok, making content until it became his cycle, and now, he is famous as “Rosa” under username @AdamRayOkay.

Adam Martinez Social Media


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Adam’s popularity on Tiktok made him an Instagram star with more than 1 million followers, 20 thousand likes on his Facebook account, and his Youtube channel has 601 thousand subscribers already.

He started his YouTube channel ‘AdamRayOkay’ in January 2020. Adam’s videos have more than 6 million views. His ‘ROSA TAKES OVER OMEGE,’ uploaded in March 2020, has over 1 million views.
Adam represents Rosa as a rebel in college, a shameless YouTuber, and a boyfriend’s drama queen that crossed a million views. Rosa and Marlene recorded together. She posted a talk with her.

His TikTok account has already accumulated 6.7 million followers and 139 million likes.

Adam Martinez on his alter-ego Rosa

In a Q&A video, he shared how he came up with the name and character ‘Rosa’ and said, “Rosa is just somebody everybody happens to know, whether it’s through school, through a friend, they all have met somebody like her. So I thought, why not just bring her back and let her shine?”

Rosa is a typical rebellious college student who misbehaves in classes, Youtube famewhore, and is a total drama queen.

@adamrayokay POV: they didn’t even let Rosa finish?!?😩😩😩 #favoriteteacher #howto #sneakerhead ♬ original sound – ADAMRAY

Adam Martinez Controversies

Adam had massive fame and recognition among fans in a short period. Likewise, he has worked with several other social network figures.

His collaboration with YouTube star James Charles in March 2020, on the other hand, landed him in hot issue and drew him a lot of criticism. They got a lot of negative feedback, and his followers attacked him in the comments section for working with a ”predator” and ”racist.”

In April 2020, he apologized on Twitter for his racist tweet before his fame. “I am deeply sorry to anybody I have offended. I learn and grow every day and will never try and justify my old ignorant tweets. There was a time when I didn’t realize how much words can hurt someone. The lack of knowledge back then does not represent who I am today.”

Adam Martinez's Physical Appearance

Adam’s height is 5 feet 6 inches, and weighs around 102 kg. Likewise, he has a white skin complexion, medium brown hair, and blue eye color.

He likes changing and dyeing his hair in different colors.