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Spencer X is an American online star and NFT artist known for his beatboxing videos on TikTok and YouTube. His real name is Spencer Polanco Knight. On TikTok, he’s the 8th most followed person as of July 2021.

He is also known for collaborating with many eminent media personalities, including Marshmello. Spencer X is famously called “The Mouth Music Man.” He has more than 136,794,128 views on YouTube and over 219 million on TikTok.


Spencer X’s Net Worth

As of July 2022, Spencer X’s net worth is $5 million. Spencer X’s career as a TikTok content creator is his primary source of income.

His wealth increases from other online projects, such as his YouTube account. With such a vast social media following such as TikTok and YouTube, Spencer X no doubt earns from lucrative brand sponsorships.


Spencer X’s Early Life

How old is Spencer X? Spencer X is 29 years old as of this year, 2022. He was born on August 20, 1992. Spencer X was born in Manhattan, New York, United States, and was raised by his parents. Spencer X has a younger sister, and her name is Gigi. He is currently living in Los Angeles, California.

Born and raised in Manhattan, Spencer Polanco Knight is of Chinese and Ecuadorian descent. Spencer X admitted in an interview with Forbes that his parents initially didn’t support his career, preferring that he go to college.

Spencer X’s father is an Ecuadorian immigrant to the US, and her mother is from a family that belongs to China. In addition, his father is a tennis coach, while his mother has worked for the Board of Education.

The TikTok star’s favorite stars are also interesting. His hobbies include dancing. He likes New York, Washington, Chile, Ecuador, and the UK. Spencer’s favorite food includes Deep Dish Pizza, Apple Pie, Texas Barbecue, Clam Chowder, and hamburgers.

The famous TikToker favors his fellow content creators, such as Naim Darrechi, Joe Albanese, Rodrigo Contreras, and Savannah Labrant. Tom Cruise, Michael Pena, and Gael Garcia Bernal are his favorite actors. Spencer’s famous actresses are Gigi Hadid, Nadia Hilker, Lily Collins, and Taylor Hill. He likes Michael Jackson as a dancer.

Spencer X was highly outgoing when he was a youngster. His father introduced to him a range of topics. He was keen for him to play tennis. However, Spencer decided to take beatboxing as a profession when his friend introduced it to him in high school.

Spencer X’s Education

Spencer X attended Hunter College to study Matrix Algebra – Calculus from 2009 to 2010. Later, he attended the University of New York College at Purchase but dropped out in 2012. After a year and a half, he dropped out to pursue his dream of becoming “the largest man-made business within the entertainment industry.”

He also attended The Beacon School High School in New York City, United States. There is no other information about his educational background, though.


Spencer X’s Girlfriend and Dating History

Spencer X is a famous and talented TikTok and YouTube content creator. His fans want to know about the status of his relationship. However, there is little information about someone he’s dating. Simply put, Spencer Polanco Knight hasn’t mentioned anything about it yet. Simply put, he is extremely private about his love life. Besides, there aren’t any details on his past relationships.


Spencer X’s Career

Spencer X started beatboxing when he was 14 years old. After gaining beatboxing skills, he became a member of Hip Hop Clubs. The 29-year-old musician also performed at the Student Movement Against Cancer of SMAC. Once, he was reached out by a capella group named Midnight Rambles. They gave him a chance to audition for Sing-Off.

In 2014, Spencer X formed a group called “BackTrack.” Then, he toured on several stages with other rappers, singers, and bands. They performed at the Bumbershoot Festival, Vans Warped Tour, and 116th Street Festival. Spencer X also created a YouTube Channel named “Spencer X” in 2012. He uploaded his own tracks, hilarious sketches, and beatboxing tutorials there.

His first video was about a trap beatbox medley. Spencer’s video entitled “One Beatboxer, 14 Genres” went viral. In 2019, he created a TikTok account and then moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career. Spencer X’s second film, “One Beatboxer, 20 Sound Effects,” also became viral with millions of viewers.

Throughout his career, he collaborated with several artists, such as Mashmello, Sean Kingston, and Alicia Keys. Spencer X received Silver and Gold Play Buttons from YouTube. The American TikTok sensation received Breakout Creator nominations from Streamy Awards in 2020. Forbes also included him in Forbes 30 Under 30 for social media stars.

Spencer X dreamed of collaborating with Beyoncé. He is good at beatboxing and loves percussion instruments such as brass, drum set, and trumpet. Besides, his beatboxing influencers are rappers Doug E. Fresh and Rahzel.

In one of his interviews, he mentioned that he wanted to perform at the Grammys and Super Bowl. In March 2019, the F&B brand Monster Energy started sponsoring him.

In 2020, Spencer X was endorsed by Oreo to promote the brand on TikTok. The shoe line Sketchers also collaborated with him to make promotional content. Spencer X appeared in YouTuber Klaasen’s video to do the hot sauce challenge in May 2020. In addition, he was one of the recipients of the 200 million USD TikTok US Creator Fund to defend the platform from other competitors.

As of July 19, 2021, Spencer X has 53.7 million followers on TikTok. At that time, he ranked sixth on the Forbes list of TikTok’s top-earning stars for bringing in $1.2 million in sponsorship deals with Uno, Sony, and Oreo, aside from his other online income streams. As mentioned earlier, Spencer X rose to fame on TikTok and YouTube. He is famous on the said platforms for his fast-paced and smooth beatboxing and music tracks.

He has been featured in many publications as an artist to watch, including USA Today. In 2012, he was the featured artist for The Purchase Beat – SUNY Purchase. The beatboxer has been featured in many publications, as aforementioned, including The Village Voice. In 2014, USA Today featured him as an up-and-coming artist.

The popular content creator is known for his music with original sounds, produced tracks, and comedic sketches. He has also released NFTs on the Waves Ducks platform. Numerous celebrities such as Chase Hudson, Bryce Hall, Bella Poarch, and more adore Spencer X’s beatbox.

In October 2014, Spencer X uploaded his viral video “One Beatboxer, 14 Genres.” It is now deleted, though. As it gained so much attention, he was recognized in a segment on USA Today the following month.

In 2018, Spencer X ranked 7th in The Source’s Top 10 Hip Hop artists list. He has also worked alongside the Lopez Brothers and fellow TikTok content creators. He had ten events in one month in 2019, the most he’s ever had. At the “East Coast Beatbox Battle,” Spencer Polanco Knight reached the top 16. In 2012, he earned the Vice-Champion title at the Midwest Beatbox Battle in Ohio.

In an interview with Forbes, he stated, “I’m going to be the largest man-made business within the entertainment industry.” After all, he envisions himself becoming the first big-time beatboxer.

After days and days of watching beatboxing videos on YouTube, he emerged in his room and told his family, “Mom, dad. I know what I want to do with my life: to be a beatboxer.” He admitted that his parents said, “Dear God, what even is that?” In the Forbes interview, Spencer X shared, “I’m not in it for a couple of bucks. I’m not in it for a couple million.” He added, “I’m in it to take over the world.”

On his LinkedIn, Spencer’s bio states that he is “an award-winning beatboxer from Manhattan, NYC. He has shared the stage with artists such as Kendrick Lamar, The Filharmonic, Dead Prez, Rahzel, and Doug E. Fresh and performed for top brands such as Citibank, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Vans, Yelp, Saks 5th Avenue, and more.” His experience includes being a leader and sponsored by Monster Energy & Break Free Worldwide, partnered with B&H, YouTube, Thread Beast, and Hint Water.

Based on publications about him, he has a lot of supporters. Village Voice wrote, “Beatboxer wunderkid Spencer Polanco is proving that beatboxing is not only an element of the hip-hop culture but that the vocal-percussive music can also serve as a diverse endurance test.” Besides, Spencer X’s favorite artist is Marshmello. His biggest dream is to beatbox at the Super Bowl. He flunked college twice to focus on his music.


Spencer X’s Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Height 6 ft. 2 in
Weight 77 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Body Type Fit
Sexual Orientation Straight

Facts About Spencer X

Nationality American
Estimate Net Worth $5 million
Religion Christianity
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Birthplace Manhattan, New York, USA
Birthday April 20, 1992


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