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Taylor Price

Taylor Price is an aspiring neurosurgeon but turns out to be a CEO and financial adviser on the social media platform, Tiktok.

Taylor Price is not your average Tiktok celebrity. As CEO of her financial education platform, TAP Intuit(1), and with over 1 million followers on tiktok, entrepreneur Taylor Price is transforming how we talk about personal finance. 

Taylor Price Biography

Taylor was born on May 15, 2000, in the United States and grew up in New York City.

Taylor does not share information about her family, but her mom often features it on her Instagram account.

She studied at the University of Albany, focusing on finance and management. Price has a degree as well in SUNY Albany. Currently looking for her Certified Financial Planners (CFP) designation, she’s taking classes through NYU.


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Taylor Price Personal Life

Taylor Price believed that she would be a neurosurgeon until her health changed what she thought.

She underwent significant spinal fusion surgery before Taylor Price in her junior high school. The surgery led to different medical complications. Her ability to live the life of a typical high schooler changed just a few months after the surgery.

In an Insider interview, she said, “That summer, I had to relearn to walk. My first day at high school, my brother had to carry my bag for me. I had to ask people to carry my books for me. I had a special desk that I was sitting in. I wasn’t allowed to attend PE.” 

Her medical challenges made her want to become a neurosurgeon, but while in her college biology class, she realized her health situation would hinder her. Standing for more than an hour and bending over to investigate specimens was causing her back pain. And she dropped out of school.
One of Taylor’s breakdown moment, and she don’t know what to do. She asked her mom and said, ”Hey, you know, things change, but you can go into finance.’ I said, why not? I have nothing to do at this point; everything that I thought I was going to do vanished in a day, pretty much.” Price added during Insider’s interview.

She followed her mom’s advice and pursued a degree focusing on finance and management at the University at Albany. She learned everything about a company’s finances but knew nothing about her own. That’s when she took on a journey to learn about personal finance.

While having a vacation in Los Angeles, her friends insisted her to make videos. She went viral on her 10th video.

Taylor Price Net Worth

Taylor Price has an estimated net worth of $1 Million – $5 Million. She has a lot of means that generate income for her.

She earns from social media platforms Tiktok and Youtube. Her website makes about $19,000 a month.

She received an offer of sponsorships and partnerships with other companies. She accomplishes this through her personal brand, Taylor Price LLC, which generates about $13,000 a month.

Even though Taylor earns a healthy income, she still does different jobs. She makes extra cash doing side jobs on Fiverr. She uses the same platform to hire some freelancers for her company. Price can earn about $1,000 monthly for writing content, blogs, and sales copy.

Taylor Price Career

Taylor started blogging about personal finance in 2018. She writes on her blog about everything she was learning about from books, other blogs, and Youtube videos.

For Taylor, there’s a lot of financial jargon that young people can’t understand. She makes her articles and videos to explain financial concepts simply, using memes, and Gen Z slang.

Her side hustle eventually developed into her current company. A financial literacy firm teaches Gen Z how to manage money through the website and an app that delivers workshops, community chats, daily lessons, and market insights.

In 2019, she established TAP Intuit; a website focused on financial literacy for Gen Z’s. Now, at 22, Taylor yields about $33,000 a month.

Taylor Price is best known as a social media star and content creator who is recognized for the financial and investment advice videos she posts to her Tiktok account @pricelesstay.

She spent as little as possible when she started until she was on her way up to a fully operating website. When she needed help, she hired a virtual assistant. She used Fiverr to hire a freelance writer.

Taylor Price Social Media

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Taylor uses her social media accounts to share her knowledge and explain through videos about financial concepts and entertaining topics, like good summer side hustles and the weirdest celebrity purchases.

Taylor launched her TikTok account in December 2019 and now has 1.2 million followers on her account.

Her blogs turned into vlogs which she often uploads on her Youtube channel, which has 24 thousand subscribers.

How did Taylor Price become a millionaire under 30?

She implements everything she learns in her investment strategy.

Aside from her blogs, vlogs, side hustles, and company, she doesn’t spend the money she generates. Instead, she keeps it as her funds to hire other contractors who have skills she doesn’t, such as web and app developers and digital designers. This helps keep her operating costs low. 

Taylor also chose to move back in with her mom so that she could keep her expenses reduced which allows her to allocate a majority of her income to her investment accounts.

She also invests in the stock market, index funds, and exchange-traded funds or ETFs. Her top ETFs are from ARK Investment Management, led by one of her idols, Cathie Wood. Wood is her inspiration because she’s a successful woman in a field that is still predominantly male.

Quick Facts About Taylor Price

Taylor is also a co-host of the podcast What The Finance!(2) with her friend Media Rosarion. 

In September 2020, she posted a Tiktok video to the Labrinth song “Still Don’t Know My Name.”


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