TikTok Uncle Gang’s Net Worth, Personal Life, Career and More

Uncle Gang

Uncle Gang Gang, whose real name is still unknown, is a famous TikToker with 2.2 million followers and a social media businessman and influencer who identifies himself as the richest man in the world.

He is best known for posting giveaway videos. Uncle Gang is a social media influencer who acquired a massive following through expensive-looking gold chains, cash giveaways, and inspirational videos. 

Uncle Gang's Net Worth

Uncle Gang Gang Net Worth is approximately \$1 Million – \$5 Million. Uncle Gang identifies himself as “the richest man in the world.” Uncle Gang Gang has impressed his viewers with his expensive chains, exaggerated gifts, and cash giveaways. He’s telling his fans that he will send them gadgets like Play Stations, iPhones, and AirPods.

Uncle Gang also promotes his business projects and merchandise and sells them online. He sells “Moe Money stacks” (1) for up to $150 on his website. 

Uncle Gang as richest man in the world

Uncle Gang's Family Life

As the richest man in the world and a TikTok star, Uncle Gang seems a very private person. He seems to keep his real life separated from his life on social media. The only detail relating to his family is that his mother’s name is Tracy, who is also available on TikTok with the username @UncleGangGangMoma (2), and he comes from a patriotic family. It is also unclear where he lives, but he has posted videos in Kentucky in his past videos. 

Uncle Gang's Personal Life

Uncle Gang’s personal life information is still unknown. He does not disclose his real name, age, birthplace, or nationality. But it seems that he is in his late 30s and early 40s. His nationality is American. As can be seen on his videos, he posted that he was in Kentucky, celebrated the Christmas holiday with his family, and even decorated a glowing message saying “God Bless America.” Uncle Gang’s height is 5 feet and 7 inches, and his weight seems to be 68kg. He has an oval face and prefers to have his hair in the color green, blue, brown, or purple as they are his favorite color. His teeth Grillz are not for a long-term arrangement. He only uses it on his videos. Uncle Gang gang‘s relationship and education still remained undisclosed. 

Even being a private person, he is very passionate about Autism Awareness. This might be because someone close to him has been diagnosed with autism. On his TikTok bio, he wrote, “I am an autistic adult.” He posted multiple pictures on Instagram as well about autism awareness.

Uncle Gang's Career

Uncle Gang in Tiktok

Numerous individuals rose to popularity through Tiktok; among the well-known TikTokers, Uncle Gang is one. Uncle Gang is also called by his fans captain bling bling. He is a social media influencer and a multi-millionaire businessman, as he proclaims to himself. He frequently shares videos on his Tiktok account and has a second unverified TikTok account. He can also be seen on Instagram with 60 thousand followers and own a Youtube channel with 127 thousand subscribers.

His content giving away cash prizes and gadgets like iPhones, Ipads, and even vehicles, money, and a lot more made him a star. He offers his followers the chance to win those, and a lot of young and hopeful followers are eager to get a chance to win the prize. Uncle Gang Gang also shared several videos showing him helping people across the street.

This TikTok star wears a grill, sunglasses, and expensive-looking gold chains. Uncle Gang also runs a business called ‘Moe Money’ He claims that his company specializes in all things money-related: home goods, accessories, apparel, props, and anything that has to do with $100 bills. 

Uncle Gang's Controversy

Half of Uncle Gang’s followers and viewers claim he was a fraud, a swindler. Many are accusing him of scamming his fans and not delivering the merchandise. Likewise, he even had a lot of videos from people who claimed to have received the gifts and commented requesting money or gifts from the man. 

But for some, it does not matter to some if Uncle Gang is a scam or not; he is undoubtedly kind enough to help the poor. Over his Tiktok account, we could see him giving stuff and money to the homeless numerous times, and every time he’s doing it, he plays “Iris” by Goo Goo Dolls. 


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