Jessie Woo's Offensive Whitney Houston Joke

Whitney Houston’s Fans Didn’t Seem To Like Jessie Woo’s Joke About Her

Wrong Move, Jessie. Fans are presently irritated as she dropped a hostile Whitney Houston Joke.
Jessie Woo is one of the newest members on Season 16 of “Wild N Out.” In one of the show’s improvisational production premise, entitled, “Outgoing Message,” cast members and guests must imitate an outgoing voicemail of a celebrity.

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The late, great Whitney Houston is the superstar entrusted to her. She executed the joke by singing Whitney Houston’s Hit “I Will Always Love You.”

She started to sing a bit of the tune and was generally welcomed; however, it took an unsavory turn, as she said, “And I… I’m dead.”

Her joke left live audience and fellow cast members dumbfounded. The host, Nick Cannon, is on his knees as seen in the video.

Backlash was well received as she responded to them on twitter, “Male Comedians and folks on twitter make jokes about Whitney’s battle with drugs still till this day… but me impersonating her during a voicemail game by singing her song & saying “I’m dead” (a great excuse why she cannot come to the phone)… but I went too far?”

Woo also said, “The show is called ‘Wild N Out. When you watch the show over the year, the men on the show get to come on the show and say the wildest things – the most disrespectful things and it’s still considered comedy,” in a video posted by TheShaderoom on Instagram.

Whitney Houston died on February 11, 2021, just before the Grammy Awards held. She was found dead in a bathtub in Beverly Hills Hilton hotel room. Cause of death is accidental drowning with a heart disease and cocaine use listed as a contributing factors.

Reactions to Jessie Woo's Offensive Joke About Whitney Houston

A lot of people were mad about Jessie Woo’s offensive joke to the late Whitney Houston, but at the same time, some people find it funny.

Jessie Woo made a tasteless joke about Whitney on Wild N' Out and tried to use the excuse that if it were a man comedian, it wouldn't have the same reaction. Ma'am, stop! it would have garnered the same reaction because it was tasteless and foul. No one laughed, either

Jessie Woo & the whole Whitney Houston joke thing was a bad joke in a funny way 😂😂😂😂😂 maybe my sense of humor is too dark but y’all gotta keep that same energy when y’all talkin about MJ and he been gone for a long time

Ngl Jessie Woo Whitney joke funny asf & ppl tried to get on her? Cause if it were me i would said something about cocaine🌚😭😭🤣

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