Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Divorce Settlement: What’s Next For The Former A-List Couple?

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Divorce Settlement: What's Next For The Former A-List Couple?

They have recently reached an agreement following months of litigation and several public dramas. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have reached a divorce settlement after months of negotiation, finalizing one of the most high-profile celebrity splits in recent memory. This ends a eight-year marriage which produced four children. The now-divorced couple will receive joint custody […]

Most Disliked QVC Television Host 2022

Most Disliked QVC Television Host 2022

We all know someone who we just can’t stand. Maybe it’s that pompous know-it-all at work or that neighbor who’s always playing their music too loud. Perhaps it’s that friend who’s always borrowing money and never paying it back. Whoever it is, there are people in this world that we can’t stand. The same goes […]

Lenny Hochstein: NBC Must Release Lisa’s “RHOM” Compensation Info

Lenny Hochstein_ NBC Must Release Lisa's _RHOM_ Compensation Info

Aside from their ongoing divorce battle, it is evident that their disagreement regarding finances has caused tension between the two. Lenny Hochstein is currently requesting NBC to give his ex-wife, Lisa Hochstein, compensation information for her time spent appearing on Bravo TV’s popular reality series, “Real Housewives of Miami.” His demand for transparency comes after […]

Top 50 TMZ Cast For 2022 – Male & Female

50 Famous TMZ Cast For 2022 - Male & Female

TMZ, based on the well-known gossip website, offers daily updates on Hollywood’s rich, stunningly attractive, and troubled figures. TMZ is owned by Fox corporation, which also serves as a news source and consists of different kinds of television programs.  It debuted on November 8, 2005, as a partnership with both AOL and Telepictures, a Warner […]

Andy Cohen Shares His Thoughts About Kathy Hilton’s Possible Exit From “RHOBH”

Andy Cohen Shares His Thoughts About Kathy Hilton Possible Exit From _RHOBH

No one can really pinpoint whether he’s happy about it or not. Andy Cohen recently expressed his views on Kathy Hilton, one of the “friends” of the cast members of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” leaving the reality show. In an interview with US Magazine on Thursday, Cohen decided to become candid about his initial reaction […]

What’s Really Going On Behind Lizzy Savetsky’s Sudden “RHONY” Reboot Exit?

What's Really Going On Behind Lizzy Savetsky's Sudden _RHONY_ Reboot Exit

The almost real housewife star exits the show midway through filming. Lizzy Savetsky’s abrupt exit from the “Real Housewives of New York City” reboot has recently made headlines. She claims it was due to a barrage of anti-Semitic slurs she received after being revealed as a cast member of the hit Bravo show. However, it appears […]