Carrie Underwood Anti-Mask Video

Carrie Underwood Liked An Anti-Mask Video?

Carrie Underwood received backlash for liking an anti-mask video in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.
Carrie Underwood loved a tweet of Matt Walsh’s video speech addressing that his against the cruel and indefensible mask mandate for children. She’s a mother of two school-aged boys, and she lives in Nashville; Walsh was screaming about no masks for children in Nashville.

“Do you know what it’s called when you force your children to wear masks for fear of the virus that poses almost no threat to them? It’s called ‘child abuse’.”

“What if a parent forced his kid to wear a football helmet all day every day for fear of falling coconuts and meteors?” he argued. “If you saw that, you would say he’s abusive.”

Walsh added that making children wear masks all day teaches them to believe “the air is toxic, that everyone around them is sick.”

Numerous Twitter users noticed that the American Idol alum liked a two-minute clip and it sparked backlash across social media.

Meanwhile, her co-country singer, John Rich, defended her, “I say @carrieunderwood can like whatever tweet she wants to like. Who are ‘they’ to shout her down? Watch out, she’s a tough Okie gal:) You see what’s going on here? It’s ‘freedom of speech unless you disagree with the mob.’ #CarrieTakeTheWheel”

She hasn’t yet publicly addressed the comments surrounding her twitter activity.

Reactions to Carrie Underwood Liking An Anti-Mask Video

Even if there are a huge number of people who tried to cancel Carrie Underwood, supporters are still around the corner including the blue check users.

I fully support @carrieunderwood Cancel culture is a cancer to society. They very thing they don’t like is the very strategy they use against someone they don’t like.

I stand WITH Carrie Underwood!

Carrie Underwood liked @MattWalshBlog post feat. his speech to Nashville school board opposing mask mandates for kids. Leftist mob is now swarming her, claiming she's "anti-vax" tho Walsh never mentioned vaccines. Because that's easiest way to smear common sense these days.

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