Abolishing Vaccine Mandates: DeSantis Provides Free Monoclonal Antibody Treatment for COVID-19


Florida has now established 21 state-run sites to offer free monoclonal antibody treatment to the public.

Florida governor Ron DeSantis took to Twitter on Saturday to urge the public who are infected with COVID-19 and considered to be at high risk for severe symptoms to seek the monoclonal antibody treatment that is proving successful in reducing hospitalizations and deaths from the virus.

The monoclonal antibodies have had a low demand from patients and providers for COVID-19 treatment, and DeSantis has since vowed to make it more accessible in Florida.

“Most of the people that progress to hospital admission did not take the vaccine […] and over 90% of them didn’t get the monoclonal antibody either,” said DeSantis during the opening of a new treatment site in The Villages, placing partial blame to the lack of public awareness about the said treatment.

“Some people thought that this was exclusive […] and super expensive, which is not true,” he added.

To increase awareness and public access, DeSantis is continuously opening new treatment clinics and expanding free monoclonal antibody treatment around the state of Florida.

“Now I think more people understand, more people are using it, and we’ve had some inspirational stories of people who were really high risk who were able to take the treatment and are now back on their feet and feel better,” DeSantis said.

A living example of such testimony to the efficacy of the monoclonal antibody treatment is Nurse Anesthetist Sara Keene of Panama City.

When Keene contracted COVID-19 at the age of 61, she was faced with a significant risk of becoming severely ill with the virus.

According to Keene, the doctors administered her with monoclonal antibody treatment.

“I did start to feel better. Within the next day or two, I was able to eat again, my fever started to go away, and I really got a lot of energy back.” Keene described her experience after the monoclonal treatment.

In a separate Twitter post, DeSantis shared an interview about Keene’s story of recovery where he quoted her in saying, “I would definitely recommend the monoclonal antibodies if they’re offered to you when you have COVID.”

What do you have to know about Monoclonal Treatment?

The monoclonal treatment uses laboratory-made proteins that function like the antibodies made by the immune system to fight off viruses.

The Food and Drug Administration approved the treatment under “emergency-use” provisions of federal law and is said to reduce hospitalization and death from COVID-19 by as much as 71 percent.

Reactions to 21 Established Antibody Treatment Sites in Florida

If we only had a political leader like this here!!!

Every U.S. Governor Should Be Following In DeSantis's And Gov Greg Abbott's Footsteps. Vaccinated people are still at risk.

This is a tad bit better and more proactive than telling people who are symptomatic and who test positive for covid to stay home until they can't breathe.

Thank you @GovRonDeSantis . The “vax” made us sick. Can’t wait to come back home with my family and do Monoclonal Antibodies. Will pay if necessary : NO PROBLEM . We can zip up to Bonita ( ten minutes ) Hear that @seanhannity & @Talkmaster Flexed biceps You are right down the streetDownwards arrowDownwards arrowDownwards arrow

Thank You Governor...