Biden says 3 and a half trillion will cost zero

Joe’s Math: $3.5 Trillion Equals Zero


Biden claims that his "Build Back Better" plan with a price tag of three and a half trillion dollars costs nothing. Is he still asleep when he tweeted that?

Economists, analysts, and even fifth graders are scratching their heads on how he has arrived with that crazy calculation.

Like how honestly one can believe to build that huge and expensive will not in any way will affect the working middle class?

The irony is that Biden claims it won’t going to increase the national debt even a single dime, where in fact; the Democrats are fighting tooth and nail in Congress to raise the debt levels. The actions of the Democrats are not in sync on what he is telling and trying to make us believe.

Reactions to Joe's Math

Nobody believes you. You are lying.

Somebody says that it seems like we are on a fairytale.

"... is paid for by the Tooth Fairy." * apparently

Other twitter user thinks that that the government is in circus.

Yeah, right. What kind of bullshit is this, and how fucking stupid do you think we are? This is an outrageous, intolerable lie. Everything is going from bad to worse with this clown at the helm.

Is this really “Build Back Better” or Build Big Be Broke Later? 

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