How Did Rick Ross Lose Weight? Rozay’s Diet & Exercise

Rick Ross weight loss journey began after experiencing two seizures back in 2011.

American rapper Rick Ross, whose real name is William Leonard Roberts II, once thought he was living his life to the fullest. His over 300-pound weight didn’t concern him. He sleeps late at night and enjoys eating junk foods. However, one particular incident caused him to re-evaluate his health status.

It was back in 2011 when the rapper decided to change his lifestyle and start living healthy and go on exercise. He subsequently loses 75 pounds right after that. At the time, he experienced two seizures in less than 24 hours, and his private jet had to make an emergency landing twice to bring him to the hospital.

After talking to his doctor about his condition, Rick realized that it was time for him to change his diet and start exercising to save his life. In order to lose weight, he gave up some of the foods he often consumes, such as soda – unless it is diet. Also, he eats heavier meals during breakfast to burn calories faster.

“I used to eat big meals at 2 AM and base it on my schedule,” the rapper said in a past interview with Billboard. “But I don’t do that no more.”

He replenishes his body with water all day and treated himself when he worked hard. Meanwhile, he avoids certain foods like fish fillets, white rice, and bread. Additionally, he started drinking less alcohol. But, being the owner of Wingstop franchises, he said that he hadn’t eliminated lemon pepper wings – with a limit now.

“I’m not under no stress of what I’m eating,” he explained. “There are no restrictions. I’m not trying to make a particular weight. I’m just working out and doing what’s best for Rozay.”

Rick Ross' Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Rick’s successful weight loss:

  • He gave up soda
  • He avoids fish fillet, steak, white rice, and bread
  • He eats heavy breakfast meals
  • Started drinking less alcohol
  • He calls his gym Ross Fit, his own version of Cross Fit
  • He’s working out every day — as long as it fits his schedule

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Rick Ross talks about his 100-pound weight loss journey.

In an interview with Men’s Health in 2020, the rapper opened up on how he maintains his shape. In his fridge, he always has CTRL protein shakes, Perrier, Aquafina, and Pellegrino. His breakfast meal consists of a glass of rosé wine and an egg omelet with sausage.

“I think what truly inspired [my weight loss] was me suffering my first seizure,” Rick told the magazine. “After I did that, I began to spend some more time looking at myself, taking care of myself, investing in myself. I realized I had to change my diet and my sleeping habits. Here we are.”

The rapper eliminated his bad eating habits, including eating steaks at all hours and enjoying Wingstop’s lemon pepper wing special. Now, he only sees these foods as a “personal reward” and not something he eats every day.

Rick also has a huge home gym, and he calls it Ross Fit, which was his own version of Cross Fit. He’s trying to go on workouts every day. However, if his schedule doesn’t permit him, he’s satisfied that he can get something done 3 to 4 days each week.

“My fitness goal is just staying alive, staying healthy, watching my kids grow up,” he said. “Other than that, I’m already a sex symbol.”

Aside from wanting to look good for his fans, working out has helped him with stamina while performing on the stage. He noted that he must keep a healthy body to give his full performance, saying, “I gotta be in shape and deliver what’s really in my heart.”

Rick Ross says it's all about the balance.

The rapper documented his 100-pound weight loss journey on his Instagram account, and it attracted the attention of many. Talking about how he managed to do this despite his jam-packed schedule, he told ABC News that “it’s all about the balance.”

“I wanted to balance myself but still enjoy the things I love, so if I lost weight one year, the next year it wouldn’t be right back on me,” he shared.

Rick further said that he tried to eat healthy snacks between meals. He’s doing this trick and slows down heavy meals later in the day. For instance, he eats whatever he wants at 2 PM but shuts down his day at around 5 to 6 PM. Later at night, he will only eat a salad.

After being hospitalized in March 2018, the rapper uploaded a photo of himself on his Instagram account. A lot of his followers noticed his smaller figure. He has since continued sharing snaps of him on his social media, flaunting his slim figure.

Here are some weight loss tips based on Rick Ross' journey.

First, it is important to start today if you are determined to lose weight. If you need to start working out to maintain a healthy body, you should begin now before any medical emergencies occur. It doesn’t matter if you start slow, may this day become your day one of exercising.

Another important thing to remember is that you should be willing to change. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, then you have to let go of your bad habits, such as eating junk foods and sleeping late. Nothing will really happen if you do not embrace change.

Meanwhile, you must follow your own phase when it comes to losing weight. It’s good to start slow and take your time rather than opting for the shortcut for a fast result. This is what Rick Ross did; he went through gradual weight loss until he lost 100 pounds.

Planning your workouts and meals is also a vital component of weight loss. It would be better to follow a specific schedule and list down all the healthy foods you want to include in your diet. Cut down the processed products and anything unhealthy.

Lastly, do not forget to have fun. You need to find out which exercise and food you enjoy. The main goal here is gradually losing weight, and the method should be comfortable and suitable for you. You must also have a “cheat day” to reward yourself every now and then.

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