How Did Late Vesta Williams Lose Weight? Vesta’s Diet and Exercise

Vesta Williams Lose Weight

Her weight loss journey has been an incredible narrative of determination, struggle, and accomplishment.

Vesta Williams was an American singer-songwriter who worked in a variety of genres, including pop, jazz, adult contemporary, and R&B. She was also known for her four–octave vocal range.
Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Although she never had a gold album or a Top 40 success on the Billboard Hot 100, she did have six Top 10 songs on the Billboard R&B chart from the mid–1980s to the early–1990s, including her 1989 single and trademark song, “Congratulations.”

Unfortunately, she passed away due to complications of an enlarged heart back on September 22, 2011, in her hotel room in Los Angeles, and many believe her weight loss journey had a role in her death.

Vesta Williams' Weight Loss Tricks?

The main keys to Vesta’s successful weight loss:

  • She went on a weight loss journey in the 1990s
  • She began her gym session with a trainer
  • Her routines were sit-ups, treadmill runs, calisthenics, and Stair Master
  • She regulates her meal intake
  • Her diet comprised more of carbs than fat
  • She drink a lot of water, and avoid read meat and sugary foods

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The beginning of Vesta's weight loss journey.

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.
Vesta’s significant weight loss in the 1990s garnered news. When her musical career began to collapse, she gradually gained weight, finally reaching a size 26 and later claimed that losing her recording deal was due to her size.

“When I lost my record deal, and my phone wasn’t ringing, I realized that I had to reassess who Vesta was and figure out what was going wrong,” the late singer said at that time, acquired by Black Doctor.

“I knew it wasn’t my singing ability. So it had to be that I was expendable because I didn’t have the right look,” she added.

The composer went on to lose almost 100 pounds and found a second career as a songwriter and session vocalist, dropping from a size 26 to a size 6. She became an advocate for the prevention of childhood obesity after that.

What did Vesta do to shed some pounds?

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.
Vesta began her weight reduction journey with a gym session with her trainer. She did sit-ups, treadmill runs, calisthenics, and Stair Master for two and a half hours every day.
Furthermore, the R&B artist likewise revealed that she ran down a steep set of steps at a beach in Santa Monica and took care to regulate her meal intake and eat healthy while working out.

What specific diet did Vesta follow?

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

In an interview with JET, Vesta stated that most of her diet during the start of her weight loss journey comprised more carbs than fat and that she consumed enough pasta, rice, potatoes, fruits, and vegetables. The pop star was additionally told to drink plenty of water and avoid red meat and sugary foods.

Vesta Williams' cause of death

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

On September 22, 2011, Vesta Williams was discovered dead in a hotel room in El Segundo, California, a Los Angeles suburb. The autopsy did not reveal the cause of death, according to a representative for the coroner’s office at the time.

However, in late December 2011, the family released a statement through singer/producer Norwood Young, stating that “natural death” from “hypertensive heart disease” had been conclusively specified following three months of intensive coroner’s autopsy and toxicology research, adding that an enlarged heart can go undetected for years.

According to Health Line, your heart is more extensive than usual if you have an enlarged heart. If the muscle in your heart thickens or the chambers dilate, your heart might become enlarged. It’s a sign of a cardiac defect or condition that causes the heart to work harder, even if it’s not a disease.

An enlarged heart can be caused by any condition that makes your heart work harder to pump blood through your body. Your heart grows bigger when you work it more, just like the muscles in your arms and legs get bigger when you work them harder.
This has led to speculation that her death was caused by her weight. Her mother, daughter, three sisters, a brother, and three grandkids survive her.
Vesta was clearly trying her hardest to live a healthy lifestyle and push herself to lose weight despite the terrible news. Given the struggles, she was able to accomplish her goal weight sooner than expected because of her dedication and perseverance.

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