Get Inspired to Shop the Latest Adidas x Gucci Collaboration Collection

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Are you excited to shop the latest collection of Adidas x Gucci fashion collaborations? If so, here’s everything you know about the exciting project in the fashion industry. For those who have already snagged their favorites, we’re happy for you.

This exciting fashion report includes the three things you should know about the famed brand collaboration. Plus, we had hints of the top picks of our favorite style online publications.

Adidas x Gucci Collaboration

We remember that Gucci took to Instagram earlier in May for the announcement of the first drop from its collection with Adidas. Instagram fans, style enthusiasts, and fashion lovers gather online to support the link-up.

Adidas recently released a teaser on their official website confirming that Adidas x Gucci is officially collaborating. It’s also clear that many were inspired to go shopping as the items were up for grabs.

Gucci also presented the collaboration wonderfully by showcasing a Fall Winter 2022 show on February 26, 2022, for Milan Fashion Week named Exquisite Gucci. The Exquisite Gucci runway showcased numerous apparel pieces accompanied by footwear from the collaboration.

Interestingly, Adidas has been teaming up with high-fashion brands for years. It includes its recent collaboration with Prada that didn’t end with just apparel and physical products, but Adidas originals X Prada NFT for the partnership, too. Aside from that, the brand is also teaming up for the Y-3 line with Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto.

Well, the fans of these two brands got excited about it. Besides, the collaboration made headlines, as it has a retro-doused panoply of groovy sportswear cooked up by Alessandro Michele and one of the hottest athletic brands on the planet.

The first drop from the partnership merges the duo’s legendary design, including Gucci’s signature interlocking logo, Adidas’s trefoil emblem, and three stripes—by splashing them across knit tennis polos, slinky bowling shirts, and an assortment of expectedly bonkers candy-colored accessories.

If you’re eyeing a taste of the Gucci life on an Adidas budget, they’ve got bad news: the prices are more 6-course prix fixe than an all-you-can-eat buffet. But if you aim to gear up anytime possible, this is your chance to shine.

As written on Gucci’s website, the collaboration is designed by Creative Director Alessandro Michele. The Adidas x Gucci merges the emblems of the House with those of the iconic sportswear brand. In addition, the collection expands on the sartorial streetwear creations with a spectrum of sport-inspired pieces that the heritage of both brands is in a trio of lines.

Well, the first drop from the Gucci x Adidas collection is now live and available to shop at and via the Adidas Confirmed app, so you can start shopping if you haven’t done it yet.

Three Things You Need to Know about the Collaboration

  1. Apparels one can expect from the collaboration

Based on the runway of Gucci for the 2022 Fall Winter Milan Fashion week, we can confirm the type of apparel one can expect the collaboration to drop.

Interestingly, you can expect pieces such as racing-down capes, trench coats, embroidered knitwear, and chic sporty dresses. It also features hybrid tracksuit-formal suits designed, a piece blended with Adidas and Gucci design styles, and a well-known trefoil logo reimagined with Gucci branding.

After all, Alessandro Michele, creative director at Gucci, also hinted that the two brands would join together for a trademark. He talked about the newly formed trademark in a press release saying, “We share the stripes, the webbing — that can’t be too similar. We also share the idea of chic sport, which opens up a conversation.”

Besides, you can also expect accessories like hats, headscarves, and gloves to come out in the collaboration.

  1. Theme behind the Adidas x Gucci collective

Gucci and Adidas have collaborated to reimagine streetwear with a blend of Italian sartorial traditions. A combination of power-tailoring with a sportswear theme, breaking the codes of both high-fashion and sportswear.

In a press release, Michele stated, “The idea was to break the codes of sportswear.”

Michele returned to the polished 70’s Hollywood sleaze in the new collection with Adidas’ sportswear legacy.

Alessandro’s notes from the Exquisite Gucci show claimed, “I use the metaphor of the magical mirror to approach the phantasmagorical power of fashion. A sacred power that radiates from the surface of the fabrics. And there I work, on this tactile surface, through cross-references, alterations, loopholes, and grafts. Juxtaposing words and meanings. Altering the stability of perception. Manipulating and magnifying the existing.”

  1. A gender-fluid collection

During Michele’s leadership, we have seen Gucci making great strides toward gender-fluid clothing, and Adidas has always been high on the unisex appeal of its brand. Thus, this collaboration is perfect for everyone.

In an interview, Michele commented on the gender fluidity of the collection, saying, “Now they talk about gender fluidity, but when I started, I didn’t know. I’m trying to say again I’m open this way.… I want to examine menswear’s meaning, masculinity, and how women can adopt it.”

What to Buy in the Collection

Many huge fashion websites discuss the pieces we should buy in the Adidas x Gucci collaboration collection. Here are the suggestions shared by GQ Magazine, Vogue, and The Zoe Report.

According to GQ Magazine,” A vital element of the collection is the Gucci-fied take on the Adidas Gazelle sneakers. It was already worn in multiple colors by Harry Styles on the promotional trail of Harry’s House. Besides, the dual-logoed shoe pays homage to Michele’s love for the silhouette, a self-proclaimed shoe collector.”

Vogue talked about the roster that includes men’s and women’s streetwear. As written, one can “Think luxe hoodies, matching knit sets, and elevated tracksuits. Tennis and golf fans will certainly find something special to incorporate into their court and range outfits. If you aren’t a big sports enthusiast, don’t worry. The lineup goes beyond the athleisure department and ventures into sophisticated separates—like flared trousers, pencil skirts, and triple-stripe dresses.”

The Zoe Report shared about bags. It was written on their site that “Gucci’s beloved Horsebit 1955 bag is near-unrecognizable with the Adidas trefoil. Small and large duffle bags and camera bags are rife in red, yellow, and black leather colorways. The collection’s pinnacle is perhaps where the name “Gucci” is placed beside the Adidas Originals logo, but spelled backward.”

Perhaps, you already have your wish list for the Adidas x Gucci collaboration collection. What are your favorite pieces? We’ve been trying to get inspiration lately, and we value your comments. Happy shopping!

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