Heather Dubrow Skips Filming RHOC? Shocking Reason Why

Does Heather Dubrow Skips Filming The Upcoming Season Of “RHOC”

It appears that her fans won't be pleased with this information.

Heather Dubrow, a star of “Real Housewives of Orange County,” is currently the topic of rumors spreading on social media after it was rumored that she wouldn’t appear in the forthcoming season of the show.

Heather Dubrow

According to rumors acquired by Deuxmoi and a screenshot obtained by Instagram user @realhousewivesfranchise, Heather skips filming the upcoming season of “RHOC” because of the cheating allegations that involve her husband, Dr. Terry Dubrow.

“This housewife has not been seen filming with her colleagues for weeks,” the screenshot reads. “Word on the street is her husbands affairs surfaced and we know who is not afraid to air it all out!”

However, Heather commented on a different Instagram post by user @bravohousewives about the same rumor, noting that it isn’t true, “on any level.”

As we previously reported, Kelly Dodd, Heather’s fellow housewife, leveled serious allegations against her husband Terry for allegedly having a relationship with his office assistant.

Kelly further claimed that everyone was aware of his infidelity. Heather, who defended her husband in a podcast interview with actress Becca Tobin, categorically rejected this.

She asserted that the allegations of infidelity were untrue. After first falling in love with Terry years earlier, she made sure to express her views on cheating to him clearly and straightforwardly.

The couple appeared to be inseparable at the time, and they had recently landed their own spin-off in which they offered marriage counseling to struggling couples, making the accusations challenging to believe.

Reactions to Heather Dubrow Skips Filming RHOC? Shocking Reason Why

Kelly would have told us already. There is no way


I just tweeted this heard it on Up And Adam earlier. I know Kelly Dodd had said back in May something about it, hope it's not true!!!! Weather you like Heather or not this is sad!!!! I hate seeing a Family torn apart!!!! Alleged cheating #RHOC 🍊


I’m so glad she shut this down. The internet was going to go crazy with this real quick.


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