Olatayo Amokade’s Net Worth, Height, Age, & Personal Info Wiki

Olatayo Amokade’s Net Worth, Height, Age, & Personal Info Wiki


Olatayo Amokade, or Tayo Amokade, famous by his moniker Ijebu, is a Nigerian actor, comedian, producer, and filmmaker. Ijebu, a remarkable actor, is well acclaimed for his performances in the movies “Jungunu,” and “Ore Meta Were Kan.”

Olatayo Amnokade not only excels in comedy and acting but also showcases his love for producing and filmmaking. In actuality, he was both the producer and the lead actor in the Yoruba movie “Muniru and Ambali.”

Olatayo Amokade‘ Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Body Type Slim
Sexual Orientation Straight

Facts About Olatayo Amokade

Nationality Nigerian
Estimate Net Worth $450,000
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Birthplace Ilisan Remo, Ogun state
Birthday May 5, 1979

Olatayo Amokade's Net Worth

Olatayo Amokade’s net worth is estimated to be $450,000 as of the year 2022, with his acting, producing, and hosting jobs serving as his main sources of income. (1)

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Olatayo Amokade's Early Life

Olatayo Amokade, famously known as Ijebu, whose birth date was May 5, 1979, was born in Ilisan Remo, Ogun state. The actor Tayo was the fifth child born, following his four siblings. Ijebu was a biological member of the Kolawole Amokade family. (2)

Also, there is no further data available about the actor because he made the conscious decision to keep his personal life private, especially anything involving his family, in order to protect their safety.

nollywood actor Olatayo Amokade

Olatayo Amokade's Education

Olatayo started to enter the school for his primary education in Ilishon Remo. Isanbi Comprehensive High School served as Ijebu’s secondary schooling campus. Later, Olatayo Amokade studied at Ibadan Polytechnic, where he earned a national diploma in mass communication.

Olatayo Amokade's Wife and Family Life

Olatayo Amokade family (with his four daughters

The talented Yoruba actor, Ijebu, has four children from his lovely wife, Opeyemi Popoola, whom he met when they were both undergraduates.

However, there were rumors that the Nollywood actor, Tayo Amokade, joined a group of “responsible men with two wives,” to which his wife, Opeyemi, was quick to disapprove. Tayo Amokade, alias Ijebu, once claimed that his stunning first wife, Opeyemi Popoola, had advised him not to take another wife. Still, it is clear from these current updates that he is disregarding her warning. 

Multiple images have been posted on social media since the time he flew to Okeni, in Kogi State, to wed his “rumored second-wife,” leading some people to believe the claims about his second wife are true. While some individuals sent their best wishes, others quickly realized that the wedding was a hoax and the pictures were taken on a set.

Despite Opeyemi Popoola, his first wife, disapproving of the idea of his husband’s other wife, Ijebu had another marriage with a new wife on September 19, 2020. (3) Tayo Amokade is a regular user of Instagram, where he engages and communicates with his passionate fans. As of March 2022, he had 2 million followers under the username @ijebuu.

Olatayo Amokade's Career

One of the top comic actors working in Yoruba films is Tayo Amokade. Everyone refers to him as Ijebu, and commerce for his abilities is booming. Thus, he has played a prominent role in numerous films as a result. Though, the Nollywood actor admitted not expecting himself to be in the entertainment industry since his college course was Mass Communication. 

Moreover, he was then introduced to acting through the Muyiwa Ademola Authentic school of drama and is particularly well known for his comedic roles in the majority of Yoruba movies. He was greatly helped by this drama school that assisted him in his acting career. Because of that, Ijebu was able to engage with famous actor Olaniyi Afonja.

Before becoming well-known for his comic roles, including “Muniru and Ambali,” which was directed by the talented actor Tayo Amokade, written by Olaniyi Afonja alias Sanyeri, and promoted by Adekaz Productions, he also served as Sanyeri’s personal assistant. Moreover, Ijebu first gained attention when he appeared in the film “Muniru Ati Ambali.”

Since then, the Yoruba actor has grown into a popular figure to watch, particularly for his roles in the films “Ore meta were kan” and “Jungunu.” (4) Ijebu has appeared as a film actor in numerous Yoruba films, including “Omotayo,” “Pakute Olofa,” “Ijebu in London,” “Onishina,” “Wrong Wife,” “Olopa Eko,” “Imushin,” “Okele Fido,” “Woli Alapa kai,” among others.

Additionally, the comic actor Olatayo Amokade has cooperated with a variety of Yoruba actors and actresses, including his colleagues Doris Simon, Bolaji Amusan, Opeyemi Raji, Afeez Abiodun, and Adekola Tijani. Olatayo was able to work with other well-known actors and actresses as well, such as Tunde Usman, Toyin Afolayan, Aina Gold, Allwell Ademola, Tope Solaja, Sola Akintunde, Saidi Balogun and Ebun Oleyede. (5)

Olatayo Amokade’s Car-photo Issue

There were sparks issues regarding entertainment artists sharing their luxuries on social media. An actress named Ronke Oshodi posted a video on social media quoting “only entertainers who were fond of such a pretentious lifestyle,” adding that it would be difficult to see other professionals making a big deal out of recent purchases.

Nollywood talented actor Tayo Amokade, known as Ijebu, was one of the artists guilty after Ronke posted the video. However, the actor claimed to Sunday Scoop that he announced the news of his new car in order to share with the public what God had provided in his life.

And so he also stated, “The entertainment industry is all about showcasing, though most don’t have things they share online,” Tayo Amokade continued that artists shared their new acquisitions online to brand themselves. He also said, “Though you cannot go to my Instagram page and see things about my family there, I like to share pictures of my clothes or things I do.”

Ijebu continued by telling them that it was his way of honoring God and expressing God’s kindness in his lifestyle to the world. He claims that he avoids exposing his wife and three children to the world because he worries about their welfare. (6)

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Olatayo Amokade's Real Estate

How rich really is Ijebu, as someone who works in the movie industry? Olatayo Amokade is thought to have accumulated his collection of cars through his laborious work as an actor, producer, and host. Furthermore, the Nollywood actor is believed to own a Mercedes AMG GLE 43 worth N49.3 million naira, or about $111,064; Lexus RX 300, which costs N13.6 million naira, or 30,634 in USD, and Toyota Highlander costing N8.6 million naira, or $19,471.

However, his collection doesn’t end there. His purchases also include the BMW 5 series, which cost N20.6 million naira, or $46,408, and the 2010 Mercedes 300, which cost N4.6 million naira. In addition, Ijebu gifted his wife a new car, which he posted on his Instagram page about how much he loves his wife despite not having enough money for Benz. 

He wrote, “I don’t have money for a Benz for now, My LOVE Plz Manage This Matrix For Now.” 


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