Is It True That Sara Al Madani And Lesa Milan Were Fired From “RHODubai?”


Many fans were surprised by the news, as the two women were famous among viewers.

Sara Al Madani and Lesa Milan were two of the housewives featured on the reality television series “RHODubai.” The show followed the lives of several wealthy women living in Dubai, and Al Madani and Milan were two of the most popular cast members.


According to the source acquired by Instagram user Mr. Housewives, the “Real Housewives of Dubai” will not have Lesa and Sara back for season 2. However, it is still being determined why the two were fired from the show. 

Additionally, rumors claim that Caroline Brooks, Chanel Ayan, Nina Ali, and Caroline Stanbury are the only ones who have been called back for a second season. 

It was even alleged that during filming with Lesa, Brooks, Stanbury, and Nina all admitted to the producers that they felt uncomfortable. Because of this, some have thought that the firing may have been due to personal disagreements between the cast members or the show’s producers.

Of course, fans of the show immediately voiced their opinions regarding the news, with multiple Instagram users commenting under Mr. Housewives’ post about their firing.

RHODubai Cast

One user wrote: “Lesa is THEE authentic real housewife. if they let her go, they’re letting go of a huge part that actually made season 1 watchable, entertaining and fresh. RHOD should be about giving women of all aspects and backgrounds a voice and not just serve as some sort of platform for a Z-list bravolebrity who has ties with epstein.”

“Lesa and Chanel are the faces that of RhoDubai. I doubt Lesa was fired,” another user argued, something the third user agreed, writing, “Time for me to stop watching this show because it’s no way they let lesa go when she and Chanel literally carried the whole season. Wow.”

Other fans also stated that it shouldn’t be the two who will be kicked out of the show, but instead, Brooks and Nina, saying, “Nina is the most boring one out of all of them!!! Honestly I felt Nina and Sara should’ve both been fired. I also don’t get what’s so interesting about Caroline Stanbury.”

“This makes no sense. It should be Nina for being a seat filler the whole season. And Caroline Brooks for being so extra and also boring at the same time. Lesa was a doll. Her friendship with Chanel Ayan was the bright spot of the whole season!” another user added.

It is unclear how the show will proceed without Sara Al Madani and Lesa Milan. The cast of “RHODubai” was supposed to be a group of wealthy socialites living in Dubai.

In addition, fans believe this is a huge loss for “RHODubai,” as the show will have to continue without two of its most popular cast members. It remains to be seen how the show will recover from this, but one thing is for sure – the drama in Dubai is far from over.

Reactions to Is It True That Sara Al Madani And Lesa Milan Were Fired From "RHODubai?"

I would love them all back cause they bring their own. But if I had to guess, probably Nina or Sara. But I want Sara’s calmness/level headedness and Nina’s love of fries and her group ties. Can’t wait though. #RHODubai

the girls expecting it to be sara it better not be they ALL need to come back

well it’s obviously sara or nina leaving. the other 4 make the show. just look at how little time was spent discussing sara and nina at the reunion