Classy Black French Tips Nail Art Design Ideas


We already know that black French tips are popular these days. It has been widely covered in our favorite beauty and fashion blogs, including YouTube Channels. No wonder we like to collect ideas to try this year.

What makes it more exciting is mixing black French tips with various color combinations. It also includes beautiful shapes, sizes, and designs. There are also beautiful accents that we love to incorporate in our black French tips. This article will discuss the chic black French tips nail art design ideas.

What Are Black French Tips?

One of the exciting ways to look fashionable is to choose a classy style. However, this look is easy to achieve if you know the basics. In other words, you need to know the essential wardrobe and accessories to fulfill the look that you want to accomplish these days.

In terms of clothing, you can study minimalist fashion to start your journey. It is where the art of achieving a classy style begins. Then, you can shop for the basics to fill your wardrobe, and you should do it with intention.

If you do things with intention, such as shopping for minimalist fashion, you will start familiarizing yourself with how you coordinate your look. For example, you learn the best shoes to match your minimalist clothing pieces and how to pick ornaments to augment your face.

Then, it continues until you decide on the types of minimalist nail designs you need to apply to your nails. Remember that you’ll be doing it to look classy. Then the next time you visit your manicurists, you already know what to tell them.

Besides, you can also do it yourself if you have enough time. As a result, you start stacking up on nail care tools. It includes different kinds of nail polish to complete your activity.

Nowadays, one of the best options for a classy look is applying black French tip nail art. Jeff Pink created the look in 1976 and quickly became famous worldwide. He received numerous recognitions for creating the look.

At that time, a film director asked him to make a nail design for movie stars to help him save filmmaking time. For example, it would have been better for him to let the film actor easily change his costume without changing nail designs all the time.

In other words, Jeff Pink created a look that can match any outfit for movie stars to attend filming immediately after changing costumes. Due to its ingenuity, even models use the look on the runways. As a result, Jeff renamed the nail design a French manicure since it is a more pleasing name.

Black French tip is a beauty process when nail tips have painted a shade that is not the same as the base of the nail. Then, the end of the pin will be painted white. Several colors have been added, such as pink, blue, yellow, and more.

Is Black French Tips Design In Style?

Even if black French tips nail art is popular, many people still want to know if it’s in style. The look is famous because numerous individuals post their version of a French manicure on social media.

Besides, celebrities flock together to Instagram to share their French manicure look. Last year, several influencers posted photographs of pretty black French tips online.

As such, the trend will continue to dominate this year. After all, minimalist fashion has become a trend that ladies love to wear classy. In 2023, French tips in black will also be popular to spice up the chrome claw design.

In addition, a black French tip can also be done to amplify the glazed donut nail art. Just look at how Hailey Bieber did the look and start creating your version from there. You can also add flavors such as candy cases, chocolate, and more.

Remember to check TikTok, too, because you can discover more exciting versions of the black French tips design. It’s one of the best ways to get inspiration before going to the nail salon.

Is Black French Tip Manicure Popular?

The style is one of the usual questions you see online if you search for a French manicure—no wonder it is highly recommended to know the history of the look. As mentioned earlier, nail design became famous in 1976. 

Jeff Pink created nail art to help movie stars, production coordinators, and other entertainment industry professionals save time regarding wardrobe and fashion styling. Even models wear the classy look during busy runway events across the globe.

Later, the black French tip manicure slowly left the fashion scene in the mid-2000s. As a result, only a few people remember the style. Two years ago, it resurfaced on our fashion radar. Many people started to post pictures on social media with their black French tips nail art.

Last year, there was a demand for a minimalist look. No wonder black French tip quickly became a go-to manicure style. Black French tips are the best alternatives to have a natural-looking nail style.

Best Black French Tips Nail Design Ideas In 2023

Are you seeking inspiration to create your black French tip nail style? Here are a few ideas you can copy to update your nail look this year.

Short Ballerina Black French Tip Nails

The short ballerina black French tips nails are exquisite. This is one of the looks you want to have nowadays, especially if you want to stick to the basics. It is okay to replace this look immediately if you love looking classy and fantastic.

Coffin Black French Tip Nails With Accent

There are various ways to look fabulous these days. Starting from your personality, you can already attract new people. Then, you can incorporate it with exceptional personal style, such as minimalism.

The coffin French tip nails with accents nail design are one of your best alternatives. To look chic and classy, this is the perfect look. However, you need to wear something blue or black to make this nail art pop up.

Micro Black French Tips

We know that the littlest things in your style positively attract attention. Every chic detail is highly appreciated, in other words, and you can even apply this to your next nail design.

Enter micro black French tips nail style. The look is so pretty, simple, and beautiful. You can even pair this with a fringe handbag and a preppy look. Who wouldn’t want to look unique and stunning?

V Shape French Black Tips With Gold

The V-shape black tips with gold nail design are your best bet if you want to look expensive without spending too much cash. The idea here is to keep your nail polish to the minimum and accentuate it with gold detailing. Then, work on your clothing pieces to make the V-shape design stand out.

Nude Ballerina Nails With Black V Tips

Are you fond of ballerina nail design? If so, you can try the nude ballerina nails with black V tips. Unlike the short ballerina black French tips mentioned earlier, this one is gorgeous but made with exquisite design. Nothing is simple here if you take the perspective of careful styling.

Simple Elegant Accent Black Tip

If you’re feeling blue, there is a way to make your day brighter. Well, you can try the simple, elegant accent black tip. The look mentioned above is easier to pull off with your minimalist aesthetic.

In other words, you can wear this style if you attend a formal gathering. Or you could showcase the look in your next business meeting. Your mood must be cheerful to make this look stand out. Ditch the gloom, and embrace the joy of living life to the fullest, even with just black French tips nail art. Do you agree?

Modern Short Black and White Tips

One of the exciting style inspirations these days is black and white. Well, the color combination always stays the same. The timeless effect of black and white is endearing, too. No wonder you can incorporate it in your next nail design.

You can try the modern short black and white tips for a more exquisite look. The said French manicure is dainty, trendy, and effortlessly chic. If you want to attend a brunch or dinner date, you can have this look tied up with your minimalist ensemble.

Gray and Black Acrylic Short French Nails

Do you like to create the illusion of having an expensive manicure at home? Well, now is the time to be creative with your look. In other words, you can elevate your simple outfit by wearing black French tips in style.

Use the lovely outcome if you pair black with gray nail polish colors. You can also use acrylic material to look unique and put together. The gray and black acrylic short French nails are for you.

Black Matte Square Nails

What can you say about wearing matte? I’m referring to nail design, just like the photo above. The black matte square nails are fantastic and would match well with minimalism.

Almond Black and White French Tips Nails

I’ve mentioned earlier that black and white is timeless. Well, it is valid with the exquisiteness of the almond black and white French tips nail design. This is for you if you want a luxurious version of black and white nails.

All you have to do is use the right tools to achieve this look at home. If you want to visit the salon, prepare a photo of this look and discuss the outcome you wish with your manicurist.

Black and Red Square Ombre Short French Nails

The black and red square ombre short French nails design are electrifying. There are various ways to rock black and red, even if you will do it yourself at home, but this is your best option.

Even though this is a complex look to copy, you can eventually achieve nail art with practice. Find simple techniques to complete the look and make it your go-to look if you have nothing to wear.

Red and Black Square French Nails

The red and black square French nails art is impressive. Interestingly, the look is perfect if you want to look appealing. For parties and merry-making events, this one is your best pick. Make sure to pair this nail art with timeless pieces, such as a little black dress and a black handbag with gold detailing.

Celebrities Wearing Black French Tips Nail Design

Black French tips nail design is popular among celebrities. Selena Gomez, for example, prefers the said nail art. Even though she doesn’t often post on social media, she shared some snaps of her black French tip nail art.

Selena Gomez posted a photo of herself wearing a tweaked French manicure. Tom Bachik, Selena’s celebrity nail artist, did the creation. The look featured a glossy black finish with white lacquers.

In addition, Selena’s nails are pointed, reminiscent of luxurious styles in many fashion scenes. Its inverted black French tip design is gorgeous, representing a cheery, chic, and lovely look.

Jennifer Lopez is one of a gorgeous celebrities who like to wear black French tip nails art. The lovely singer always dons French tips, too. This time, she opted for romantic-Goth black and white French tips that make her look charming. Aside from its rhinestones embellishments, the nail art also provided a refreshing and classy vibe.

There are various ways to don a black French tip manicure. However, the usual designs are perfect for do-it-yourself nail art at home. Some samples can be easily copied at home based on the pieces presented here. In other words, it is optional to visit the salon all the time.

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