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Josh Hartzler, 45, has had a successful career for many years as a mental health counselor, photographer, and composer. Josh rose to fame as the spouse of Amy Lee, the lead singer of one of the most well-known bands, Evanescence.

Despite the fact that his wife has attained success as a renowned musician and the main vocalist of Evanescence, he is credited with taking many of her photographs and co-writing two of her songs, “The End of the Book” and “If You’re.” (1)

Josh Hartzler’s Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Height 5 ft 3 in
1.60 m
Weight 136 pounds
62 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Body Type Fit
Sexual Orientation Straight

Facts About Josh Hartzler

Nationality American
Estimate Net Worth $1 million
Religion Unknown
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Birthplace Riverside, California, United States
Birthday November 4, 1977

Josh Hartzler’s Net Worth

Josh Hartzler has reportedly amassed a net worth of more than $1 million due to his success in his career, especially as a singer-songwriter and his profession as a therapist. He has a steady salary as a therapist, and his accomplishments as a songwriter have also added to his net worth. (2)

Moreover, his wife is believed to have a net worth of $12 million, with her primary source of income as an American classical-trained pianist and a popular singer-songwriter for a well-known band named Evanescence.

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Josh Hartzler's Early Life

Josh Hartzler - 1

Josh Hartzler was born on November 4, 1977, and grew up in Encino, California, the United States of America. According to various sites, Josh is believed to completed high school there. He then enrolled at Arkansas Baptist College, where he studied psychology and later became a therapist.

After graduating from college, he moved to New York City and started his career as a therapist. He also took up writing as a hobby. He wrote the lyrics for the song “What About Now,” which was performed by the American rock band Daughtry and Irish boy band Westlife.

Josh Hartzler’s Wife and Family Life

The couple, Josh and Amy, met in 2005, and they married in 2007. They have one son together named Caleb. During their marriage, they enjoyed spending quality time together and going on vacations. They also love to paint and spend their spare time listening to music. (3)

Josh Hartzler’s Career

Josh Hartzler is a therapist and singer-songwriter who became well-known to the public because of his relationship with his wife, Amy Lee. Moreover, Josh is known that he has written songs like “What About Now,” which is performed by American rock band Daughtry and Irish boy band Westlife. He also worked with musician and producer David Hodge on an independent album called Musical Demonstrations Part 1.

Josh Hartzler is best known for his work for Evanescence singer Amy Lee, his wife. He inspired her to write the hit songs “Bring Me to Life” and “Good Enough.” Josh has worked as a therapist for many years, but there is not much to discuss as he didn’t publicize further details about it. His career was initially relatively unknown, but he quickly found his way to the spotlight, thanks to his wife. 

Additionally, as a songwriter, Josh Hartzler began writing songs for other artists and later teamed up with former “American Idol” contestant Chris Daughtry. He also wrote several songs for various artists, including David Hodges. He also co-wrote the lyrics for Westlife’s tracks and Daughtry’s “What About Now.” 

His wife was able to recognize his songwriting talent, and they worked together to write several of her songs for the band. He collaborated with her on the song “Bring Me To Life,” which was featured on Evanescence’s first studio album, “Origin.” His credits as a songwriter have greatly increased his net worth. (4)

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