Are High-Protein Smoothies Worth Including in Your Health Goals?


Perhaps you’re asking yourself if drinking smoothies is a good way to lose weight. Of course, it’s because such smoothies will make you feel full for a longer time. This also means you may also avoid the cookie jar in the morning. Smoothies can give you lots of energy so you don’t need anything else to perk you up, especially in the morning. 


These smoothies also aid digestion, filling your stomach with soluble and insoluble fiber. You will also get more nutrients from these smoothies, making you active and motivating you to exercise more. So when you don’t have enough time to make a high-protein meal, a high-protein smoothie for quick weight loss can help you eat healthily and burn more fat.


More Perks of Drinking High-Protein Smoothies


If you want to gain more muscles, getting more protein is the way to go. Remember that protein is a macronutrient that helps in building and repairing cells, muscles, and tissue. It also facilitates growth and development and helps the body in processes like blood clotting, fluid balance, and others. 


You have to be reminded though that your body can’t process more than 30 grams of protein in just one sitting. That’s why for you to make sure that you get the most of every gram of protein in your smoothie and high-protein diet, you have to spread your intake of the protein throughout the entire day. The smoothies make this easier to do. You can come up with high-protein smoothies using simple ingredients like bananas, berries, nut butter, and sometimes protein powder. These drinks are great for refueling after a grueling workout as well as satisfying your mid-afternoon food cravings. 


How to Create High-Protein Smoothies


The first step to creating high-protein smoothies is to choose the best quality smoothie ingredients. Picking organic ingredients is a great way to do this, but it is not always essential. The most important ingredient is frozen fruit or vegetable or you may add ice to fresh ones. You can come up with thick and icy smoothies that can be truly refreshing. Just put all the ingredients in a blender and whizz until all of these will sound smooth. After this is done, serve or drink it right away. 


Some More Tips to Make Your High-Protein Smoothies Taste Better


For your smoothie, use unsweetened almond milk as a liquid since it has low-calorie content while at the same time being high in vitamins and minerals, giving it a good consistency. If your smoothie is too sweet, you can add lemon juice to it. When the smoothie is too bitter, you can add banana, pineapple, or orange. Avocado can make your smoothie creamy and loaded with nutrients. The riper the banana you use for your smoothie, the sweeter it is. You better use natural sweeteners like pure maple syrup and honey for your smoothie. 


What Are the Best Fruits to Use for Smoothies?


You can find a lot of frozen fruits to choose from as ingredients for a high-protein smoothie. All you have to do is check the freezer aisle for the tastiest options such as the following:


Pineapple and Mango: These will give you more vitamin C, sweetness, fiber, and potassium.


Kiwi: This is great for hydration and gut health.


Banana: This will give your smoothie a creamy and thick base.


Berries: Berries such as raspberries and blueberries will provide your smoothie with a boost of anthocyanin, which can help you to become healthy. 


What Are the Best Veggies to Use for Smoothies?


The thing is you can use any veggie you like in your smoothie. Just make sure that it’s frozen. If you want to know of some tasty options that you can easily find at the grocery shop, here are some:


For you to have lots of iron, you can choose spinach and kale. On the other hand, avocado will give you healthy fat and of course its undeniable creaminess. Cucumbers and celery are for hydration and something to refresh you. Meantime, tomatoes are a good source of vitamin C and beta-carotene. Or you may opt for broccoli, a great source of fiber and vitamin C.


What Are the Best Protein Powders for High-Protein Fruit Smoothies?


You can find a lot of options for protein powder. It would be better to check closely on the options available for you:


Whey protein: This helps get rid of body fat, increase your strength, and gain muscle. Whey protein is the protein isolated from whey, which is found in milk. When cheese is made, whey separates from milk. 


Pea protein: This is a result of isolating protein from ground yellow split peas. It contains all the essential amino acids and is rich in iron but lacks methionine. You can make up by consuming more eggs, poultry, beef, brown rice, and others. 


Casein protein: This is also found in milk, like whey. This is known for increasing body composition for those who are on resistance training. It is digested and absorbed by the body more slowly than whey protein. 


Egg Protein: Egg protein comes from egg whites, not from egg yolks. Egg protein comes second only to whey. It comes with high amounts of leucine, which is the amino acid meant to increase muscle strength. It’s a top-quality protein powder that is easy to digest.


 Tips for Storing Smoothies 


High-protein fruit smoothies can be made at night and stored in the fridge for consumption in the morning. When the recipe includes a banana, add it before you take it in the morning. Bananas will make the smoothie look brown when it’s added early on even if the nutritional content and flavor stay the same. 


Store the smoothie in a glass jar or pitcher if it contains whey or casein protein powder. Plastic absorbs smells including what is left of the mix, especially when left for a while. If you premix a high-protein fruit smoothie recipe, use a tight glass container for storage after blending it. This can stay fresh for 24 hours, but you have to add some frozen fruit to the mixture and reblend the concoction before you consume it for you to enjoy its best taste. 


The Best High-Protein Smoothie Recipes

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