Betty White’s Beloved $10.6M Brentwood Mansion Destroyed

Betty White’s Beloved $10.6M Brentwood Mansion Destroyed


The loss of her cherished home is a reminder of the impact she had on the entertainment industry and the world at large.

The beloved Brentwood mansion of the late Hollywood legend Betty White was abruptly destroyed after selling for an eye-catching figure of over $10.6 million. Just before the first anniversary of her passing, the opulent mansion that White had painstakingly maintained over a 50-year period was demolished, leaving lovers and admirers in disbelief.

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Together with her husband Allen Ludden, White, who was well-known for her part in the famous sitcom “The Golden Girls,” bought the Brentwood property in 1968. The location was picked by the couple since it was close to the television studios where they usually worked. White kept up with the property after Ludden passed away in 1981, using it as her primary home until her death at the age of 99 in 2021. 

After White’s passing, the Brentwood estate, which had played a vital role in her life for more than 50 years, was listed for sale with an initial asking price of little over $10.5 million. It did, however, sell for an astounding amount that exceeded $10.6 million in the end. 

Intriguingly, the house was labeled as a “tear-down,” so potential purchasers couldn’t view inside photos or go inside. The description emphasized that the sale was centered mainly on the land value and offered the exceptional opportunity to create a dream house on the vast level lot snuggled in a peaceful country setting.

Kiersten Mikelas, the actress’s former assistant who now oversees her social media accounts, informed the world about the destruction. Mikelas revealed the disturbing news on Instagram, noting that only the fireplaces were still standing but that they would soon disappear as well. 

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While expressing the upcoming tribute to the late star, Mikelas acknowledged the challenging time leading up to the anniversary of White’s passing, writing, “I owe a post (or two) I know. This is such a busy time of year and coming up on the anniversary of Betty’s passing is hitting in ways I hadn’t anticipated. Her Brentwood home is no more (save the fireplaces which will be gone in short order).”

Numerous followers were shocked and perplexed by the decision to demolish the house after hearing the news, which caused them great sadness. Some people even experienced a sensation of loss reminiscent of White’s demise.

One fan wrote, “When I heard the news about her house, I was devastated … It felt like we lost her all over again.” Another commenter suggested preserving the house as a tribute museum, arguing that demolishing it seemed disrespectful.

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But despite the criticism, several people theorized that White’s will may have made reference to or perhaps mentioned her desire for the demolition. They reminded people that they might not have the whole picture, reminding them that they may not possess the entire story. 

After White passed away, Julien’s Auctions hosted a memorial sale for her, selling a variety of memorabilia from both her professional and personal lives. The front door from the Brentwood house, which was one of the items up for sale, brought in an amazing $10,000. 

Several “Golden Girls” memorabilia items also drew high bids, including White’s original director’s chair, which sold for $76,800, and two autographed teleplay copies from the legendary comedy, each bringing over $50,000.

The demolition of the actress’s longtime home raises concerns about the decision’s motivations and the property’s future as admirers continue to grieve the death of the adored actress. While rumors and divergent viewpoints are still prevalent, the real reasons for the destruction are still unknown, leaving many to wonder what will become of White’s beloved Brentwood house.

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