Shia LaBeouf Slams Tom Hardy And Jason Clarke For Splurging Expensive Cars

Shia LaBeouf Slams Tom Hardy And Jason Clarke For Splurging Expensive Cars


While some might see his comments as intrusive, others might argue that he was looking out for his co-stars' financial well-being.

A candid exploration into the unique working dynamic and the varying perceptions of wealth amongst Hollywood stars on the set of “Lawless,” featuring Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy, and Jason Clarke, reveals a fascinating facet of the film industry.


Renowned actor LaBeouf recently divulged some intriguing moments that unfolded during the filming of “Lawless.” Among them was a tense instance revolving around a conversation between his fellow actors, Tom Hardy and Jason Clarke, centered around their luxurious purchases – a discussion that, according to LaBeouf, was somewhat disagreeable.

LaBeouf, Hardy, and Clarke, who shared screen time in the acclaimed drama, exhibited a complex and physically charged camaraderie during the shoot. The dynamic duo of Hardy and LaBeouf, in particular, engaged in spontaneous wrestling matches as an unusual form of recreation, sparking an enduring rumor that LaBeouf had once managed to knock Hardy unconscious.

Recalling this rumor, Hardy referenced the anecdote in a 2011 conversation with Den of Geek, stating, “I got knocked out by Shia LaBeouf, actually, yeah.” He went on to depict LaBeouf as an individual not to be taken lightly, describing him as “quite intimidating,” “a scary dude,” and further asserting, “He knocked me out sparko. Got very aggressive. Knocked me out cold. He’s a bad, bad boy.”

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LaBeouf, however, clarified the situation on an episode of “Hot Ones,” where he revealed that Hardy’s fall was a byproduct of one of their spontaneous wrestling matches that took place precariously atop a staircase, resulting in Hardy tumbling down several flights. According to LaBeouf, Hardy made light of the incident for the rest of the shoot, stating, “He told everybody I knocked him out.”

An outspoken critic of materialism despite his considerable wealth, LaBeouf made a point during his tenure in the film industry to assert that his primary motivation was not the accumulation of wealth. In an interview with Details (via Contact Music), the actor, who possesses a substantial net worth thanks to a successful acting career, voiced his disdain for the material excesses money can buy.

He said, “At this point, I have enough money to live 25 lifetimes. You couldn’t spend the money I’ve accrued now. [But] I have no interest in the materialistic bulls*** money can buy.” Hence, when he accidentally overheard a conversation between Hardy and Clarke discussing their extravagant acquisitions, it irked him to the extent that he felt compelled to challenge their viewpoints.

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In an unabashed statement, LaBeouf said, “They’re talking about Ferraris and s***, like it’s a cool car. If Clarke pulled up in a Ferrari right now, my idea wouldn’t be, ‘What a cool f***ing guy!’ It would be, ‘Look at this clown.’ I think the fact that I despise that stuff keeps me safe. I hang on to my dirt. I like my dirt.” 

It’s worth noting that both LaBeouf and Hardy have earned substantial amounts from their successful Hollywood careers. Celebrity Net Worth pegs LaBeouf’s net worth at an impressive $25 million, a sum primarily derived from his work as an actor. 

On the other hand, Hardy boasts a significant net worth of $55 million, a testament to his lengthy and acclaimed career in the industry. Despite their varying perspectives on wealth and material possessions, both actors have undoubtedly proven their mettle in the ever-competitive realm of Hollywood.

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