How Did Amanda Batula Lose Weight?

How Did Amanda Batula Lose Weight?


Amanda Batula, famous for her role on the reality show “Summer House,” grabbed attention for her remarkable body transformation during the show. Fans couldn’t help but notice her significant weight loss after her debut, creating a buzz in the headlines. While intermittent fasting and bulletproof coffee are credited as Amanda Batula’s weight loss secrets, there might be additional factors that contributed to shedding those extra 20 pounds.

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Who Is Amanda Batula?

Amanda is a versatile talent known for her roles as an art director, stylist, television star, graphic designer, and popular internet personality. Hailing from New Jersey, USA, she gained recognition for appearing on Bravo reality TV series like “Summer House” and “Winter House.”

Despite her fame in the entertainment industry, Amanda holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Connecticut, graduating in 2013. Following her education, she started her career as a Stylist and Showroom Coordinator at Rent The Runway.

Subsequently, Amanda took on the role of senior graphic designer at the well-known beauty brand L’Occitane en Provence. In addition to her professional endeavors, she manages her website, sharing content about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.


What Led Amanda Batula to Gain Weight?

Before Amanda embarked on her weight loss journey, she was never classified as obese or overweight. Before joining “Summer House,” Amanda viewed herself as having a somewhat healthy physique and aspired to improve her fitness. She had specific body and fitness goals, such as attaining a slim figure and working on developing abs.

In an Instagram Q&A Session on April 27, 2020, she revealed that her heaviest period was during Season 2, her first official season. Although she didn’t know her exact weight since she avoided the scale, she estimated losing around 15 to 20 pounds since then. Currently, she has returned to her college weight.

Amanda also said, “I realize that figure may seem incredibly high compared to how I looked back then — it’s not like I was massive — but I gained weight quite evenly, and I carry it in my face a lot.”

Research indicates that dietary habits and lifestyle changes can significantly influence weight gain. Another study points out that women may experience significant weight gain during young adulthood due to various factors, including stress, depression, anxiety, neural responses, satiety, sleep patterns, premenstrual cravings, smoking, and more.

Consequently, Amanda might have gained weight in her youth due to these external and internal factors, potentially contributing to her perceived healthiness.


Amanda Batula’s Weight Loss Journey

Amanda’s key to weight loss wasn’t extreme dieting or hours at the gym; instead, it involved maintaining a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. Beyond these habits, another factor contributed to her weight loss.

When Amanda, along with her husband Kyle Cooke, decided to stop birth control to start a family, it unexpectedly affected her body. Cooke revealed that after discontinuing birth control, Amanda experienced a notable weight loss, and her menstrual cycle did not return to normal.

Research suggests that normal cyclic weight fluctuations may occur before and after menstruation while on birth control.


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Amanda Batula’s Diet and Exercise

Amanda successfully slimmed down by incorporating significant changes to her diet and lifestyle. One key element was adopting intermittent fasting, where she followed various timing schedules for temporary food avoidance, including alternate-day and full-day fasting patterns.

Research indicates intermittent fasting can be an effective diet therapy, leading to meaningful weight loss and potential improvements in metabolic health. It is generally considered safe and is not associated with disruptions in energy levels or the development of eating disorders.

“What worked best for me was easiest, and I saw the best results were from intermittent fasting,” Amanda shared via her Instagram Stories to prove its efficiency.

Even though Amanda postponed her lunch until late in the afternoon as part of her intermittent fasting routine, she never experienced a sense of food deprivation.

She further said, “I drink bulletproof [coffee] on the days that I’m intermittent fasting because it’s full of healthy fats, and it keeps me full until I’m ready to eat lunch around 3:00 pm or so. This way, I don’t feel like I’m starving myself, and I’m still getting, like, nutrients.”

Also called butter coffee, this beverage is created by blending coffee powder with grass-fed ghee or butter and Brain Octane oil (C8 MCT oil). Research suggests that opting for bulletproof coffee instead of black coffee might enhance feelings of fullness and decrease the likelihood of consuming food within the next three hours.

This satiety effect from bulletproof coffee could have played a role in Amanda’s weight loss during her time on “Summer House.”

In addition to practicing intermittent fasting and drinking bulletproof coffee, Amanda’s weight loss was attributed to her adoption of a high-protein diet. Seeking guidance from a nutritionist, she ensured a balanced intake of vegetables for essential nutrients and proteins.

Research indicates that exceeding the recommended dietary allowance for protein may aid in reducing body weight, improving body composition, lowering fat mass, and preserving fat-free mass. The study also suggests that a protein-rich diet may increase satiety, suppress appetite, and facilitate weight loss.

Amanda achieved a 20-pound weight loss through this high-protein diet and eliminated processed sugar and carbs from her daily meals. Her diet prioritized fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy grains.

Despite a healthy diet, Amanda occasionally treated herself to her favorite foods. Whether it was pizzas or burgers, she didn’t wholly exclude cheat meals from her eating routine.

Amanda’s husband disclosed to Page Six in 2020 that her workout routine is practically nonexistent. She avoids the gym, believing it hinders her weight loss journey.

Amanda’s weight loss primarily centered around maintaining a healthy diet and leading an active lifestyle. Her Instagram account showcases her love for the outdoors, with posts featuring long walks and hikes in various locations worldwide.

Therefore, she successfully shed those extra pounds through an active lifestyle and healthy eating.

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