How Did EXO Members Lose Weight?

How Did EXO Members Lose Weight?
How Did EXO Members Lose Weight?

The weight loss journey is challenging and transformative, even for the globally acclaimed K-pop sensation EXO. With a talented ensemble of members, EXO has conquered the music industry and undergone notable transformations in their physical well-being. This journey reflects their dedication to their art and personal health, showcasing the discipline required to navigate the demanding entertainment world while prioritizing their well-being.

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Xiumin’s Weight Loss Journey

During the promotional period for “Growl,” Xiumin from EXO undertook a problematic diet to achieve a leaner physique. Unfortunately, he faced considerable criticism for his plumper appearance and chubby cheeks, with frequent comparisons to his fellow members who maintained slimmer figures.

Xiumin relied solely on coffee to look better on stage and ate only once every two days. Although he initially shed weight rapidly, he regained it within two to three months.

Now, Xiumin strongly advises against attempting this technique. Although he acknowledges that starving oneself is a quick way to shed pounds, he disapproves of such methods due to their detrimental impact on the body.

Instead, Xiumin follows a four-hour rule, a form of intermittent fasting he discussed on “Star Show 360.” This method involves waking up early and having a nutritious breakfast.

While he allows himself to eat whatever he desires, Xiumin avoids overindulging and never waits until he feels complete. This approach emphasizes a balance between enjoying food and maintaining a mindful, healthy eating routine.

He waits four hours between meals, having his next one only if hungry. After this period, he remained another four hours before having dinner, which was his final meal. Xiumin follows this routine and eats nothing four hours before bedtime. According to him, this method shows results in just a month.

“You will not gain any weight; you will lose it instead,” he said.

While the diet method may seem straightforward, Xiumin emphasizes its challenges and the need for diligence and patience. He cautions against pausing the diet, as restarting can be difficult.

In his “Star Show 360 interview,” Xiumin shared his routine, which includes waking up at 7 AM and engaging in an hour-long walk. This practice, known as fasted cardio, involves walking on an empty stomach in the morning and is considered an effective method for weight loss.

Walking on an empty stomach taps into the body’s stored fat for energy, facilitating quicker fat burning. In addition, Xiumin incorporates workouts into his routine during dance practices. When EXO is amid promotions, he and the other members dedicate nine to ten hours daily, five days a week, to intensive practice sessions.

When not actively promoting, idols typically practice for two to three hours on their free days.


Suho’s Weight Loss Journey

EXO’s Suho has amazed fans with his fit body and killer abs, creating excitement among his supporters. Being a busy celebrity involved in music promotions and TV appearances, Suho must stay in shape to tackle his hectic schedule. So, maintaining a regular workout routine and monitoring his diet are essential for him.

Suho has kept his chiseled abs and muscular body since EXO’s debut in 2012. Fans went wild when he flaunted his abs during a solo performance at an EXO concert in Seoul. Maintaining a lean physique for a decade highlights his dedication to a strict diet and workout routine, earning him one of the fittest members in EXO.

Suho’s commitment to maintaining his slender physique is partly attributed to his regular dance practice, a highly effective and natural method for weight management. Engaging in a weekly dance routine with his fellow EXO members, he dedicates several hours to practice sessions, typically spanning three to five days each week.

Dancing helps Suho burn many calories and brings him joy, given his genuine love for the activity. If you share a passion for dancing, not only can it be an enjoyable experience, but it may also lead to effective weight loss over time.

In addition to his dance practices, Suho incorporates weight training into his workout routine. He has previously shared photos of himself at the gym, sometimes alongside his fellow bandmates and even VIXX’s Ravi, offering glimpses into his fitness regimen.

In a shared YouTube video, viewers can catch Suho, Kai, and Ravi as they take turns utilizing gym equipment focused on weight lifting. This behind-the-scenes glimpse into their workout routine unveils the dedication and effort put in by EXO’s leader, shedding light on the consistent use of weight training to achieve and maintain his muscular physique.

In a 2016 interview, Suho revealed that he works out every other day. He emphasizes regular exercise and follows a strict diet to keep his slender shape. He also discussed his dietary habits in a 2016 interview with TV Report.

Suho mentioned that he limits his carbohydrate intake, with just one rice bowl being his daily exception. His diet primarily revolves around proteins and salads, highlighting a conscious effort to maintain a specific nutritional plan.

Suho revealed that he goes out for drinks about five times a year, acknowledging the difficulty of maintaining his diet. Despite this, he confessed to having a sweet tooth. Unlike others who may be indecisive about their drink preferences, Suho already knows what he wants – a bag of cookies.

Despite having a sweet tooth, Suho excludes chocolate and cookies from his diet to maintain a slim physique. This dietary restriction can disappoint the idol as he navigates the challenge of satisfying his love for sweets while adhering to the requirements of staying lean and fit.


Baekhyun’s Weight Loss Journey

Baekhyun, a prominent member of the popular K-pop group EXO, undeniably stands out as one of the most attractive male stars in the industry today. Renowned for his multifaceted talents encompassing singing, dancing, and acting, the South Korean artist has garnered widespread admiration for his artistic prowess and impeccably fit and fabulous physique.

According to reports, Baekhyun likes to eat food high in protein and has moderate carbohydrates. While some may assume that the EXO member relies on pills and supplements to keep his muscular physique, his secret lies in maintaining a balanced diet through moderation.

Baekhyun maintains a healthy approach to his diet by not depriving himself of the foods he genuinely enjoys, including indulgent treats like cakes, pizza with cheese crust, and tea. His culinary preferences also extend to diverse nutritious options, demonstrating his well-rounded eating habits.

He enjoys consuming various foods, including vegetables, rice, chicken, salads, bananas, and sausages. This balanced combination of indulgence and nutritional choices showcases his commitment to enjoying a diverse and satisfying diet.

In an interview, Baekhyun spilled the beans on his dietary preferences. Regarding his go-to foods, he relies on apples, sweet potatoes, and a unique chicken breast shake.

Notably, Baekhyun’s chicken breast shake isn’t just plain meat; he jazzes it up by blending in honey, banana, and strawberry for added flavor.

Studies suggest that incorporating chicken into a smoothie is beneficial. It offers advantages like muscle gain and promotes a healthy digestive system. Beyond these benefits, chicken is also a rich source of antioxidants, boasting essential vitamins such as D, B1, and K.

To attain optimal results, Baekhyun ensures he engages in daily workouts. In addition to his regular dance practice sessions throughout the week, he incorporates weight training and a mix of upper-body exercises into his routine.

According to other reports, the K-pop idol adheres to a functional workout plan categorized into three segments: lower body, core, and upper body—this well-rounded approach to exercise highlights Baekhyun’s commitment to maintaining a comprehensive and effective fitness regimen.


Chen’s Weight Loss Journey

EXO’s Chen has consistently garnered acclaim and admiration for his exceptional singing prowess. Beyond his remarkable vocal abilities, fans and followers also hold him in high regard for his captivating visuals and well-defined physique. His multifaceted appeal extends beyond his musical talents, encompassing a combination of vocal excellence and a striking physical presence, making him a truly admired figure in entertainment.

Unlike most of his fellow group members, netizens on Quora discussed that the idol isn’t a workout fan. Reportedly, he has openly shared his dislike for going to the gym, a sentiment with D.O. This has led some to wonder how Chen has maintained his physique throughout the years.

Chen probably maintains his fitness through a well-managed diet. He likely adheres to certain routines to stay healthy amidst his K-pop career. However, there’s limited information about Chen’s diet practices as he has yet to disclose them.

However, according to K Profiles, Chen has a diverse list of favorite foods. These range from steamed buns, fried cakes, and fried bread twists to lamb kebab, hotpot, and various Chinese dishes.

The report also highlights that K-pop idols enjoy “anything cooked at the Korean dorms.” Despite these options, he considers his “parents’ cooking” the best, saying he always misses it.

Although Chen may not enjoy working out, according to Koreaboo, his fellow members have openly acknowledged his “sexy and muscular thighs.” This recognition occurred during their captivating EXplOration concert in Singapore in 2019.

After delivering an impressive solo performance on stage, the EXO member mentioned feeling pressure due to Suho’s earlier “super sexy” performance. Baekhyun then amusingly identified his own “sexy points,” which, as it turned out, were his thighs.

The other members of EXO playfully teased Chen, encouraging him to showcase his muscular thighs. Consequently, the idol reportedly delighted the audience by demonstrating his muscles in action through a series of workout routines.


Chanyeol’s Weight Loss Journey

Chanyeol, a prominent figure in the K-pop scene as part of EXO, stands out as a renowned rapper. His versatility extends beyond singing, encompassing dancing, songwriting, producing, and acting skills. Notably, Chanyeol is celebrated for his artistic talents, muscular physique, and impressive abs.

Since his debut with EXO in 2012, Chanyeol has evolved from a charming boy to a calm, hot, and sexy man. His transformation is evident in his muscular arms, mainly when he rocks a tank top during concerts.

Chanyeol first revealed his abs at EXOrDium in Seoul in 2016. During a conversation among members Xiumin, Baekhyun, and Chanyeol, the rapper reluctantly showcased his sexy abs, leaving fans ecstatic and causing quite a stir.

The rapper behind “Don’t Fight the Feeling” follows a regular workout routine that combines standard weight training with strength exercises. Try weight training moves like dumbbell rows, goblet squats, and hammer curls. For strength training, include push-ups, lunges, squats, deadlifts, and more.

In addition to his regular workout routine, dancing has played a crucial role in helping Chanyeol maintain his fitness. Notably, being adept at singing and dancing and possessing an upbeat personality are essential attributes for a K-pop idol.

Chanyeol’s incorporation of dance into his routine contributes to his physical well-being and underscores the multifaceted skills required in the dynamic world of K-pop.

Before and following his debut with EXO, Chanyeol dedicated significant practice time to every song the group released. The rapper and his fellow members continue practicing during breaks or solo endeavors, emphasizing their commitment to maintaining and honing their skills.

Dancing for at least one to two hours three to four days a week is recommended to achieve a slim physique like Chanyeol and burn a substantial number of calories.

Chanyeol, like several other EXO members, adopts a disciplined approach to dieting. His diet plan doesn’t revolve around specific foods but centers on managing his food intake. He emphasizes avoiding processed and junk food to maintain a healthy eating routine.

Chanyeol follows a diet focused on moderation and choosing nutrient-rich foods. He incorporates protein shakes into his routine and keeps a check on his carb intake for a well-balanced approach to nutrition.

In a 2015 episode of SBS’s “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time,” Chanyeol shared that he eats in small portions. However, he often needs regular help eating due to his busy schedule during promotions, resulting in weight loss during promotional periods.


D.O.’s Weight Loss Journey

Like many of his fellow K-pop idols, EXO’s D.O. is often subject to the scrutiny of fans wondering about his dietary habits. In the realm of strict dieting prevalent in the industry, fans are eager to know whether D.O. adheres to specific food restrictions or follows a particular meal plan.

This discovery aligns with the fandom’s awareness of D.O.’s love for food and cooking. According to KProfiles, the K-pop idol plays a nurturing role within the group, often likened to a motherly figure. He takes on responsibilities such as regularly cleaning the dorm, cooking meals for his fellow members, and looking after their well-being.

While many K-pop idols have openly shared insights into their diet and workout routines, D.O. has remained relatively private. Since EXO’s debut in 2012, he has rarely delved into discussions about his health and fitness practices.

When he talks about food and cooking, the spotlight shifts towards his passion for it. According to KProfiles, D.O. has a particular fondness for spaghetti, marking it as his favorite dish.

In an interview on Discovery Channel Korea, an EXO member spoke about personal aspects, including how he spends his days off. D.O. shared that he finds joy in eating good food, expressing that whenever he has free time, he likes to venture out in search of delicious meals.

Yet, during the conversation, the K-pop idol clarified that he wouldn’t label himself a “foodie.” Nevertheless, he underscored his genuine appreciation for good food.

Meanwhile, the public discovered that D.O. showcased his cooking skills during his military service. An army associate revealed that the idol took on cooking duties approximately a month after enlisting in July 2019. Koreaboo, in its report on the update, highlighted that SM Entertainment later confirmed this information.

After fulfilling his mandatory military service, he returned to his official duties as a South Korean idol and actor.


Sehun’s Weight Loss Journey

EXO’s Sehun is dedicated to reaching his weight and fitness objectives through rigorous effort and determination. However, according to various reports, the idol emphasizes intense workout routines rather than closely monitoring his daily dietary intake.

Some online users shared on a Quora thread that Sehun has mentioned his dislike for going on a diet. In contrast to his fellow member Kai, Sehun seems to prioritize his strict exercise and workout routines over dieting. Nevertheless, he still maintains some distinct food preferences.

According to a previous report by Kpop Starz, the EXO member doesn’t adhere to specific diet plans to stay fit. The article explains that Sehun is naturally slender, enabling him to enjoy various foods without strict dietary restrictions.

Even though he doesn’t impose strict limits on his food choices, reports suggest he includes healthy ingredients. This involves a significant intake of vegetables and fruits, which are commonly enjoyed in Korean cuisine.

Additionally, reports indicate that Sehun designates a specific day to indulge in a significant amount of junk food and fast food. Unfortunately, no details regarding his specific preferences during this selected day are available.

While maintaining a diet is not a part of the EXO member’s lifestyle, reports suggest hydration plays a crucial role in his daily routine. It is claimed that he prioritizes drinking plenty of water to prevent dehydration.

This is because he engages in frequent workouts and is constantly on the move, transitioning from one location to another. Reports clarify that being a celebrity involves a hectic schedule, adding to his responsibilities as an active idol.

Many EXO members, including Sehun, enjoy going to the gym and working out. This preference may explain why Sehun doesn’t prioritize adopting specific diet programs.

In addition to his regular dance rehearsals, the EXO member follows various routines to enhance his overall physique further. These routines reportedly involve cardio exercises, boxing sessions, ab-toning exercises, and bodyweight training.


Kai’s Weight Loss Journey

Kai, a prominent figure in the K-pop industry, is a multifaceted talent known for his contributions as a member of the globally acclaimed group EXO. In addition to his role as a vocalist and dancer, Kai has successfully ventured into television and modeling, showcasing his versatility and charisma.

Beyond the stage and screen, Kai has cultivated a massive fanbase that spans the globe, with a powerful presence on various social media platforms. His influence extends far beyond entertainment, as he has become a source of inspiration for fans worldwide.

One aspect of Kai’s impact that resonates deeply with his followers is his dedication to fitness. He has motivated countless individuals to prioritize their physical well-being by sharing glimpses of his workout routines and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Kai’s commitment to artistic excellence and personal wellness is a testament to his holistic approach to life, earning him admiration and respect from fans who appreciate his musical talent and dedication to overall well-rounded success.

Kai sticks to a disciplined diet and hits the gym daily, resulting in an impressive physique and a radiant, healthy appearance that admirers often see as fitness goals. In addition to his workout routine, the singer incorporates regular dance sessions into his lifestyle, considering it a crucial aspect of his overall well-being.

According to reports, Kai showcases his dance prowess at least two to three times a week, consistently honing and perfecting his skills. Notably, he doesn’t skip weight training, considering it a crucial element of his workout routine.

Kai emphasizes that weight training is vital for reducing fat and building muscle mass, reinforcing its importance in his fitness regimen.

Kai adheres to a protein-focused diet, with chicken a staple in his meals. He generally opts for homemade dishes, and it’s expected to spot him sitting with his friends, savoring straightforward home-cooked meals, often consisting of chicken and rice.

While diet and weight training are crucial, cardio precedes Kai’s fitness routine. His workout sessions encompass a variety of exercises, such as squats, leg raises, crunches, plank holds, and more. Kai follows a diverse workout schedule, dedicating six days a week to exercise.

This routine involves three distinct workouts repeated on two days, ensuring a well-rounded approach to his fitness regimen.

Meanwhile, during these occasional indulgences, Kai treats himself to a steak feast with his buddies. While cheat days are infrequent, it’s essential to savor dinners now and then.


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EXO’s weight loss journey is a testament to their commitment to excellence. Through dedication to their craft and personal health, these artists have navigated the pressures of the entertainment industry while prioritizing their physical well-being. As they continue to inspire fans worldwide with their music and performances, the members of EXO serve as role models for those seeking balance and success in the demanding world of show business.

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