Ernest Cline’s Net Worth & Personal Info

Ernest Cline, the American novelist, screenwriter, and spoken word artist has etched his name in the world of contemporary science fiction with great aplomb. Born in March 1972 in Ashland, Ohio, Cline gained widespread recognition through his bestselling novel “Ready Player One,” which was subsequently adapted into a film directed by Steven Spielberg. Beyond his literary success, Cline has also made a mark in the film industry, contributing to the screenplay of the 2009 movie “Fanboys.”

His works have earned him a place in the hearts of sci-fi enthusiasts and contributed significantly to his financial standing. As of 2023, Ernest Cline’s net worth is estimated at around $1 million. This financial assessment reflects the cumulative success of his novels, including “Ready Player One,” “Ready Player Two,” and “Armada,” as well as his achievements in screenwriting. Cline’s career trajectory showcases his diverse talents and the ability to capture the imagination of a global audience, solidifying his position in the entertainment industry.

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Ernest Cline’s Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Height 5 ft 10 in

1.78 m

Weight 165 pounds

75 kg

Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Body Type Chubby
Sexual Orientation Straight


Facts About Ernest Cline

Nationality American
Estimate Net Worth N/A
Religion N/A
Zodiac Sign Aries
Birthplace Ashland, Ohio, United States
Birthday March 29, 1972


Ernest Cline’s Net Worth

How rich is Ernest Cline?

As of 2023, Ernest Cline’s net worth is estimated at $1 million, and his multifaceted career has contributed significantly to his wealth. Ernest, hailing from Ashland, Ohio, has become a versatile figure in the creative world, a novelist, screenwriter, and spoken word artist.

His noteworthy contributions to literature include the science fiction novel Ready Player One, published in 2011, a New York Times bestseller and adapted into a high-profile film. Following the success of his first novel, Cline released Armada in 2015, further cementing his position in speculative fiction.

Cline’s screenwriting prowess is not limited to adaptations of his novels. He penned Fanboys’ screenplay and contributed to television with an episode for Mystery Science Theatre 3000: The Return. He has also been involved with film projects such as Buckaroo Banzai Against the World Crime League, proving his adaptability across different media.

In addition to his writing, Cline’s spoken word artistry has brought him acclaim, notably securing the Austin Poetry Slam Champ title. His performances include works like the chapbook The Importance of Being Ernest and show like Dance Monkeys Dance.

Cline’s influence extends into documentary appearances and a steady presence in the entertainment industry, which underlines the diversity of his income streams and the resultant net worth of $1 million.


Early Life

young Ernest Cline

Ernest Cline was born in Ashland, Ohio, United States, on March 29, 1972. His formative years were characterized by an immersion in the burgeoning geek culture of the ’70s and ’80s and the familial roots that grounded his imaginative world in Ashland, Ohio.


Cline saw a brief stint in higher education when he attended the University of Akron but left after just one semester. Despite this early departure from formal education, he would cultivate a career capitalizing on his gaming and writing passions.


Ernest Cline’s Wife and Family

Ernest Cline's wife and him

Ernest Cline’s personal life is marked by his marriage to Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz, a fellow writer he met at a poetry competition in 1998. Their relationship blossomed over the years, leading to their marriage in 2016. The couple is parents to a daughter, enriching Cline’s life beyond his professional endeavors.


Ernest Cline’s Career

Ernest Cline is a successful author

Ernest Cline’s creative journey as a screenwriter began with the production of Fanboys, a film he co-wrote, which explores the adventures of friends who are avid Star Wars fans. Fanboys, Cline’s first significant screenplay, encountered multiple delays but was finally released in 2009. This marked the start of his professional career in the film industry.

Aside from screenwriting, Cline indulged in the spoken word art form, achieving the title of Austin Poetry Slam Champ. His pieces, such as “Dance, Monkeys, Dance,” were well-received, leading him to publish and record his work, expanding his footprint in creative writing.

Cline’s foray into writing began with his first novel, Ready Player One. This book, infused with nostalgia for 1980s pop culture, from video games to Back to the Future, catapulted him to fame after its publishing rights and subsequent film adaptation rights were sold in quick succession, the latter to Warner Bros. Ready Player One’s success included a unique Easter egg contest, drawing in a passionate fanbase who engaged in a series of video game challenges for a grand prize.

Following up with Armada, Cline captured audiences again, leading to the sale of film adaptation rights to Universal Pictures. His third novel, Ready Player Two, solidified his position as a prominent writer, with early development talks of a film adaptation underway.

Cline expanded his literary expertise into children’s literature with the upcoming book Bridge to Bat City. This novel promises to deliver a heartwarming story aligning with his established trend of imaginative storytelling.


Ernest Cline’s Awards and Achievements

Ernest Cline receives multiple awards and achievements

Ernest Cline, an esteemed figure in the science fiction community, has received recognition for his contributions to the genre, both literary and performative. His debut novel, Ready Player One, earned critical acclaim and garnered various nominations attesting to its impact within science fiction and fantasy circles.

Outside the realm of literary work, Cline has also left a mark in the poetry scene. Known for his vibrant presence in the spoken-word community, he has been actively involved in poetry slams. His performances are often characterized by their energy and poignant commentary, elements that earned him the title of Austin Poetry Slam Champion. Moreover, his commitment to spoken-word writing and slam poetry is encapsulated in works such as “Dance, Monkeys, Dance,” epitomizing his prowess and creativity as both a poet and an artist.