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Paula Hawkins, the celebrated author of the bestselling novel “The Girl on the Train,” has established herself as one of the most successful writers in the contemporary literary scene. Born in August 1972, the Zimbabwe-born British novelist has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity and financial success following the publication of her psychological thriller. With her books translated into numerous languages and adapted into successful films, Paula Hawkins’s net worth has seen a significant increase over the years.

Amidst her career’s flourishing trajectory, her personal life remains relatively private. Paula Hawkins, now based in London, has maintained a focus on her writing, drawing from her extensive experience as a journalist in The Times before transitioning to fiction. Although details about her personal relationships are sparse, her literary achievements continue to be the focal point, contributing to her financial success and growing net worth. With an estimated net worth that has been reported in the millions, Hawkins’s affluence is a testament to her prowess as a writer and her ability to captivate readers worldwide.

Key Takeaways

  • Paula Hawkins is a successful British novelist with a multi-million dollar net worth.
  • She has a private personal life but a publicly celebrated literary career.
  • Her work, including “The Girl on the Train,” has achieved global acclaim and financial success.

Paula Hawkins]’s Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)


Height 5 ft 6 in

1.68 m

Weight 121 pounds

55 kg

Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Body Type Average
Sexual Orientation Straight


Facts About Paula Hawkins


Nationality British
Estimated Net Worth $20 million
Religion Mormon
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Birthplace Salisbury, Rhodesia
Birthday August 26, 1972

Net Worth

Paula Hawkins is recognized as a successful British author with significant earnings stemming from her writing career. By 2023, it was estimated that her net worth had reached approximately $20 million. This financial milestone reflects her status as a novelist whose works have received global acclaim and generated substantial income.

The foundation of Hawkins’ financial success is anchored in her career as a novelist. She is well-known for her book “The Girl on the Train,” which not only became a New York Times bestseller but also was adapted into a major film. The widespread sales of her published works contribute significantly to her earnings.

Economic insights from Forbes indicate that Hawkins’ earnings place her comfortably in the range of six-figure income brackets, commonly associated with best-selling authors. Her prosperity underscores the potential for novelists in the modern literary market to achieve worldwide financial success when their work resonates with a large audience.

Although specific figures for 2024 are not provided, the trajectory of Hawkins’ career implies continued financial growth in alignment with the release of new works and ongoing royalties from past publications.

Contracts & Endorsements

Paula Hawkins’s primary earnings stem from her successful writing career. Notably, she has not pursued product endorsements. Her income largely originates from her best-selling novels, particularly “The Girl on the Train” and “Into the Water”. These books have notably transcended the literary market into film adaptations, significantly augmenting her financial portfolio.

“The Girl on the Train” experienced enormous success, leading to a film adaptation in 2016 starring Emily Blunt. This collaboration with DreamWorks translated into a considerable boost to Hawkins’s earnings. The film’s worldwide recognition expanded her reach, both in the US and UK markets.

Her literary agent and publishers, including Transworld, a division of Penguin Random House, have facilitated valuable contract negotiations for her. These contracts not only include book sales but also the lucrative deals for film rights. These strategic partnerships have been instrumental in positioning Paula Hawkins as one of the prominent figures in contemporary fiction.

No information is currently available about any direct endorsements by Paula Hawkins, indicating she maintains a focus on her writing and related film ventures. This approach allows her to concentrate on her craft and retain a clear, author-centric brand image.

Real Estate

Paula Hawkins is an owner of valuable real estate, holding properties that reflect her success. In the heart of West London, she has a residence situated within the affluent area of Kensington, a location known for its grand Victorian homes and upscale amenities. Her London property asserts her place among notable residents, nestled in an area celebrated for its cultural significance and historic architecture.

Additionally, she possesses a countryside house, which offers a contrasting lifestyle to her urban abode. This rural property provides a retreat into nature, enabling a balance between the bustling city life of London and the tranquility of pastoral surroundings.

Hawkins’s property portfolio is compact but demonstrates her ability to invest wisely in real estate. Her urban and rural properties together encapsulate a blend of sophistication and serene living. Despite originating from Salisbury, now Harare in Zimbabwe, she has firmly established her roots in the UK with her property choices.


Paula Hawkins, a British author, transitioned to fiction writing in her late 30s. She initially worked as a journalist, reporting on business and finance for publications like The Times. Under the pseudonym Amy Silver, Hawkins wrote romantic comedies before achieving widespread recognition.

Her major commercial breakthrough came with the psychological thriller, “The Girl on the Train,” released in 2015. The book, grappling with dark themes such as domestic violence and addiction, quickly escalated to the New York Times Best Seller list. Acclaimed for its suspenseful narrative, “The Girl on the Train” sold over 20 million copies globally.

The success of her debut thriller led to its film adaptation in 2016, with Emily Blunt in the lead role. Hawkins continued to build her literary career, releasing “Into the Water” in 2017 and “A Slow Fire Burning” in 2022. Both books reinforced her reputation as an author of gripping and emotionally powerful narratives, resonating with readers and critics alike.

Respected within the echelons of successful authors, Hawkins is mentioned alongside best-selling names such as Gillian Flynn and Tom Clancy. Her journey from a financial journalist to a best-selling novelist encapsulates her skillful transition across genres, solidifying her status in the world of contemporary fiction.


Paula Hawkins has received several prestigious recognitions for her literary work. Her most notable work, “The Girl on the Train,” secured the Thriller & Crime Book of the Year at the British Book Awards in 2016. This accolade is a testament to her mastery in weaving gripping narratives within the thriller genre.

Her achievements extend to winning the Goodreads Choice Award for Mystery & Thriller in 2015. This reader-driven award highlights her ability to engage and captivate the book community with her storytelling prowess.

Additionally, Hawkins was honored with The McKitterick Prize in 2016, which further solidifies her reputation as an author. This prize is often awarded to authors above the age of 40 for an outstanding debut novel, marking Hawkins’ remarkable entrance into the field of literature.

Moreover, her bestselling novel has consistently performed well on the New York Times Best Seller list, reflecting its widespread popularity and the impact of Hawkins’ work on a global scale.


Paula Hawkins, the acclaimed author, extends her influence beyond the pages of her books through active support for charitable causes. Her philanthropy includes significant contributions to organizations committed to literacy and aiding refugees.

National Literacy Trust: This organization focuses on improving the reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in the UK. Hawkins’s involvement helps promote literacy, crucial for women’s empowerment and social equality.

Refugee Council: This charity provides support to refugees and asylum-seekers. The contributions by Hawkins aid in offering vital services to women and their families who face the trauma of displacement, often compounded by experiences of violence, which can sometimes include domestic abuse.

Hawkins’s charitable endeavors align with her advocacy for issues affecting women, notably promoting education and providing refuge from adverse conditions. Her support does not end with financial aid; she also raises awareness for these pivotal causes through her platform.

These efforts demonstrate an understanding of the complex challenges related to women, acknowledging the intersection of literacy, domestic stability, and the potential impacts of alcohol and drug abuse. She prioritizes charities that align with her commitment to creating change and providing support for vulnerable populations.

Family & Relationships

Paula Hawkins is in a committed marriage and is a mother to two children. Her personal life, especially her family details, is kept private, aligning with her discreet public persona. The privacy maintained around her marriage and her role as a parent reflects a clear boundary Hawkins sets between her professional work and her personal life.

Marital Status: Married
Children: 2

The limited public information suggests Hawkins prioritizes family time and the upbringing of her children, steering clear of sensationalized media coverage that often accompanies the lives of public figures of her stature. Though an acclaimed author, Hawkins manages to keep her relationships out of the spotlight, ensuring her family’s privacy and maintaining a clear distinction between her celebrated authorial identity and her personal familial roles.

Early Life

Paula Hawkins, born on August 26, 1972, spent her formative years in the culturally diverse environment of Harare, Zimbabwe. Reflecting her birthplace, she is often referred to as a Zimbabwe-born British novelist. Her early education was at Arundel School, a well-known institution in Harare, which set the stage for her later academic pursuits.

Hawkins developed an interest in philosophy and economics, fields that would underpin her future work. She shifted from Zimbabwe to the United Kingdom as a teenager, providing her with a wider literary landscape to explore. This move was a pivotal point in her early life, eventually contributing to her distinctive narrative style.

In the UK, Hawkins expanded her educational background by studying journalism at Oxford Polytechnic. Here she honed her writing skills, a foundation she would leverage in her subsequent career. Oxford, as an academic hub, offered Hawkins a well-rounded intellectual ambiance that inspired her growth both as a journalist and as an author.

Early positions as a journalist, including roles at prestigious publications like The Times and The Independent, allowed her to establish a strong foothold in the industry. Her work during this period helped refine the incisive and engaging writing style found in her later novels. The journalistic precision and dedication to storytelling from these formative years can be seen throughout her celebrated literary career.


Paula Hawkins received her education in the field of journalism. Her studies took place at the institution formerly known as Oxford Polytechnic, which later became Oxford Brookes University. The university, located in Oxford, England, is known for providing a diverse range of courses and has a reputation for strong programs in various subjects. Hawkins’s choice to study journalism indicates an early interest in writing and communication, skills that would prove invaluable in her later career as an author.

Although Hawkins’s education background does not specifically mention attending Arundel School, studying under an economics professor, or enrolling at Keble College, University of Oxford, her journalistic training would have equipped her with research skills and an understanding of critical analysis. Such skills are essential in crafting the intricate plots and characters for which she is known.

Given her British upbringing in Salisbury, Rhodesia (now Harare, Zimbabwe), Hawkins would have had exposure to diverse cultures and political landscapes, potentially influencing her worldview and writing. There is no specific mention of her engaging with “guerrilla learning” methods or the associated text “Guerrilla Learning: How to Give Your Kids a Real Education with or Without School.” However, her journalistic education would involve practical learning approaches, likely to foster independent thinking and analytical skills, aligning with the principles of alternative education strategies.

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