Dan Aykroyd’s Net Worth & Personal Info

Net Worth Dan Aykroyd

Dan Aykroyd, a prominent figure in entertainment, has achieved significant financial success throughout his diverse career. His net worth, as estimated in February 2024, stands at approximately $250 million. As a multi-talented actor, comedian, writer, and entrepreneur, Aykroyd gained substantial recognition as a member of the original cast of “Saturday Night Live” and through his iconic role as Ray Stantz in the Ghostbusters franchise.

Aykroyd’s career extends beyond the screen; he has engaged in an array of entrepreneurial ventures, including co-founding the House of Blues chain of music venues. His financial prosperity is a testament to his multifaceted career, combining earnings from his entertainment roles and business acumen. His personal life, marked by his marriage to actress Donna Dixon and engagement in philanthropy, intertwines with his professional narrative, highlighting an individual leveraged fame for both personal fulfillment and social contribution.

Key Takeaways

  • Dan Aykroyd’s net worth is around $250 million as of 2024.
  • His wealth stems from his entertainment career and business ventures.
  • Aykroyd’s life reflects a blend of artistic achievement and philanthropic efforts.


Dan Aykroyd’s Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)


Height 6 ft 1 in

1.85 m

Weight 176 pounds

80 kg

Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Body Type Average
Sexual Orientation Straight


Facts About Dan Aykroyd


Nationality Canadian
Estimated Net Worth $250 Million
Religion Spiritualist
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Birthplace  Ottawa, Ontario
Birthday July 1, 1952


Net Worth

Dan Aykroyd’s financial standing is remarkable with a net worth estimated at $250 million. This significant figure is a testament to his multidimensional career in show business and astute business dealings.

Contracts & Endorsements

Aykroyd has negotiated several profitable deals, owing to his versatile career. Among his many commercial partnerships, his association with Crystal Head Vodka is particularly notable. Additionally, he has lent his face and reputation to brands such as Nissan and McDonald’s, further padding his earnings.

  • Endorsements:
    • Crystal Head Vodka
    • Nissan
    • McDonald’s
  • Contracts:
    • Film and television series contracts
    • Writing agreements

Real Estate

Real estate investments play a substantial role in Aykroyd’s wealth portfolio. His properties are not confined to one geographical area; he owns homes in the strategic locations of Los Angeles, specifically in Hollywood Hills and Pacific Palisades, as well as international locales like Toronto and Ireland. Each property signifies a blend of personal lifestyle choices and investment acumen.

  • Properties Owned:
    • Hollywood Hills: Residence in a sought-after neighborhood in Los Angeles
    • Pacific Palisades: Prime location home in Los Angeles
    • Toronto: Residential property in Canada
    • Ireland: Overseas real estate investment


Dan Aykroyd’s career spans several decades, during which he has made significant contributions as an actor, comedian, and screenwriter, predominantly in Hollywood films and television.


During his distinguished career, Aykroyd has received accolades for his multifaceted contributions to the entertainment industry. Notably, Aykroyd was honored with an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his role in “Driving Miss Daisy.” Additionally, his work on “Saturday Night Live” earned him an Emmy Award. The Canadian government awarded Aykroyd the Order of Canada for his lifetime achievement in the film industry and the Order of Ontario for his social and cultural contributions.


Dan Aykroyd has a longstanding history of philanthropy, often leveraging his celebrity status to support charitable causes. He is particularly invested in endeavors that benefit individuals with neurological disorders, as well as those that support law enforcement and First Responders.

Aykroyd’s humanitarian efforts extend to various charities, including the National Association of Police Athletic Leagues (NPAL). His contributions help promote the growth of youth programs which foster positive relationships between police officers and communities.

Additionally, he is a supporter of the Home of Hope — a care project for children with special needs — which provides education, medical care, and vocational training. Aykroyd’s work with this charity showcases his commitment to helping children and adults with developmental disorders.

He also actively contributes to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Youth Foundation, engaged in enriching the lives of underprivileged youth. Through his charitable activities, Dan Aykroyd helps create opportunities for personal development and crime prevention among the younger demographic.

In terms of disaster relief, Aykroyd takes part in fundraising efforts to assist those affected by calamities. He uses his influence to encourage donations and support for recovery initiatives, demonstrating his dedication to philanthropic work that has tangible impacts on the lives of those in need.

Family & Relationships

Dan Aykroyd’s personal life is marked by his long-standing marriage and his role as a father to three daughters. He tied the knot with Donna Dixon, whom he met on the set of the comedy film “Doctor Detroit” in 1983. The couple has been together for nearly four decades, during which they welcomed three daughters: Danielle, Belle, and Stella.

His eldest daughter Danielle is 32 years old, Belle is 28, and Stella, the youngest, is 24. Despite a solid family unit, reports surfaced of Aykroyd and Dixon’s split after a long marriage, but they remain committed to a “loving friendship.”

Previously, Aykroyd had a notable relationship with actress Carrie Fisher. They were briefly engaged after meeting on the set of “The Blues Brothers,” but their romantic connection eventually dissolved.

Aykroyd’s personal life seems to reflect a blend of stability through his long marriage and parenthood, contrasting with the transitory nature of Hollywood relationships, exemplified by his past engagement to Fisher. The commitment to his family and children remains a defining aspect of his off-screen identity.

Early Life

Dan Aykroyd’s beginnings trace back to Ottawa, where he was born and raised, setting the stage for an illustrious career.


While in Ottawa, Aykroyd enrolled at Carleton University, focusing on radio and television broadcasting. His academic journey was cut short as he decided to redirect his efforts toward the comedic arts, leaving behind the university campus for the comedy stage. His time at Carleton, however, helped shape his early skills in entertainment, complementing his later ascension in the comedic world. Before he embraced his path in comedy, he also served as a radio disc jockey, which further honed his performance abilities. Aykroyd’s education, both formal and through his early work, laid a fundamental layer for his diverse talents.