John Gielgud’s Net Worth & Personal Info

Sir Arthur John Gielgud was an acclaimed English actor and theatre director whose prolific career spanned over eight decades. Renowned for his exceptional portrayals in Shakespearean plays, his talent garnered immense respect, positioning him as one of the seminal figures in the British theatrical sphere alongside contemporaries such as Ralph Richardson and Laurence Olivier. Gielgud’s artistry extended to the silver screen, where he bestowed an unforgettable performance in the 1981 film “Arthur,” which earned him an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

The financial legacy of John Gielgud reflects his successful career in the entertainment industry. His net worth, at the time of estimates, was reported to be around £5 million. This substantial sum was a testament to his achievements on stage and screen. The financial details, while capturing a snapshot of his material success, only underscore the enduring impact of Gielgud’s contributions to the performing arts. Beyond the numbers, his influence continues to resonate with theatre enthusiasts and actors globally.


John Gielgud’s Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)


Height 5 ft 11 in

1.8 m

Weight 158.5 pounds

72 kg

Hair Color Salt & Pepper
Eye Color Blue
Body Type Slim
Sexual Orientation Gay


Facts About John Gielgud


Nationality English
Estimated Net Worth £5 Million
Religion N/A
Zodiac Sign Aries
Birthplace South Kensington, London, England, United Kingdom
Birthday April 14, 1904


John Gielgud’s Net Worth

The late Sir Arthur John Gielgud’s net worth at the time of his passing is estimated to have been about £5 million. His significant earnings were attributed to his lauded theatrical performances and notable film appearances, among other artistic endeavors.

Contract & Endorsements

  • Shakespearean Productions: His reputation as a Shakespearean legend suggests substantial earnings from his leading roles in various Shakespeare plays.
  • West End Productions: As a prominent figure in the West End, he managed contracts for his own company and established West End shows, impacting his financial outcomes.
  • Film Roles: Renowned films like “Becket” and his Oscar-winning performance in “Arthur” contributed to his wealth through negotiated salaries and potential endorsement deals.

Real Estate

  • The Grange: Purchased in 1955, this historic Warwickshire house served as his long-term residence, reflecting a substantial real estate investment.
  • London Flat: A strategic asset, this flat served his professional needs throughout his acting career in the city.
  • International Properties: To accommodate his touring schedule, he held properties in various international locales, further diversifying his real estate portfolio.

Early Life

John Gielgud’s formative years set the stage for his future success. He was raised in a family with a rich arts background which fostered his early interest in performing arts.


  • Preparatory School: Gielgud attended Hillside preparatory school in Surrey.
  • Interests at School: He showed little interest in sports yet participated in cricket and rugby. His academic strengths were English and divinity, while he struggled with mathematics and was average at classics.

John Gielgud’s Fiance & Family

John Gielgud, a renowned actor of the British stage and screen, remained unwed throughout his life and had no children of his own. Despite the absence of a spouse or offspring, Gielgud’s life was rich with familial connections and enduring friendships.

Family Background:

  • Father: Frank Henry Gielgud
  • Mother: Kate Terry-Gielgud, née Terry-Lewis

As the third out of four children, John Gielgud’s familial ties extended to his siblings, with whom he shared a close bond. His sister and nephews were notable figures in his personal life, often accompanying him at various events and gatherings.

Notable Relatives:

  • Sister: Held a significant place in his life
  • Nephews: Frequently engaged with him

The esteemed actor also formed deep bonds within the theater and film community, cultivating friendships that mirrored familial affection. These relationships were a testament to his amiable nature and the respect he commanded in professional circles.

John Gielgud’s Foundation & Charity

Sir John Gielgud, an esteemed actor of the British stage, extended his influence beyond the theatre through his charitable involvements. His support focused on the enrichment of the arts, enhancement of educational opportunities, and advancement of social justice initiatives.

Philanthropic Interests

  • Arts: Emphasized fostering theatrical arts and culture
  • Education: Advocated for accessible educational resources
  • Social Justice: Aided in promoting equity and inclusivity

While Gielgud maintained a discreet approach to his philanthropic activities, his commitment to cause-specific organizations was apparent. The Sir John Gielgud Charitable Trust (Registered Charity No. 800045) serves as a channel for his charitable vision. Financial reports indicate that the trust has had varying levels of income and expenditure, reflecting active engagement in charity work.

The trust’s activities underline Gielgud’s legacy of supporting those spheres which he was deeply passionate about during his lifetime. Although specific projects and beneficiaries of the trust are not publicly detailed, it is reflective of Gielgud’s aspiration to contribute quietly but significantly to society.

His philanthropy, much like his acting, was driven by a sense of responsibility and love for the community. The ongoing influence of his charity work ensures that his impact extends well beyond his years as a celebrated actor and director.

John Gielgud’s Career

John Gielgud’s distinguished acting and directing career extended over eight decades, marking him as one of the titans of British theatre.


Throughout his illustrious career, John Gielgud received numerous awards and honours. A testament to his skill and impact on the acting world, Gielgud was knighted in 1953 in recognition of his services to the theatre, which established him not just as a leading actor but also a cultural icon. Here are some of the awards that highlight milestones in Sir John Gielgud’s career:

  • Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for “Arthur” (1982)
  • Emmy Awards for his performances in “Summer’s Lease” (1991) and “Masterpiece Theatre: Love in a Cold Climate” (1982)
  • Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Recording for “Ages of Man” (1961)
  • BAFTA Award for Best Actor for “Murder on the Orient Express” (1974)

These awards reflect Gielgud’s versatility across different media including stage, film, and television, and honor his rich array of performances from Shakespearean roles to contemporary characters.

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