Jessica Biel’s Net Worth & Personal Info

Jessica Claire Biel, an American actress and producer, has made a significant mark in the entertainment industry with her array of roles and projects. Born on March 3, 1982, in Ely, Minnesota, Biel’s journey from a small-town girl to a Hollywood starlet is marked by both talent and dedication. Her career, spanning various genres and platforms, showcases her versatility as an actress and has contributed to her substantial net worth.

With an estimated net worth of $250 million, Jessica Biel’s financial success is a testament to her success in front of the camera as well as her ventures behind the scenes as a producer. Her marriage to singer Justin Timberlake further consolidates her position as one of the wealthiest figures in the realm of celebrity couples. Not only has her professional life been accomplished, but Biel also involves herself in charity work, extending her influence beyond the silver screen.

Key Takeaways

  • Jessica Biel is a successful American actress and producer with a diverse career.
  • Her significant net worth reflects her longstanding career in the entertainment industry.
  • Biel marries her personal and professional success with active participation in charitable causes.

Jessica Biel’s Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Height 5 ft 7 in

1.70 m

Weight 121 pounds

 55 kg

Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Body Type Slim
Sexual Orientation Straight

Facts About Jessica Biel

Nationality American
Estimated Net Worth $20 million – $50 million
Religion Christianity
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Birthplace Ely, Minnesota, USA
Birthday March 3, 1982

Jessica Biel’s Net Worth

Jessica Biel has amassed a significant fortune through her career in Hollywood. While she has flourished as an actress, her financial portfolio includes a blend of business ventures and real estate investments, solidifying her status in the entertainment industry.

Contracts & Endorsements

Through the years, Biel has aligned herself with premium brands that resonate with her image. These partnerships, while details remain undisclosed, likely contribute to her financial reservoir. Notably, she has been a face for cosmetic giants like L’Oreal and Revlon, reflecting her influence and marketability.

Real Estate

Biel and her family enjoy the luxury of multiple properties, indicative of their successful careers. They own a stylish Los Angeles mansion and have a getaway ski aerie in the snowy terrains of Montana. These properties not only provide personal sanctuaries but also represent shrewd real estate investments.

Jessica Biel’s Career

Jessica Biel emerged as a prominent American actress through her television breakthrough in the family drama series “7th Heaven” as Mary Camden. Her career transitioned from television to major Hollywood films, displaying a diverse range of roles that demonstrated her versatility in the industry. Biel has also made significant strides in producing, taking on roles behind the camera in addition to her acting responsibilities.


  • Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking Acting: Biel received this accolade at the Newport Beach Film Festival for her role in the film The Illusionist.
  • Best Acting Ensemble: Feature: She won this award with the cast of The Illusionist at the Palm Springs International Film Festival.
  • With numerous nominations to her credit, Biel’s performances have been recognized by various institutions, including a Golden Globe nomination for The Sinner, demonstrating her impact on both television and film.
  • Although not a recipient of a Primetime Emmy Award, her role as an executive producer and star in The Sinner garnered critical acclaim and demonstrated Biel’s producing capabilities.

Biel’s role in 7th Heaven paved the way for her transition into the film industry, where she starred in movies like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Blade: Trinity. Her performance in The Illusionist was particularly well-received, echoing through the box office and earning her several acting nominations and awards.

Beyond her acting endeavors, Biel has also been acknowledged for her off-screen appeal, having been voted “Sexiest Woman Alive” by Esquire Magazine. Her IMDb page showcases a blend of roles in blockbuster films and well-received television series, indicating her consistent presence in Hollywood and her ability to draw audiences both on the small and big screen.

Her participation in ensemble casts for films such as Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve highlights her adaptability across various genres. Jessica Biel’s career is also marked by notable appearances in Total Recall and the action-comedy The A-Team, further cementing her status as a versatile Hollywood figure. Additionally, Biel ventured into genre blending by taking on a role in the biographical film Hitchcock, which presented a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Psycho. Her foray into sci-fi was marked with the remake of Total Recall. Jessica Biel’s career lays out a roadmap of consistent growth, with a firm foothold in both acting and producing roles within the entertainment industry.

Jessica Biel’s Charity

Jessica Biel has long been known for her involvement in philanthropy and her commitment to various charitable causes. She co-founded the Make The Difference Network with her father, which aimed to connect non-profit organizations with potential donors and resources. This platform represented her vision to help those in need by leveraging the power of community and technology.

Biel’s contributions to charity extend to several critical issues. Notably, she has been recognized for her work with GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network). GLSEN is an organization with the mission to ensure safe and affirming schools for LGBTQ+ students. For her efforts, Biel was honored at the GLSEN Respect Awards, which underscores her dedication to fostering inclusive environments for all students.

  • Supported Causes:
    • Youth & Education
    • LGBTQ+ Rights
    • Healthcare

In addition to her fundraising efforts, Jessica Biel received the Inspiration Award as a testament to her significant impact within the charitable community. This accolade emphasizes her role as a leader and motivator in encouraging others to contribute to society’s well-being.

Her charitable endeavors, spanning various sectors, clearly convey that Jessica Biel is not only an entertainer but also a compassionate philanthropist dedicated to making a meaningful difference. Her actions have inspired fans and fellow philanthropists alike, establishing her as a prominent figure in celebrity-led charitable work.

Jessica Biel’s Husband & Family

Jessica Biel, the renowned American actress, has built a beautiful family with her husband, Justin Timberlake, an accomplished singer and entertainer. They exchanged vows in 2012 and have since embraced parenthood with the arrival of their two sons.


The Timberlakes have welcomed two children into their lives. Their first son, Silas, has been a source of joy and new discoveries for the couple, as they navigate through the adventures of parenting. The name of their second son has been kept more private.

Family Background

Jessica Biel’s familial roots are grounded in her parents’ diverse professional backgrounds. Her father worked as a business consultant and her mother found her calling in the health care industry. A reflection of her parents’ grounded and professional demeanor can be seen in Jessica’s own approach to her personal life and career.

Personal Life

Biel and Timberlake, despite their high-profile status, strive to provide a normal and loving environment for their family. Their efforts to balance their public careers with their private family life have been admired by fans worldwide.

In essence, Jessica Biel’s life with Justin Timberlake and their children embodies the couple’s commitment to family, support, and the shared joy of raising their sons together.

Jessica Biel’s Early Life

Jessica Biel was born in the small town of Ely, Minnesota, in the year 1982. Throughout her early years, she garnered attention not only for her commitment to her craft but also for her academic pursuits.


From a young age, Biel’s talents were evident, eventually leading her to study at Tufts University. However, her dedication to acting guided her decision to leave Tufts before completing her degree to fully engage in her blossoming acting career. Her early foray into the arts included a commercial for Pringles and engagements in musical theater, where she honed her skills that would later be recognized with nominations for awards such as the Young Artist Award.

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