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Lindsay Hubbard, an American reality television personality, is best known for her role as a casting director on Bravo’s ‘Summer House,’ which she has played for a number of seasons. Over the course of several seasons, Hubbard has portrayed the character. Hubbard was one of the original roommates, and over the years, she has garnered a reputation for being extremely genuine and for persistently adhering to the persona that she has established for herself. As soon as a few possible suitors entered the picture, her personal life was instantly thrown into disorder, and it remained that way for some time. (1)

In the forthcoming season of Summer House on Bravo, Hubbard will push the limits of their friendship in order to take her relationship with Carl Radke to a more intimate level. This new development will take place while the show is currently airing. The pair, however, has had to engage in a great lot of dialogue with one another in order for them to be able to endure through the problems that have presented themselves in their relationship. She graduated with honors from the University of Florida, from which she received her bachelor’s degree in 2008. Hubbard was one of her professors during her time there. Lindsay has appeared on a number of reality television shows, some of which include What Happens Live with Andy Cohen (2018) and Vanderpump Rules (2017) (1)

Lindsay Hubbard's Net Worth

As of the year 2022, it is projected that Lindsay Hubbard has $2 million worth of money. Along with operating her own company and working as a public relations specialist, reality television is her primary source of income. In addition, she also works in the entertainment industry. After working in the field of public relations for a few years, Lindsay decided to strike out on her own and found her own company, calling it Hubb House Public Relations. The company specializes in public relations and marketing and has its headquarters in New York City. (2)

In addition to this, Hubbard is currently serving as the president of her own company, which she established many years ago. The endorsement of various items of swimwear and clothing products on Lindsay’s Instagram account contributes to a second source of income for her. In 2005, her photograph was published in an issue of Campus Talk, a magazine that was put out by her educational institution. (1)

Lindsay Hubbard's Early Life

Lindsay Hubbard was born on August 11, 1986, in the city of New York, which is located in the state of New York. The month of August 2021 marked her birthday, thereby ushering her into the 36th year of her life. She has kept close ties with all of her relatives ever since she was a young child and these ties continue to this day. She was raised in a family in which both of her parents had found a great deal of success in their respective fields of work before she was born. (2)

Both of her parents put in a lot of work so that they could provide the very best life they could for their children. She benefited from both of their efforts. Despite this, the TV personality was not very forthcoming with information regarding her parents, other relatives, or other members of her family. There are images of them that can be found on Hubbard’s website every so often. They were close throughout their formative years due to the fact that Brandon Hubbard was Lindsay’s brother. He serves in one of our armed forces as a member.  (1)

Lindsay Hubbard's Education

The University of Florida was where Lindsay Hubbard received her degree in 2008 after completing her studies there. It is unknown where she received her high school diploma or what degree she studied for in college. Also unknown is where she attended high school. (2)

Lindsay Hubbard's Husband/Boyfriend and Family Life



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Lindsay Hubbard is currently seeing Carl Radke as her boyfriend. The pair has moved in together already.

Everett Weston, whom Hubbard had a romantic relationship with at the beginning of the first season, was her most famous ex-boyfriend. They had been friends for two years before deciding to take their relationship to the next level and start dating. The pair had been together for two years before coming to the conclusion that they should not continue their relationship. In the first season, Lindsay was seen with her boyfriend Everett. Their highs and lows as a pair were documented on the show, but after one year of dating, they decided to end their relationship. The news of their breakup was broken during the first episode of the second season, which aired in 2018. (3)

The audience witnessed a fleeting romantic connection between costar Carl and the head of Hubb House PR during the summer of 2019, which occurred during the fourth season of the series. After being friends for four years, the two finally got together in a romantic relationship, but it didn’t last long. Then, it was said that Lindsay was in a love relationship with Stephen Traversie, but this turned out to be untrue. Their courtship was captured on the reality show Summer House, and in 2019, the couple raced jet skis in front of the Statue of Liberty as part of their relationship. During the course of the Covid-19 epidemic, both of them experienced difficulties, which ultimately led to the end of their relationship. They both had candid conversations regarding their relationship with one another in the episode titled “Summer House.” (3)

After being seen getting cozy during Kyle and Amanda’s wedding in September 2021, Lindsay gave rise to rumors that she and Carl were more than just friends, leading to the conjecture that they were romantically involved. On the other hand, the television personality revealed to Us the following month that they have “always been really close” and are “best friends.” (2)

She also disclosed in an exclusive interview that she and her co-star in Winter House, Austen, “had a history when we are both single.” She went on to say that they have kept their hookups behind the scenes a secret throughout the years in order to “protect” their friendship. (1)

Carl revealed in an exclusive interview with Us in January 2021 that he and Lindsay had begun a romantic relationship. At the time, he made the following statement: “The bond we have over these summers and over the course of our life – the last six or seven years — is incomparable.” (2)

Lindsay Hubbard's Career


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Lindsay Hubbard started out her professional life by taking a job with Coburn Communication, which was the beginning of her successful career. Her first taste of the working world came in the form of an internship in the field of public relations. The year 2008 marks the end of Lindsay’s employment there; she made the decision to resign in order to pursue a variety of other interests. After that, Lindsay went on to begin working for Escape Media Group in the label relations department. She stayed at that job for a good number of years in order to gain more work experience and hone her skills in preparation for other opportunities. (1)

On the other hand, she rose to prominence as a result of her participation in the cast of the television drama known as “Summer House.” Since she has been a part of the series on a consistent basis ever since it first aired in 2017, she is undoubtedly one of the most well-known characters that appear on it. In addition to that, Lindsay had a starring role on the television show “Winter House.” (2)

In addition to that, she has a great deal of success in her professional life. Her name is associated with the New York City-based marketing and public relations agency known as Hubb House PR. She currently holds the position of president at the corporation, which bears her name as the business’s namesake. (2)

Summer House Storyline for Lindsay Hubbard

The first episode of Summer House begins with: Everett and Lindsay, who have known each other for a long time, begin an intimate relationship, and Carl, who is new to the group, plays the field. A group of New Yorkers decide to rent a summerhouse in Montauk, New York. Ashley and Lauren extend an invitation to their friend Stassi, who has her eye on Kyle. Everett and Lindsay, who have known each other for a long time, begin an intimate relationship. (3)

During the course of episode 2, Lauren and Carl’s relationship heats up in the bedroom; Kyle juggles two ladies at a party; and love birds Everett and Lindsay’s explosive antics indicate that they are anything but the perfect couple. On the Fourth of July, there are usually fireworks. After Everett and Lindsay’s big fallout in the hot tub, Kyle confronts them; new houseguest Jaclyn raises eyebrows; and Carl gets caught red handed, which puts his relationship with Lauren in jeopardy. (3)

This information pertains to the third episode of the first season. In the meanwhile, on episode 4 of season 2, Carl is challenged by Lauren for lying about bringing a date to a wedding, and Kyle sticks his toe back into the “ex-pool.” Lauren confronts Carl for lying about bringing a date to a wedding. Lauren confronts Carl. The roommate dispute between Cristina and Lindsay comes to a head during an opulent party in the Hamptons, with both parties resorting to full-on name calling and making accusations against the other. (3)

Finally, for episode 5 of season 1, the controversy between Lindsay and Cristina reaches a rock bottom, and someone may be evicted as a result; while Carl cooled down out with Lauren, he warms up to Jaclyn at a beach bonfire; while the roommates go to a winery, there is more whining than wine; when the roommates go to a winery, there is much more complaining than wine; when the roommates go to a winery, there is more (2)

It was not anticipated there to be as much tension between Paige DeSorbo and Lindsay Hubbard at the reunion, given all of the feuds that took place throughout the sixth season of Summer House. However, when the preview for the sit-down was made available online a week ago, it was impossible to deny the tension that existed between the two women. (2)

One particular moment from the sneak peek that was shown above caused viewers to scratch their heads. At one point, Andy Cohen, who was hosting the reunion, says to Paige, “But can I just say, you haven’t looked Lindsay in the eye once.” Paige does not respond. The answer that she gives is “No.”

Paige did not appear to be on the best of terms with Lindsay or Carl Radke as the group reflected on the highlights and lowlights of the previous season of Summer House on May 9, when Part 1 of the reunion for Season 6 of Summer House began airing. When Andy saw Paige’s reaction, he remarked to her, “Your body language is crazy.” 

She has vehemently denied the allegations ever since she and Austen Kroll were rumored to have hooked up in the past during the taping of the reunion show for the sixth season of Bravo’s Summer House. (4)

Lindsay Hubbard's Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Height 5 ft 5 in
1.54 m
Weight 125 pounds
57 kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Hazel
Body Type Fit
Sexual Orientation Straight

Facts About Lindsay Hubbard

Nationality American
Estimate Net Worth $2 million
Religion Christian
Zodiac Sign Leo
Birthplace New York
Birthday August 11, 1986


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