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Katie-Maloney Schwartz Personal Life, Relationship, And Net Worth

Katie is a 35-year-old American Actress, Music Supervisor, and TV Personality who gained fame as one of the stars’ latest reality show, Vanderpump Rules. Still, she started appearing on screen in the years 2008 and 2009. A True Story and Harper’s Globe are among her shows. Katie Maloney is married to her co-star Tom Schwartz, who has gone on to have a much more significant role in the Vanderpump organization.

Katie Maloney Family and Early Life

Katie is the daughter of Teri Noble Maloney and Richard Maloney. She was born on January 16, 1987, in Park City, Utah, and she is also known as Khiyla. She has two siblings, Rock and Joey Malony, and the latter is a photographer and producer. 

Katie with her Father during her wedding

Katie studied at Park City High School, and at a young age, she moved to New York to hone her skills in acting and become an actress.

Katie Maloney's Net Worth

Katie Maloney is one of the servers at SUR restaurant at VPR, and in 2021, her estimated net worth is $500,000. Many are still surprised that Katie’s net worth is low even though she has been on the show since its first season. Her income mainly relies on the show only, unlike her castmates, who are investing it into business, and other projects like endorsements or modeling. Katie seems to be focused on her married life.

Katie Maloney's Career and Business


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Katie started her career as an actress at a young age. She moved to New York to start appearing in drama in 2008 and 2009 ‘A True Story, which has 15 episodes and was released on Youtube. She also appeared in the “Harper’s Globe” and “American Cowslip.”

Maloney also worked as a producer and music supervisor in the series “BlackBox TV” in 2010. And the year 2013, when she joined The Vanderpump series, her career was boosted, and it brought her to fame and increased her net worth. She has been one of the main cast of the series since its first season.

She is also the co-founder of Pucker and Pout(3), and she is with her friend Jennifer Hoffner. It was initially started as a lipstick line until it became a comprehensive beauty company. Pucker and Pout(4) provide tips and tricks, beauty, fashion lifestyle, and other beauty hacks for women.

Now, Katie’s on divorce from Tom and having time to focus on herself first and her career; she also mentioned to her followers that one of her goals is to develop a sandwich shop which is her and co-star Ariana Madix’s idea.

Katie Maloney Storyline in Vanderpump Rules

Since Vanderpump Rules debuted in January 2013, Katie has been on the show since its first season, and she works as one of the waitresses at SUR restaurant owned by Lisa Vanderpump. The TV reality show focuses on the lives of the employees of the SUR restaurant, and becoming one of the main characters of the reality show helped her career.

Women of VPR
Women of The Vanderpump Rules

She is one of the independent women at the SUR. Kristen Doute and Stassi Schroeder are Katie’s bestfriend in the show that Lala Kent sees them as mean girls. During one season of VPR, Lala and James Kennedy teased her for gaining some weight that James actually asked her if she’s pregnant. Lala denied in the tweet that she didn’t body-shame Katie while James got fired by SUR owner Lisa Vanderpump. The cast was only paid $5,000 for the entire first season, then $3000 per episode until some members were being paid up to $25,0000.


Katie Maloney-Schwartz Divorce & Relationships

Katie and Tom Wedding Picture

Katie Maloney is married to Tom Schwartz, who is also her co-star in VPR and co-owner of TomTom Bar(2). Tom is 39 years old, and they met when the TV series debuted in 2013; after two years got engaged and had two marriage ceremonies in California year 2016 and in Las Vegas in 2019, where they also live in a $1.9 Million home. Last March 2022, they announced thru Instagram that they had already split up after almost 12 years of being together. After the announcement, Katie filed for a divorce. The couple has been struggling and got into many arguments these past few months.

February 2022, when Katie posted a photo of her and Tom on Instagram with the caption “It’s Friday, I’m in love,” but in a podcast with Lala Kent, she already speak-up about the speculations on her relationship with Tom. March 2022, Katie and Tom just confirmed their separation thru an Instagram post.
“Fully respect Katie’s decision, and we’ve had healthy, productive conversations about it,” he shared.


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The cast of Vanderpump Rules has no idea about their situation and split. “Obviously, we are not perfect. We fight a lot. We don’t try to hide our flaws,” said the “Vanderpump Rules” she said in an interview. “We don’t try to hide that we have issues and lie and try to maintain this perfect front,” she continued. Katie also said that she just wasn’t happy and disconnected until she decided to pull off their marriage even though it was painful and the most challenging thing she would do because Schwartz is her person. She had already built a life with him, but she wanted to choose to prioritize herself and her happiness this time. Tom shared they had a healthy discussion about it, and he fully respects Katie’s decision.

Despite their breakup, they are still living under the same roof. For Katie, in that set-up, they can still maintain and remain to be good friends since they also have the same group of friends, and both of them are feeling hopeful about their new chapters in life.

How Katie and Tom met and their timeline.

Their common friend, Kristen Doute, served as a bridge for the two to be a couple until they appeared on Vanderpump Rules year 2013, but Schwartz became the main cast in season 3, 2016. He got into an infidelity issue but still got engaged during VPR’s season 4 and tied the knot in 2019 in Las Vegas with the cast of VPR Season 8. Stassi Shroeder and Tom Sandoval officiated the ceremony. It is their second marriage, as their first marriage in California had a paperwork issue that led to a non-legal union.

Young Katie and Tom


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