James Acaster’s Net Worth, Height, Age, & Personal Info Wiki

James William Acaster is an English comedian. He is well-known for co-hosting the culinary podcast “Off Menu” and the “Hypothetical” panel program. Both of these projects have brought him a great deal of success. Within his stand-up comedy, characterized by repeated callback gags, odd observational comedy, and overarching storylines, Acaster often uses imaginary characters. He receives one Just for Laughs Award, four Chortle Awards, and two International Comedy Festival Awards (one from Melbourne and New Zealand).

Facts About James Acaster

Nationality British
Estimate Net Worth $1.5 million
Religion Unknown
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Birthplace Kettering, England
Birthday January 9, 1985


James Acaster’s Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Height 1.85 m
Weight 75 kg
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Blue
Body Type Fit
Sexual Orientation Straight


James Acaster’s Net Worth

How rich is James Acaster?

James Acaster has carved out a decent stand-up comedy and television hosting career. James started as a drummer in bands, but he has come a long way since then to become one of the most well-known comedians. In recent years, he has become one of the most successful. James has undoubtedly amassed substantial wealth thanks to the multiple honors he has received and the many times he has appeared as a presenter. James’ net worth is estimated at over $1.5 million.


James Acaster’s Personal Life

Who is James Acaster dating?

James Acaster is not dating anyone right now and can be considered to be single at this time. Rose Matafeo, a well-known comedian, actress, and TV host in New Zealand who is perhaps most recognized for her presence on “Funny Girls,” a late-night comedy sketch show in that nation, was the woman he had a previous romantic relationship with.

From 2014 to 2017, the couple was together for four years. Before beginning his relationship with Rose, he dated the comedian Louise Ford from 2011 to 2013. Acaster was raised in the Christian faith, but he no longer practices his faith. His routine, “Represent,” is alluding to his religious crisis in a roundabout way.


James Acaster’s Early Life

James Acaster before he was famous

James William Acaster was born in Kettering, England. His father worked as an educator in the field of science. His family was active members of a Christian church that did not adhere to a particular religion, and the services featured rock music. These skits reenacted biblical events and hilarious anecdotes. Acaster, while he was still a child, collaborated with his father on a skit and delighted in the laughter the performance garnered. He received his secondary education at Montagu School, redeveloped as Kettering Buccleuch Academy.

In high school, he was a drama club member and tried to make each presentation a comedy. He did not take his A-level exams since he dropped out of sixth form and instead attended Northampton College to study for a BTEC in Music Practice. Between the ages of 17 and 22, Acaster was a member of several bands in and around his hometown, including “The Wow!” “Scenario,” “Three Line Whip,” and “Pindrop,” where he played the drums. Acaster held a variety of occupations during his time as a drummer, one of which was working in Wicksteed Park. Although he worked as a dishwasher in two different kitchens, he was never taught how to cook in either one of them; the first kitchen had a culture of bullying, but he was able to establish friends there.

An automobile accident he was involved in when he was 18 years old caused him to become obsessed with death. As a result, Acaster developed a bucket list that included activities such as skydiving and stand-up comedy. He would do all these while working twelve hours a week in a kitchen. After graduating from a stand-up comedy class the Kettering Volunteer Bureau offered, he started performing once every few months. Still, he never gave up on his dream of being a full-time musician.


James Acaster’s Career

James Acaster doing a comedy performance

James Acaster started in the entertainment industry as a performer, making his debut at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2009. Additionally, he was a guest on Dave’s “One Night Stand” in 2011 and Russell Howard’s “Good News Extra.” His radio show, “My First Gig,” aired on Resonance FM, featured him as a co-host. He is the creator of a program known as “Prompt,” which was nominated for awards and won accolades in 2012.

In 2013, he gave performances of Prompt at 14 different venues across England and Wales within only three months. His presentation entitled “Lawnmower,” which he gave in Edinburgh in 2013, was well received. It was also in 2013 when he first appeared on “Never Mind the Buzzcocks,” a musical comedy panel program that airs on the BBC. His earlier performances in Edinburgh, in 2014 and 2015, were given the titles “Recognize” and “Represent,” respectively.

His “Reset” performance from 2016 was included in various previews at various comedy festivals. In July 2016, he performed a humorous act at the Latitude Festival. It wasn’t until 2017 that he published his first autobiography, “James Acaster’s Classic Scrapes.” Netflix aired “James Acaster: Repertoire” in March of 2018, with one-hour episodes of each of the four shows he produced. Alongside Ed Gamble, he is the current host of the weekly audio series “Off Menu.”

His second book, “Perfect Sound Whatever,” was published in 2019. In April 2020, he began his podcast under the name “James Acaster’s Perfect Sounds” with BBC Sounds. In 2021, a book titled “Albion’s Secret History: Snapshots of England’s Pop Rebels and Outsiders” will be published, and it will include consideration of his comedic persona.

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