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Christopher Morgan is an actor who is best known for being the husband of director and actress Kim Fields. He was born in 1976 in the United States of America – there is no other public information about his date and place of birth – and is best known for being the husband of director and actress Kim Fields. He is, however, best recognized for his work on stage, particularly on Broadway, as well as a few cinema ventures. Despite this, he has not cemented his place on pop media as he is more inclined to Broadway.

Christopher Morgan has appeared in films such as Romance & Cigarettes (2005), Blood of a Champion (2005), and The Real Housewives of Atlanta (2008). Kiss Me, Kate was revived on Broadway in 1999, and Christopher Morgan was in it. Since July 23, 2007, he has been married to Kim Fields. They are the parents of two children. Sebastian Alexander Morgan was born in 2007 and Quincy Morgan was born in 2013.

Christopher Morgan's Net Worth

In 2021, Christopher Morgan’s net worth is estimated to be around $8 million. His career as an actor, singer, and Broadway performer is his main source of income. Similarly his wife Kim Fields is taking home a hefty paycheck as the owner of Signature Blends by Kim Fields, a coffee roaster situated in Atlanta, Georgia.

He has been performing his entire life, he started appearing on Broadway shows ever since he was young. Believe it or not, Christopher Morgan is a jack of all trades. Christopher enjoys singing and has performed in church, on Broadway, and in the film Romance & Cigarettes. Furthermore, he is a fantastic dancer. Christopher performed in the Broadway production Kiss Me, Kate as a dancer. He also performed in the Dream Girls’ US tour in the film Romance & Cigarettes as a dancer. Not only that, but he’s a decent actor who’s appeared in modest roles on TV, Broadway, and in films. Christopher is a man who loves the arts and is still pursuing a career as an entertainer and with all that entertainment experience, there is no wonder that he takes home a huge salary after each show he’s on. As he progresses further in his career, his net worth is projected to rise.

Christopher Morgan's Early Life

Christopher Morgan is 46 years old. Christopher as born on June 3, 1976. He was born in Virginia and was raised by his parents, Ophelia Morgan and unnamed father.

Christopher was always interested in performing as a child, and he began to build skills to aid him in his ambitions. He learnt to sing and dance, which finally led to him gaining the essential skills for theatrical presentations. He began by appearing in numerous local theater productions before landing roles in front of the camera. “Romance & Cigarettes,” a romantic film directed by John Turturro and starring Mandy Moore, Susan Sarandon, Steve Buscemi, and Kate Winslet, was one of his initial roles.

Christopher Morgan lost his father early in 2018, and it was the most difficult year he and his family had ever experienced. As the family celebrated his love and loved his wisdom, but they also mourn and grieve, Christopher especially told not one day was going by without sadness. “It’s been almost a year and I still don’t know if I can make it,” he wrote on social media. “You’d be so proud of your grandsons,” he’d say occasionally, “I miss you so much.” In every aspect, they are the best of you. Seeing you in them makes me feel better, but nothing takes away the pain. Daddy, you know how much I adore you. I’d do anything to embrace you and wish you a happy birthday on your special day.”

Christopher is fortunate to still have his mother Ophelia Morgan and sister Rhonda Morgan Sholto by his side. Rhonda is a sapiosexual, pogonophile, entrepreneur, and mother, according to her social media accounts. Christopher also referred to actor/storyteller Mindy Cohn as “Aunt Min,” and he is, of course, Alexis Fields’ brother-in-law and the great Chip Fields’ son-in-law.

Christopher Morgan's Education

There is no retrievable information on the internet with regards to his educational attainment. He most probably earned a degree in performing arts since he continually pursued a career in the said industry. Information with regards to his high school, where he attended college, or what degree he took, is not made public.

Christopher Morgan's Wife and Family Life

Christopher Morgan is married to Kim Fields. Kim Fields of Real Housewives of Atlanta met Morgan a few years later after her divorce, and they immediately started dating, leading to their first child, a son born in 2007, and introduced to the media through People magazine.  

They were married a few months later in a private ceremony held by Pastor Donnie McClurkin. In 2013, while Kim was on the show “The Real”, she announced that they were expecting another child, and they welcomed their second son in late 2013.  According to reports, Morgan is very supportive towards his family, and his love has kept their bonds strong. They revealed that Kim actually had two miscarriages before they had their second son. Their second child was considered a blessing considering how she suffered two miscarriages before successfully conceiving their youngest, all while she’s quickly approaching menopause. During those tough times, he was there with his wife, and helped with her career as well. He was also very close to his father who unfortunately passed away years ago. There has also been some controversy surrounding them, as one of the cast members of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” accused him of being gay. This prompted him to respond with a public statement debasing the rumors in a calm and clear way.

While other cast members propagated rumors about Morgan’s sexuality throughout and after Fields’ lone season on the program, saying that he is gay, Morgan and Fields have put up a united front in response to the claims, rejecting them as nothing more than vengeful gossip. Morgan claims he swiftly adjusted despite not being prepared to defend himself in front of such a crowd.

“When ridiculous attacks began coming against me, primarily because of my wife’s involvement in the performance,” he recalls, “I immediately realized that part of the picture we had to construct together was strength in the face of this silliness.”

Kim and Christopher’s love for each other shows even up to this day, evident in how their marriage is still going strong and in how he supports his wife in all of her endeavors. Kim has been a doting wife to Christopher and has stood by him every step of the way especially when he was being misgendered by Kim’s co-stars in the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Christopher Morgan's Career

Sadly, posts on Christopher Morgan’s Instagram account can’t be embedded.

Before eventually finding his way to Housewives, professionally, Christopher is a Broadway singer and dancer who has danced on Broadway in the play Kiss Me, Kate, on Dream Girls United States tour, and in the film Romance & Cigarettes. Despite acting in small parts in TV, on Broadway, and in film, he has not had a more dramatic presence on the television screen. That is before his wife Kim Fields decided to go on the Real Housewives of Atlanta for a season.

Today, Christopher Morgan still is active on Broadway and other musicals. He was also part of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” alongside his wife, Kim Fields.

Real Housewives of Atlanta Storyline for Christopher Morgan

Christopher Morgan joined “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” in season 8 in 2015.

While he was never shown on the show that much, Christopher had appearances on the said show. Kenya Moore and Kim Fields’ conflict on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” reached new heights in 2016 when Moore began spreading allegations that Fields’ husband, Christopher Morgan, was gay.

Moore told her costars that Fields’ husband was gay and that people referred to him as “Chrissy” on a couples’ vacation to Jamaica, which elicited a lot of laughing from the ladies.

When Fields learned of the charges, she was furious with Moore and quickly disputed them. Her husband later discussed matters on E! Moore was accused of fabricating the whole incident, according to the news.

While it is normal for Broadway artists, such as himself, to be mistaken for homosexuals, Morgan believes Moore was erroneous in his assessment of him.
Morgan clarified the situation, adding that because he was singing on Broadway without a real name, people began to speculate about his financial situation, whether he had a family, and even his sexual nature.

Moore, he claims, took the sexuality rumors and ran with them. She claimed the whispers had been going about for as long as Morgan and Fields had been married. Morgan disputed the charges, saying he had forgiven Moore once he publicly apologized, but he had no idea where Fields stood on the issue.

Christopher Morgan's Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Height5 ft 6 in
1.72 m
Weight138 pounds
63 kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Body TypeFit
Sexual OrientationStraight

Facts About Christopher Morgan

Estimate Net Worth$8 million
Zodiac SignGemini
BirthplaceRichmond, Virginia
BirthdayJune 3, 1976