Georgie and Zac TikTok Net Worth, Personal Info & Relationship


Georgie & Zac is a social media personality couple that became known and gained popularity through social media platforms Tiktok and Youtube. They have huge supporters worldwide, and their TikTok account has already earned over 1.6 million followers and over 81.9 million likes. Their YouTube channel has 11.2 thousand subscribers. Like other social media influencers who became famous by creating short, witty, entertaining videos.

Georgie and Zac’s Net Worth

Georgie and Zac’s net worth is $1.5 Million. As a Tiktok superstar, their earnings are from their shared Tiktok page and Youtube channel. They also have representatives who manage a website to contact Georgie and Zac for those who want to get in touch or book a meeting for endorsements or events.

Georgie & Zac

Georgie and Zac’s Biography and Personal Life

Georgie, 25 years old, is a Virgo one born on September 16, 1996, in New Zealand. Zac, a Gemini, 25 years old, was born on June 16, 1997, in Australia. The famous Tiktok couple is both from Australia, and they both hold an Australian nationality and live in Australia. They don’t share much about their own family or relatives, but Georgie’s sister and Zac’s cousin already appeared in their videos.

Georgie and Zac have been together for 5 years already, got engaged, and now, Georgie is pregnant and expecting a daughter soon. Georgie and Zac have their own personal Instagram account as well. Georgie (@georgiesv) shares pictures of them together, especially her pregnancy journey. She has 101 thousand followers. Georgie’s Instagram feed is such a goal! Meanwhile, Zac’s (@zacnorris97) Instagram has 44.2 thousand followers. He also used to share random videos about her girlfriend and some brand sponsorship.

Geogie & Zac Engagement

Georgie Maternity Shoot
Georgie & Zac in five years being together with their daughter coming out soon.

Georgie and Zac’s Career

Georgie & Zac in a video brand sponsorship
Georgie & Zac in a video brand sponsorship

Georgie and Zac are a couple that shares a Tiktok page @georgieandzac and a Youtube channel Georgie and Zac. They launched their Tiktok page in April 2020. They usually post short comedy and prank videos, and they already have 1.6 Million as of this writing with 89.1 Million likes. The first video on their channel was titled “Vlog #1 First day out after Zac broke his leg + EXIE sportswear unboxing.’ Their most popular video on TikTok is Zac’s prank on her girlfriend. He pranked her girlfriend that her parents were coming over to their house for a visit. With their consistent posting of entertaining videos, fans are growing then.

They launched a YouTube channel in October 2020 and post comedy and lifestyle videos. The first video they posted was titled “BF does my make-up’ and the most famous video on their Youtube channel is ‘Q+A || Answering your QUESTIONS….. proposal?’ and others are ‘Never Have I Ever Challenge’, and ‘Would You Rather Challenge.” They are literally relationship goals!

Quick Facts about Georgie and Zac

  • Georgie and Zac love partying, traveling, reading, photography, internet surfing, and learning.
  • Zac is associated with another famous Tiktok star Ricky Miller and who posts videos of pranks.
  • Georgie posted a Tiktok video set to the song ‘Stunnin’ (by Custis Waters) in July 2020.

Georgie and Zac’s Business

You can book an appointment with Georgie and Zac through This website is being run by representatives and can provide you with accurate information about their contacts or management for any business engagement, event, or endorsement, or if you want to get in touch with them. You can also check for other social media or Tiktok influencers with them.


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