Grandpa Joe TikTok Net Worth, Personal Life, Career & Wiki

Joe Allington aka Grandad Joe

Joe Allington, or Grandpa Joe, is an 89-year-old American social media celebrity known for his funny and adorable videos on Tiktok. His username on TikTok is @grandadjoe1933, and he has more than 1.5 million followers.

Joe Allington is a grandfather who has gathered a massive following on the video-sharing app Tiktok in less than three months, considering that most of its users are teenagers. He is also called Grandad Joe.

Grandpa Joe's Tiktok Net Worth

Grandad Joe net worth is approximately $1 Million – $5 Million. Eight times higher than his pension, as per UK pension income. Grandad is one of the most famous Tiktok personalities and is best known for his adorable and funny videos. He just started joining TikTok during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and needs to be strictly isolated. Now, he is recognized as one of the top “Granfluencers” with the highest number of followers and net worth. They are seniors on social media that capture the attention and support of many.

Grandpa Joe's Early Life

Grandpa Joe’s real name is Joe Allington was born in 1933 in Lichfield, a cathedral city and civil parish in Staffordshire, England, and turned 89 this 2022. He was just 14 years old when he left school and worked in transport management and as a fuel tanker for decades, then he retired at 65. Grandad is married, then it was 2009 when his wife died. He now lives with his children and granddaughter.

Grandpa Joe's Family Life

Joe Allington is now living with his children and granddaughter. Joe’s wife died in 2009 and had a massive heart attack in 2019 but was resuscitated and recovered well.

Joe Allington and Daughter Wendy

He is now enjoying creating funny and creative videos with his granddaughter, Brooke Paintain(1), an active Tiktoker as well with more than 500 thousand followers. She already featured her grandfather on her account. Joe always saw Brooke doing weird dances, and she always asked him to do lip syncing, but Joe was never really interested until he posted the 14-second video. He didn’t expect it would blow up, and her granddaughter was very happy to inform him that he already had a million more views than her. Tiktok has been very useful to him as he shared it can connect him to people he isn’t seeing because of the isolation and strict protocols brought by this pandemic. However, aside from TikTok he still uses Facetime to connect, especially with her elder granddaughter, Sasha. 

Additionally, for Joe, TikTok also brings families closer, especially during this pandemic. It can be one way for the family or relatives to bond. When he started on Tiktok, he said that he found his “second childhood.”

Grandpa Joe's Career

@grandadfrankk We may be old, but we’re young at heart 😄 @charlesmallet @grandadjoe1933 #fyp #foryou #grandads #meetthetrio #friendgroup ♬ No Roots – Alice Merton

Grandpa’s TikTok career started during 1st phase of the pandemic, and the government told everyone to get isolated at home. Since he can’t even go to groceries and because of his daughter, Wendy, he shot a 14-second video where there was a sad sight that the older generation is struggling at the supermarket. He shared it on the social media platform app Tiktok under the username @grandadjoe1933, and just overnight, it became a hit on the platform. It has been viewed 40 million times already. Grandpa didn’t expect this success, earning millions of views and followers, and now he’s enjoying it. He is continuously doing funny videos, dance videos, and a little bit of drama. In one of his videos, Grandad even shared a video of him singing a classic song while there’s a green-screened image of him lying in bed when he had a heart attack. He and his granddaughter are very hands-on in making a video, and Joe’s very serious about it now. He also has a TikTok video that he pranks her granddaughter.

Grandad is very creative in his videos. He makes comedy videos which are being loved by many and about coronavirus-enforced quarantine and safeties.

@grandadjoe1933 12 years later @brookepaintain ♬ I’m Just a Kid – Simple Plan

Today, not only youths can enjoy and slay on Tiktok, but there is also a place for ageing talented individuals, and it is called “Granfluencers,” (2) and Grandpa Joe is one of them and earning a lot from TikTok. According to PensionBee(3), Joe Allington’s TikTok net worth alone, he makes an estimated £134,481 per year.

Quick Facts for Grandpa Joe

1. He was born in England; however, he holds an American nationality.

2. Despite his popularity, he has managed to keep the details of his personal life a secret from the media.

3. He had a massive heart attack in 2019.

4. He was not really interested in Tiktok before.

5. He earns up to $5 Million.


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