John McGinnis TikTok Net Worth, Height, Age & Personal Info Wiki


Tiktok content creator, who is best-known on the @johnmcginnis36 account, has become famous for his fun food-related videos with his signature appeal and humor.

He was recognized for his tiktok video biting a Subway sandwich right before dancing to the Russian song “Я буду ебать” by Moreart.

John McGinnis Biography

John is a 52-year-old Tiktok star who was born in Canada. He lives in The Pas, Manitoba, Canada.

Tiktok star John does not share any information about his family and others related to his private life. He does not talk about it to public.

But, John’s professional career before his fame on Tiktok until now, he works as a day custodian at Kelsey School Division in The Pas.

John McGinnis Net Worth

John has an estimated $1 million net worth. Tiktok may be has an immense contribution to his net worth, but John also works in Kelsey School Division, and he also has a Shopify business account.

John McGinnis Career

John started his tiktok career when he got recognized dancing right after biting a sandwich he bought from Subway. He trends with the Russian song Ябуду ебать by Moreart. This first video of him was posted in 2021.

His first dancing video reached a million views in less than 48 hours and became a trend. The video stitched and duetted by many Tiktok users, and as of this writing, this video has already reached 8 million likes.

John didn’t see that it would become a trend. He downloaded tiktok as he saw many are using and enjoying this platform. He started to join the fun until his account blew up.

He started in Tiktok in April 2020; his first video as he’s holding his earlobe against his ear and then drops it at a beat drop. McGinnis continues to post content regularly, skits, lip dubs to popular sounds, and videos where he eats food.

As per John, “You don’t just connect in Canada. You’re connecting in the U.S., Africa, England, and everywhere. You connect with people worldwide, and they are giving you compliments.”

John became more famous for his dance and wacky food content.

The food dance fever started on TikTok because John’s food dance became famous online.

John McGinnis Controversy

Many platform users bashed him, saying that he was not on the right timing. This dance basically places one arm horizontally across his chest before the other moves it up and down when the song’s beat starts.

Many creators have said that they feel he’s off-tempo with his arm movements. But, there are also a lot of users who defended him.

McGinnis said he will still keep posting as long as someone keep watching and entertained by his videos.

Many Tiktok users are inspired by him. He said, “Do what you want to do and do what you like. If it works out, eventually, people will follow you and like your post and all that. Just keep trying. I only had 25 followers and 100 likes for a long time.”

Now, McGinnis has 7 million followers on Tiktok and 147 million likes. 

John McGinnis Food and Dance Videos

John loves food and dances. These hobbies of him became his content that many people entertain.

He has enjoyed everything from fruits and salads to chocolate treats. He has made a lot of experiment videos using different kinds of carbonated soft drinks.

McGinnis has also made a video showcasing coffee drink’s from a coffee chain, Tim Horton’s.

McGinnis said it’s all about the cheese when he asked his secret to get views. He noted that cheese looks appealing on the camera, and it is his personal favorite food.