Kris HC TikTok Net Worth, Height, Age & Personal Info Wiki

Kris HC or ‘KallMeKris’ is a Canadian social media influencer, fashion blogger, fitness enthusiast, professional photographer, and Tiktok star.

KallmeKris is also a Youtube content creator who does DIY videos, trying things for the first time, skits, and random vlogs.

Kris HC Early Life

Social media personality KallmeKris’s real name is Kris Collins.

Kris Baby Picture
Kris Collins Baby Picture

She was born on the 1st of July 1996 in British Columbia, Canada. Her ethnicity is White Caucasian, and her nationality is Canadian.

Kris Collin has three siblings: Jacob Collins, Jess Collins, and Alissa Collins. Their father is John Halliwell, a businessman, and their mother is Karalee Collins, a housewife. The Collins family is very famous in the internet world.

With her siblings
With her siblings

Kris Collins completed high school in a local high school in Canada, and she graduated college at a local private university in Canada.

Aside from content creation like videos, skits, and lip-syncs on Tiktok, Kris also loves make-up. She has been very passionate about it since she was childhood. She is very creative with her make-up style, which is seen on her social media platform.

Kris Collins Net Worth

Tiktok influencer KallmeKris has a net worth of $2.2 million. With Kris’s 40 million followers on Tiktok, based on her engagement, she can earn $40 thousand per post daily on Tiktok. She is the fifth highest earning Tiktoker.

Kris also has a Youtube channel where she can also earn on each video she posts based on its views. Estimated, she makes $1,700 thousand per day from Youtube.

Kris YT Career

This social media celebrity has additional income streams. These could be their own line of products, brand advertisements and partnerships, speaking engagements, selling services, or writing their own books. 

Kris has her own online merchandise where she sells hoodies, shirts, and toques. You can find it on her website, ‘

She also has sponsorships and brand endorsements which add to her net worth. One of them is Redbull.


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Kris Collins Career


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Kris is one of the most famous Tiktok stars who can slay in everything she does. Aside from her lip-syncs and voice-over, she is also very popular for her comedy skits and facial expressions.

Kris created a Tiktok account just for fun and to join the trend, but right now, she has almost 11 million followers on Tiktok. Until her fame reached Youtube and Instagram.

She endorses famous fashion brands on her social media accounts.


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Kris Collins Before Fame

Before Kris’s popularity, she was running a hairdressing business in Abbotsford, but it was forced to shut down because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Her brother, Jacob, convinced her to create a Tiktok account, and then she is consistently posting lip-sync videos. Upon growing her views and followers, she started posting original comedy skits.

Kris Collins Relationship Status

Kris Collins is currently single and has no news if she is dating someone. But this social media influencer dated Aaron Brown. Aaron Brown is also a social media star who has large followers(2). Aaron and Kris met 6 years ago in a Q&A session with fans. 

She was posting cryptic posts and confirmed the break-up by her reply to one of the comments on her Tiktok account.

Aaron Brown runs a Twitch channel known as ‘thereakwumppi.’

Kris with her ex-boyfriend Aaron Brown

Kris Collins In Mental Health Issue

On the other side of her funny personality, Kris shared that she suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts. The video she posted was very different from her usual content.

Her mom figured out that she had it at a very early age.

Kris pretended to be happy with friends and socializing, but she really loved to be isolated. She kept the depression hidden because she feared stigmatization. “I also just never wanted to be like a burden on anybody, let alone my parents, but like my friends,” she said in her video.


Before becoming a social media personality, Nick worked at Prezzo in Stevenage Leisure Park.

He traded paper pounds and worked in sales in London. Nick and his girlfriend worked as short video creators until he realized he wanted to engage himself in content creation. 

Nick and Maddie worked hard to make ends meet until a viral video of a sneaky bush during the lockdown. The viral video has since been shared across different countries, accumulating millions of views.

Kris Collins Physical Appearance

Kris Collins stands 5 feet and 7 inches. She looks lovely with her brown hazel eyes, brown hair, and very model-like on her slim body.

Kris Collins Social Media Accounts 

Kris Collins started to gain popularity in Tiktok. She handles the Tiktok account @kallmekris, which is she has 43 million followers.

Her Instagram is @kriscollins, with 1.9 million followers. She posts her unique and beautiful photos. Kris is very pro, and she really captures her subject incredibly.

She also owns a Youtube channel (KallmeKris) with 2 million subscribers and gains 220 thousand views per day in her videos. Kris’ most viewed video was “Fan Mail Unboxing! Things went sideways!”

Kris Collins Brand Deals

Kris Collins just recently signed to UTA(3). The content creator desires to grow her career in writing, acting, directing, and podcasting.

Her past partnerships include Amazon, Forbes, Lionsgate, and Pantene.

Kris Collins Collaboration

Kris has collaborated with other social media influencers. One of them is Vessi(4). Vessi is an owner of waterproof sneakers. They shared to social media playful video with Vessi’s product.

Quick Facts About KallmeKris

Kris is a dog lover.

Kris loves to photograph herself with her various creative make-up.

Kris is a fitness enthusiast.

Kris did a collaboration with other influencers.

Kris worked on the set of Riverdale as a hairdresser.


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