Black Man Slashes Worker in IHOP

Black Man Slashes Queens IHOP Employee Over Mask


The main stream media will have you think that only white people are against wearing masks.

People love sharing videos of an angry white woman yelling at management that she doesn’t have to wear a mask because it’s a free country.

Black Man Slashes Worker in IHOP

None of the MSM channels or news outlets will report on this black man who refused to wear a mask, attacked and slashed an employee, and then threatened to shoot the place up.

Remember the government can’t force you to wear a mask, but it is a good idea.

Also, private businesses can decide if you have to wear a mask. If you don’t want to wear a mask, it’s a free country, you can go somewhere else.

Reactions to Slashing in IHOP

A manager of a convenience store is worried that behavior like this could impact his life. Obviously, this would be unsettling that people would hurt an employee.

Another person was quick to judge that this man must be a “Trumper”. Why? We can only assume it is because the MSM has convinced him that anyone who doesn’t want to wear a mask is a Trump supporter.

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