Democrats Put a Convicted Murderer in Office

Democrats Put a Convicted Murderer in Office


Electing a convicted murderer seemed to be a wise move, Democrats believed.


Joel Caston, 44, who has been incarcerated for 26 years because of first-degree murder, is now holding office as the first Washington D.C. commissioner on 7F07 Ward 7 Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC), winning 48 votes from his fellow inmates.

Democrats allowed this election as they sought to make voting available to prisoners nationwide. In 2020, independent presidential candidate Bernie Sanders even permitted incarcerated individuals to vote despite being convicted for terrorism.

The United States currently has two states that allow inmates to vote: Maine and Vermont.

However, how did a first-degree convicted murderer come to be on the Commission?

“Opportunity knocked last July when the nation’s capital decided to let people vote from prison. District officials quickly registered 400 of the 2,600 eligible convicts whose vote would count as much as that of any law-abiding citizen,” Caston explained, as reported by The Horn News.

Additionally, the news site stated how electing a convict would benefit Democrats.

“ABC News gushed that the decision ‘pushed the boundaries of voting rights and racial justice’ since a large percentage of inmates are Black. But then most victims of Black criminals are also Black. So that doesn’t seem like a win … except for the Democrats.”

When asked about his post, the commissioner said: “Working a few weeks as a commissioner makes me realize the hard work elected officials perform. It makes me respect public officials even more. As an elected official, you are navigating moving pieces. Plus, you are constantly meeting with your constituents and colleagues.”

He further claimed that he would serve as the “voice for the voiceless” and referred to himself as an “asset to the community.”

Having been imprisoned, he carries out his duties via email.

As for the Democrats, perhaps, this isn’t the last time they will do something like this.

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What happened to our America the land of the free???? How is this allowed to happen? Is hunter Biden the one they elected?

They'll always know where to find him.


FFS…👇🏻👇🏻Where are WE heading & No one has a say🤮😤🤬

This is a prime example of the ignorance and pure stupidity of Democrats.

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