Joy Blames Health Issues with Vax on Trump

“News” Anchor Joy Reid Claims Any Problems from Vaccine is Trump’s Fault After She Has Been Telling Everyone to Get Vaxxed


According to Joy Reid, everyone should get vaccinated, but if there are problems it's Trumps fault

It would be nice to say that there is a lack of logic from the left media.

However, it is more likely that they know exactly what they are doing and are relying on the lack of logic from their supporters.

It is practically impossible to watch Joy Reid’s show and not hear her condemn people for not getting the COVID vaccination and attacking anyone who brings up any opposition.

She recently attacked Nicki Minaj for tweeting that she was against the vaccination.

Preparing to focus anger of health issues toward Trump

In a recently deleted tweet, Joy Reid suggests that any issues from the vaccine are Trump’s fault and not Biden’s. She even called Biden’s efforts heroic.

Is she preparing for backlash from the vaxxed when they develop health issues from the COVID vaccination?

It appears so; why else would she tweet this?

Passing the blame to Trump and calling Biden heroic totally ignores reality.

Here’s why:

  • Biden, not Trump, passed laws that require citizens to get vaccinated 
  • Biden could have legislated that pharmaceutical companies be liable for health issues related to the vaccine, but didn’t
  • Biden has threatened citizens who have not received the vaccine. Trump never did that.
  • Joy Reid has villainized people who have not gotten the vaccine. Trump didn’t do that.

Joy is grasping at straws here.

It is important for citizens to make their own decisions.

If you feel the vaccine is best for you, then get it. If you don’t think the vaccine is best for you, don’t get it.

What shouldn’t happen is the government shouldn’t pass laws to force people to get vaccinated and it shouldn’t be supported by a talking head on television.

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