Newsome Mandates Shots for Public School Kids

Gavin Forces COVID Vaccine to Kids


The State of California is set to require COVID-19 vaccination for K-12 students. Students older than 12-years-old will not be allowed to attend school unless vaccinated. Is this not a form of tyranny by a Democrat?

It is essentially taking away the role of the parents to decide for the welfare of their children. This is a possible infringement to the constitutionally protected right to parent a child.

Many parents are threatening to pull-out their children from school and opting that their kids to just have home-schooling. The whimsical mandate is potentially depriving students’ access to quality and better education.

Some are wanting to leave, while others are celebrating that they are not residing in the “Golden State”.

Reactions to Newsom's Mandatory Vaccination

Someone did not mince his words.

You're special kind of moron!

One lawyer is seeing forthcoming court battles.

The covid vaccine DOES NOT WORK WELL, you liar. Countless people have contracted covid despite receiving the vaccine.

Enjoy the mountain of lawsuits that are headed your way.

Even a pro-vaccine doctor admits that it is risky and not the right thing to do.

As a very pro-vaccine physician, this is not a good idea.

Absolute benefit to the teen recipient is tiny, and risk of vaccine-induced myocarditis is not yet well understood.

Mandating something in children w a small & unknown risk benefit ratio is a mistake.

It is the parents, not politicians, know what is best for children.

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