Dave Chappelle Continues On the Road with Sold-Out Show


Chappelle Refuses to Get Cancelled

Dave Chappelle shows no signs of slowing down amid the ruckus that his jokes generated in the ‘trans community’. 

In his Netflix Special, “The Closer”, he had been hit by barrage of opposition from the leftist woke camp. In his last Netflix special, he struck the rawest nerve by saying that ‘gender is a fact’. Critics who claim to have been offended by his jokes against ‘trans’ and ‘non-binary’ people call his views to be transphobic.

About 100 protesters, 30 coming from the workforce of Netflix, gathered in front of the media company’s studio complex in Los Angeles on Wednesday. They demanded that the Netflix Special be pulled out by the company among a litany of demands for equality and an ‘inclusive’ workplace.

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Audience's Appreciation

However, his audience doesn’t seem to mind the controversy. In his latest London road show on Wednesday, he sold out to a 3,500 seating capacity venue. While the woke camp demands censorship, his audience seem refreshed by his honesty.

The Emmy and Grammy award-winning comedian so far has received a 95% audience rating in rotten tomatoes for his show. Meanwhile, IMDb rating shows an average of 8.1 / 10 rating for the show. 75% of the raters responded with a rating of 8 or higher in the website. As for Netflix, there seems to be no reason to pull it out. It was ranked No. 4 on NetFlix’s top 10 streaming list as of October 16.

The Show Must Go On

Although it seems that the controversy is getting more attention, at the center of it all, Dave Chappelle seems stubborn about his antics. According to Variety, Chappelle was reported to have revealed his future plans during his London show. The report cited from his fans that Chappelle plans to take his show to a 10-city US tour, if Netflix pulls out the comedy special.

As for the woke leftists, it is not sure how the controversy will end even if the show gets pulled out. A strong demand is the source of business, after all.

Reactions to [story]

I cancelled Netflix along time ago. When the Dave Chapelle show got hot🔥I signed up for the free week to see his show. He is a comedian and has the right to poke fun at anyone. Don't watch it if you're offended.

We have been debating Dave Chapelle for three weeks because he said that only women can give birth

Anyone who walks away from watxhing Chapelle's special convinced of his malevolence missed the point in a manner difficult to comprehend. Chapelle made a hard-nosed case for compassion and tolerance, even for experiences foreign to him.

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