Jeff Bezos Has A Message For Leonardo DiCaprio

Lauren Sanchez Swoons Over Leonardo DiCaprio, And Jeff Bezos Responds


Rule #1: You should never introduce your girlfriend to Leo DiCaprio.

After footage leaked showing Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, giving the “Titanic” actor a star-struck gaze at a party, the Amazon billionaire taunted Leonardo DiCaprio on Monday.

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“Leo, come over here, I want to show you something…” Bezos posted on Monday, Nov, 8, with a photo of himself bending over a sign that warns, “DANGER! STEEP CLIFF FATAL DROP.”

Bezos’ statement was in reaction to a video posted by Barstool Sports on Saturday showing Bezos and his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, interacting with DiCaprio at the LACMA Art+Film Gala in Los Angeles.

Sanchez momentarily wraps her arm around DiCaprio in the video, and the two appear to be getting along, which wasn’t missed on Bezos. “Leo is Mr. Steal Yo Girl,” Barstool captioned the post.

Meanwhile, the Blue Origin founder’s sweetheart has not commented on the viral video, although she did mention it on Instagram. She captioned images of herself with Bezos and others, “Beautiful evening last night at the @LACMA Art + Film Gala hosted by the amazing @1evachow and @leonardodicaprio.”

“A huge congratulations to this year’s honorees @asherald, @kehindewiley and Steve Spielberg! An amazing event that will benefit important museum initiatives, exhibitions, and programming for years to come.”

Bezos and Sanchez, a TV personality and helicopter pilot, have been dating since at least January 2019, when they were revealed as a pair in the wake of Bezos’ 25-year marriage to MacKenzie Scott’s divorce.

DiCaprio on the other hand, has been seeing Camila Morrone, a 24-year-old model and actress, since December 2017.

Reactions to Lauren Sanchez Swoons Over Leonardo DiCaprio, And Jeff Bezos Responds

DiCaprio spotting Jeff Bezos new girlfriend…

Shawty is with Jeff bezos… the richest man in the world… and she was ready to risk it all when she saw Leo DiCaprio… Lesson here? Anyone can get cheated on

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jeff bezos after seeing that video of his girlfriend meeting Leonardo DiCaprio everywhere:

I want someone to look at me the way Jeff Bezos gf looked at DiCaprio


Leonardo DiCaprio the first time he saw Jeff Bezos girlfriend

Jeff Bezos is really lucky Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t attracted to women over 25

I want my shorty to look at me like how Jeff Bezos girl looks at leonardo dicaprio

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