Derulo's Pseudonym of Choice Isn't Usher

Jason Derulo Attacks Men Who Called Him Usher


The filthy comment has clearly infuriated him.

On Tuesday, Jason Derulo allegedly assaulted two men in the lobby of a Vegas resort, one of whom allegedly said “f–k you bitch” at him and dubbed him “Usher.”

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

The singer seems to be pounced on by hecklers at the Aria Resort and Casino while exiting an escalator and passing a group of bystanders who had pulled out their phones to record their encounter with the artist on tape, according to footage obtained by TMZ.

The outlet also reported that Derulo and one of the guys were passing each other on an escalator when the person tried to mock him by saying, “Hey, Usher! F*** you, bitch!!!” Derulo became enraged and hit him in the face, knocking him to the ground.

Shortly after, the “Swalla” singer reportedly smacked the second man, prompting security to intervene to break up the brawl. Even though Jason was walking with a hefty person, maybe his security, he still rushed straight towards the boys after the Usher line.

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

The two victims did not wish to seek charges at the time, but a lawsuit is always an option. They have up to a year to alter their views and proceed with charges in any case. ARIA issued Jason a trespassing notice, and he was ejected from the site.

They also sustained face injuries but did not need treatment. Derulo’s representative did not immediately respond to requests for comment from news organizations. He has also been silent on social media about the event. Aria Resort and Casino’s spokesperson also refused to comment.

Reactions to Jason Derulo Attacks Men Who Called Him Usher

Jason Derulo turned into this man when them boys called him Usher.

Those 2 dudes: Awesome we’re about to meet Usher Jason Derulo:

Usher when he heard that Jason Derulo was mistaken for his name:

Imagine Jason Derulo yells “Jason Deruloooo” then knocks you the fuck out in the mall

Jason Derulo heard Usher and went super saiyan on them white boys, I respect it.

Jason Derulo when some dudes called him Usher:

jason derulo is trending u know what that means

The Jason Derulo three piece combo lines up perfectly with “JASON DERULOOO” 😂😂

Jason Derulo when ppl call him Usher

"Hey it's Usher" Jason Derulo:

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