What May Be The Cause Of Shereè Whitfield And Drew Sidora’s Twitter Feud?


The reality show is only three episodes into season 14 but the tension is already heating up.

Following Sunday night’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” the animosity between Sheree Whitfield and Drew Sidora has become even worse.

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Despite Sheree’s claims, Drew’s assistant Anthony accused her of not paying him for tasks he completed, leading to a heated argument and finger-pointing. Their co-stars had to separate them at one point to prevent a violent confrontation from occurring.

“Anthony said that he was your assistant but that he had to cut ties because you never paid him,” Drew told Sheree and now, the drama has continued with a Twitter spat following the catfight.

Drew took digs at Sheree’s apparel brand She By Sheree, and Sheree responded on Twitter, saying she should be more concerned about her stalled career and marriage than her income.

“If you can’t distinguish Spring, Summer and September, you probably can’t keep your payrolls straight. #rhoa #joggers,” Drew wrote to which Sheree quoted, “Just like you can’t keep your marriage straight 😉 #RHOA #RespectTheOG #SheByShereé.”

Drew’s marital difficulties with Ralph Pittman prompted the remark. The couple discuss their ongoing communication challenges as well as Ralph’s suspicious conduct.

“KEEP MY HUSBAND’S NAME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH! #RHOA,” Drew added in a subsequent tweet, implying that Sheree’s response had reached her.

Sheree, on the other hand, was not hesitant to respond again, quoting the tweet: “or WHAT?!? Keep my finances out your mouth…who tf are you? A bank teller at Wells Fargo??? #liar #neverwasmyassiatant #WhoAreYou #IDontKnowHer.”

The reality show is only three episodes into season 14, and the events are only becoming more heated, and for the time being, it’s only Sheree and Drew. In the future episodes, we’ll witness more drama from a number of housewives.

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I’m crying at all the ladies saying Shereé will knock Drew out😭 #RHOA

What’s weird is Sheree didn’t even do anything to Drew. #RHOA

Shereé ends Drew every single time LMAO. I don’t know why Drew even tries to compete with my mother 💀💀 #RHOA

Watching Drew V Sheree on twitter #RHOA

I fear there’s too great of a power gap between Sheree and Drew. It’s a massacre. Goodnight.

Drew thinking she can go toe to toe with Sheree MF Whitfield 😂 #RHOA

Drew, you've fought a good fight! But, it's time to log off Twitter for the night. Shereé done whooped you all the way up, and I'm throwing in the towel for you!! 😭

Somebody needs to tell Drew that she should sit this one out because Sheree is lighting her up

Chileeee Sheree CLOCKED IN tonight. Sis on twitter reading Drew for filth. Where is the popcorn!!!! #RHOA

Drew vs Sheree was a feud I didn’t see coming.

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