What Happened on the Last Episode of Season 12 of Criminal Minds?


Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 22 (Red Light) Recap


Dr Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) deals with Cat Adams (Aubrey Plaza) once more. She is the architect behind Reid’s false accusation of murder. She is sent to prison, but she only exposes herself when she is ready and has a few requests for him. Cat insists that Reid pay her a visit in prison; if he doesn’t, his mother is seriously harmed.


Cat, on the other hand, does not want to see his gorgeous face. She demands a meeting because she wants to be able to experience Reid’s pain. She isn’t ready to finish their game by telling him where his mother was. Instead, she encourages him to close his eyes and imagine an environment where they could relax.


Like an upmarket restaurant where they’d both are dressed to kill, and she’s in far better shape than she is in prison. Cat continues to play the seductress. Reid is putty in her hands and vulnerable to her every whim, which is the last game she tries to play on him.

The One that Got Away

Cat frequently discovers men who want to divorce their wives and seduce them before carrying out the job since it gives her the impression that she has control over them. Cat, on the other hand, is irritated by this.


Reid is the one that got away because she has pride in being able to seduce anyone. Since putting her in prison, he does not fall in love with her or even thinks about her. So Cat wonders why she keeps a close eye on him and does everything she can to harm him, even though he assumes it is because she loved him.


Cat does not know how to love somebody, so she tells Reid that she keeps an eye on him because they are expecting a child. Lindsey (Gia Mantegna) pretends to be Reid’s true love, Maeve (Beth Jean Riesgraf), she claims to seduce him in Mexico and obtain a sample of his swimmers. 

Cat is Pregnant

Reid, understandably, does not believe it was feasible. He says she is lying and only wants to hurt him. Still, JJ (A. J. Cook) investigates her medical records and discovers Cat is indeed pregnant. She is three months pregnant, and the timing coincides with Reid’s death. The squad is curious about why Cat is missing to such lengths and why Lindsey assists her.


It does not make sense that Lindsey listens to Cat or wants to hurt him just because he had gotten in her way once. The store owner reveals something when Lewis (Aisha Tyler) and Stephen Walker (Damon Gupton) discover where she is receiving her custom-made hollow bullets. He claims he does not discriminate against anyone and has no issues with Lindsey’s fiancé.


The profilers are alarmed when they discover Lindsey and Cat being involved before Cat goes to prison. They know the couple is conscious that there is no way they could ever be together again, which means they have no objection to dying.

Still Alive

Prentiss (Paget Brewster) concocts an amber alert with Lindsey as the abductor, knowing it would garner more attention than APBs. When a young man claims to have seen Lindsey Vaughn, Prentiss’ plans worked, but she kills him, and, to make matters worse, she speaks to Cat.


Cat wants to prove to Lindsey that Reid’s mother is still alive, so she dials her number and hands Diana’s (Jane Lynch) proof of life. Then Cat and Reid hear Lindsey fire a shot, which unfortunately triggers Reid. After believing they murdered his mother, he attacks Cat, only for JJ to intervene.


JJ reminds Reid that Cat is pregnant, and they cannot harm her. Nonetheless, he demands to know if his mother is dead and if it is part of their plan. So, Cat reassures Diana that she is still alive since she says she is not cheating by killing Diana. Albeit simply serves to demonstrate that she still considers it a game.

No Regrets

Reid dupes her into saying he is exactly like her and as honorable as he thinks. Cat waits till Reid is quiet before telling him about his time in prison. She asks about the men he had drugs with and whether he enjoys having such power over them.


Reid finally admits his mistake. He states that he does not regret his actions. He asks her to dance with him and pretends the baby is his to catch Cat off a surprise. Prentiss has something to show Lindsey when they discover her because he hides cameras in the room streaming live to her cell.


When Cat calls again, Lindsey is waiting in a cabin with Diana with a bomb, ready to kill them all. Lindsey watches as Reid persuades Cat to disclose that she is pregnant, and then Reid says that he knows the baby isn’t his.

Lies and Deception

Reid thinks that Cat seduces Lionel Wilkins, a prison guard and that she exploits her pregnancy to manipulate Lionel. As a result, Lionel’s (Richard T. Jones)appointment as a guard in Reid’s prison proves that Cat is keeping an eye on him and that she has access to his FBI file through law enforcement.


Reid confronts Cat about her lies and manipulation since he knows he gets the best of her. Cat does want to lose to him again, so she instructs Lindsey to blow up the building. Cat is aback when Lindsey refuses to comply with her request after learning that Cat cheats on her and is pregnant.


As a result, Lindsey agrees to be in, and Reid is reunited with his mother. Morgan returns, surprising everyone, and tells them about this bizarre text he receives from Garcia about Reid wanting to meet Morgan at a safe house.


The squad knows someone is setting a trap, and they suspect it is Mr Scratch (Bodhi Elfman). Scratch do anything like this, so Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness)tracks down the text and tells her squad where it comes from, but the team attacks their way there, and there is no way of knowing who was alive or dead.

Criminal Minds Quick Facts

  • an American police procedural crime drama TV show
  • created and produced by Jeff Davis
  • premiered on CBS on September 22, 2005
  • concluded on February 19, 2020
  • throughout its 15-year run, it has been one of CBS’s most popular series
  • Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior and
  • Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders are two spin-off shows

Plot Summary

The TV show follows a group of FBI criminal profilers who work for the BAU team. The BAU investigates by using behavioral analysis and profiling to assist in the investigation of crimes and the search for the unsub (unknown subject). Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner and later Emily Prentiss supervise the team.

 An FBI profiler flies from Quantico to the epicenter of several illicit activities of the serial killer in this crime series. They examine evidence from crime scenes, create a profile, and attempt to avert the next fatal strike.

 Jason Gideon (Mandy Patinkin), the bureau’s top thinker, left after some difficult decisions. His more bookish operational right-hand man, Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson), eventually took over the team. 

Following Gideon’s departure, David Rossi (Joe Mantegna), who had previously resigned, returns to the bureau in an attempt to make a difference in people’s lives by following up on a case he worked on years before.

 Dr Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), who is still a teenager, is an expert on everything except real life. Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) is a bright computer genius with access to any database, etc. Cooperation with local police and FBI agents is necessary because they are mobile. Still, it often causes jurisdictional and other issues, as do certain witnesses and suspects.

 The title of the Criminal Minds series finale suggests a halt and a finish that may be perilous, but that is not surprising given the show’s history. In season 11, we witnessed Derek Morgan leaving the BAU because actor Shemar Moore wanted to work on other projects.

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