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What Happened Last Season on The Good Doctor? (Season 5)

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Finally getting married in The Good Doctor Season 5, Dr. Shaun Murphy and Lea Dilallo exchange vow at a surprise ceremony organized by their coworkers at St. Bonaventure hospital.

Cast The Good Doctor Season 5

  • Freddie Highmore as Dr. Shaun Murphy
  • Hill Harper as Dr. Marcus Andrews
  • Richard Schiff as Dr. Aaron Glassman
  • Christina Chang  as Dr. Audrey Lim
  • Paige Spara as Lea Dilallo
  • Fiona Gubelmann as Dr. Morgan Reznick

Episode 1 - New Beginnings

Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore), Dr. Alex Park (Will Yun Lee), and Dr. Audrey Lim (Christina Chang) learn that Jordan, a youngster who underwent a tonsillectomy, has cervical cancer in his throat. Which he contracted from his mother, Sarah (Angel Parker), while he was still in utero. Jordan’s treatment can be postponed, but Sarah needs a severe hysterectomy immediately. She rejects him because she has no one to turn to, but Park can persuade her to reconcile with her estranged brother Nick (Leopold Manswell). Lea Dilallo (Paige Spara) organizes and hosts the engagement celebration. 


After clearing his charges, Dr. Mateo Rendón Osma (Osvaldo Benavides) travels to America and seeks a relationship with Dr. Audrey Lim. Dr. Mateo Osma aids her in minimizing Sarah’s post-operative difficulties, and Lim offers Mateo a position. Salen Morrison (Rachel Bay Jones) is a clinic patient whose strange conduct makes it difficult for Dr. Marcus Andrews (Hill Harper), Dr. Morgan Reznick (Fiona Gubelmann), Dr. Jordan Allen (Bria Henderson), and Dr. Asher Wolke (Noah Egidi Galvin) to effectively treat her. Salen acknowledges that she purposefully acted out her scleroderma symptoms. It is to put the St. Bonaventure staff to the test. Lim is then informed by Glassman that Salen has acquired the hospital.

Episode 2 - Piece of Cake

Glassman considers leaving the hospital but quickly agrees to stay after Salen and her business, Ethicure, take over. Madeline Cross (Blessing Adedijo), a young woman with terminal cancer, is treated by Andrews, Jordan, and Mateo. Mateo administers an experimental T-cell therapy per Shaun’s recommendation. Because of his argument in front of Salen, Andrews is dismissed from the case.


Abby Clemmis (Lyndon Smith), a mother, serving time for killing her first child with antifreeze, is treated by Morgan and Park. Even though Maggie, Park’s new daughter, exhibits the same symptoms, Park continues to believe Abby is innocent. At the same time, Morgan still thinks she is guilty. Morgan changes her mind and assists Shaun and Park in learning that the babies have a genetic condition. It was accidentally caused by Abby breastfeeding them after Abby was probed while under anesthesia.

Episode 3 - Measure of Intelligence

A woman treated by Andrews, Park, and Mateo has a chip in her head that was implanted during surgery by another doctor. Still, the corporation that did it wants to take it out. A man who crashed his bike and had significant facial injuries is being treated by Shaun, Wolke, Jordan, and Lim. Both teams struggle to persuade Salen that their strategies are worthwhile.


Salen is confronted by Shaun about the numerous modifications she has made to the hospital, including the towels and the scrubs for the surgeons, and, surprise, she agrees to comply with Shaun’s requests. Lim and Mateo spot a billboard advertising differences with an image of Shaun returning from the hospital.

Episode 4 – Rationality

After Walt Taylor’s (Jeremiah Birkett) diagnosis of visceral myopathy is confirmed, Salen instructs the team to treat him like a consultant physician. Which causes Shaun to be condescending and rude to him; as a result, Andrews dismisses Shaun from the case. Shaun is then treated by Mateo, Andrews, and Mateo. Shaun finds a way to relieve the pressure by placing a feeding tube into Holly’s colon.


Gina Campbell (Jill Teed), who needs a lung transplant, is treated by Morgan and Park, and the two disagree over whether to allow Gina’s estranged son Henry to participate as a living donor against her wishes. Park starts assisting Morgan with the hormone treatments when Morgan discloses that she has been undergoing them to have her eggs frozen. Shaun tries to persuade Salen to take down the billboard; in exchange for Salen doing so, Glassman offers to participate in some interviews.

Episode 5 – Crazytown

Mr. Song (François Chau), a victim of a hate crime who has a brain tumor but refuses to have it surgically removed, is treated by Shaun, Jordan, and Park. Most of the cancer is removed during surgery, leaving Mr. Song with a chronic disability on his left side. Still, he respects his daughter’s decision because it comes after his condition becomes worse. 


Park rejects Morgan’s requests to improve his reputation among medical professionals. Shaun shops for a tux, but Glassman does not arrive as scheduled. Shaun makes a fruitless effort to raise his rating after learning that it is the lowest in the department. Lea covertly deletes Shaun’s negative evaluations, submitting his rating. Andrews accepts Salen’s invitation to a date.

Episode 6 - One Heart

Brandon (Zachary Gordon), who suffered internal injuries due to a fall, is treated by Shaun, Asher, and Lim. At the same time, Park is caring for Ollie (Shalev Snitz), a young boy who needs a heart transplant and is a transplant match for Brandon. As a result, Park and Shaun disagree over how much they want to save their individual patients. Ollie is rescued, along with 62 other people who also received organs, after Shaun uses embroidery to keep his heart after realizing that Brandon cannot be saved.


Nira (Patricia Isaac) is a patient of Morgan’s who has an eye tumor and may contribute significantly to the hospital. Morgan sees this as an opportunity to take over as clinic director. Morgan is compelled to employ a less expensive treatment that only preserves 60% of Nira’s vision to turn a profit.

Episode 7 – Expired

Glassman unexpectedly receives a visit from Ilana Reeves (Ann Cusack), his ex-wife. She asks him to look at her new husband, Sunil Rajani (Sean T. Krishnan), who has Lewy Body dementia and symptoms of a tumor. He is skeptical but chooses to try. Ilana tells him to stay in San Jose for Shaun and pardons him for their daughter’s passing.


Glassman decides to operate on Sunil, and he successfully removes his tumor. Shaun and Lea find a multi-car collision while searching for a church to host their wedding. Alma Garcia (Natalee Linez), the implicated woman, is being treated by Shaun and Lim at St. Bonaventure while 26 weeks pregnant. 

Episode 8 – Rebellion

The pharmacist is fired by Salen, who also has him sign a non-disclosure agreement. After learning that Salen hasn’t fully taken over the hospital yet, Lim develops a case against her. Later, Salen threatens her by claiming that she will hold her betrayal of her in high regard. Young Candace Skans, who underwent surgery before and is in agony, is being treated by Andrews, Asher, and Jordan. 


Clots that had begun to spread to her heart and other vital organs were successfully removed from her body. Phil Hall (Charley Koontz), who had a disastrous date, was treated by Lim, Shaun, and Park after he wrecked his car into a tree. Shaun tries to stay away from Lea since he can’t forgive her.

Episode 9 - Yippee Ki-Yay

Lea crashes with Jordan after her altercation with Shaun, and Jordan begs Shaun to put aside his reservations about Lea. Lim is offered a job by another hospital after being demoted from her position as chief of surgery. However, she declines and instead recruits other doctors to assist her in taking down Salen; Park and Glassman both agree to participate, while Shaun, Jordan, and Morgan decline. 


Nelly Dunn (AJ Michalka), a pop singer who must use an artificial gadget to talk, is treated by the team. She decides to have the operation to restore her voice despite Shaun’s best efforts to convince her and the team that it is too risky. She nearly loses consciousness on the operating table but survives thanks to her extraordinary clotting factors. Additionally, they care for Joe, a man who looks after Cody (Matthew Horner), a boy with Kabuki syndrome. 


Joe (David Marciano) chooses to have a procedure that, if successful, would give him back the use of his arm but instead renders him paraplegic. Cody has a panic attack and is sent to the intensive care unit. Cody’s pancreas has a minor tumor, which Morgan finds and removes to restore his ability to walk.

Episode 10 - Cheat Day

Shaun is urged to continue trying to uphold his reputation by Glassman and Lea, and he does so while promising to concentrate on medicine. Returning to work, Shaun helps Park with a man who has a head injury, but they subsequently learn that he has cancer since a friend of his donated a liver. By ordering the immediate termination of Glassman and Lim’s employment and Asher and Park’s residency, Salen thwarts Lim’s plan and that of her backers. Lim is assured by Andrews that he will stand up with them against Salen. 


Grace (Tina Majorino), a surrogate mother, is being treated by Asher and Jordan while giving birth, which is complicated by a tumor. They work with Andrews to perform surgery to save both Grace and the baby. A patient with malignant liver gives Shaun and Park’s patient more months to live after a successful operation. Shaun decides to support Lim’s uprising and deliver a speech at the pension investors’ conference.

Episode 11 - The Family

Lim is appointed Chief of Surgery once again by Andrews. Still, after Morgan tells Nira the truth, Andrews is compelled to close the clinic. Because of this, Morgan realizes she isn’t yet prepared for the responsibility and begins working on herself before coming up with a scheme to keep the clinic open while giving it back to Glassman.


After a terrible vehicle accident, the Liu family shows up at the hospital, prompting Lim, Andrews, and Glassman to collaborate to save the parents. The three physicians fight but finally makeup after being upset with one another over how they handled the Salen incident and work together to save Elaine Liu’s (Edelyn Okano) life. Isla Liu receives care from Shaun after they become close, and while he consoles her, he confides in her about his unborn daughter and Steve’s passing.

Episode 12 - Dry Spell

Asher informs Alex and Audrey that he will only date men who meet all the requirements. Shaun asks Lea if she needs to boost herself in the morning because they haven’t had sex in nine days when they first meet at the café. Jordan and Shaun leave the room, and when they do, they return to find a runner. She has a date, is 45 years old, and has never had sex until Jordan approaches her to talk to her. Shaun sits down with Aaron Glassman and reveals to him that it has been nine days since they last had sex.


Jordan asks Shaun, “What if they allowed her patient to go home to Victor (Aman Mann) one night?” as she is talking to Shaun. Shaun is preparing Lea’s environment at home in the meantime. He informs her that only accelerators will be used this evening when she enters. Asher offers to call Isaac again, but she advises him to put the phone down if Isaac doesn’t realize how frightening this situation is. Asher tells her about their first kiss and how he learned to be honest with their families.

Episode 13 - Growing Pains

Alex is invited to move in with Morgan after Morgan advises him it’s time to give up the bachelor pad. Keila, who was diagnosed with depression and pain following a neck injury six years ago, is being examined by Morgan. Morgan expresses to him her desperation for effective pain treatment. Alex, who is present, informs Morgan that once this is completed, it cannot be undone. Trent’s (Zavien Garett) mother and Trent are told by Shaun and Asher that the finger may need to be amputated due to the illness. 


Morgan tells Justin Quinn (Mishka Thebaud) that his sister is in a lot of pain. He agrees to let Morgan show him a scan so he can examine what is happening with Keila’s brain. Keila is given gabapentin by Morgan the following morning since she is still in discomfort. Morgan informs Aaron that Justin will not change, especially in light of Keila’s recent episode and excruciating anguish.

Episode 14 – Potluck

Most of the staff starts acting strangely after a potluck at the hospital, leaving Glassman, Shaun, Morgan, and Jordan in control. Morgan, Lea, and Asher later find that Asher and Jerome (Giacomo Baessato) mistakenly placed magic mushrooms in their sweet potato. Asher becomes uneasy when Jerome forbids him from meeting with his college pals. Park worries that he and Morgan are too dissimilar to get along, and Lim has hallucinations of snakes. Andrews believes he is Spider-Man during this period.


Ultimately, Park and Morgan can resolve their disagreement over his recliner. Still, Morgan chooses to keep Park’s earlier relationship concerns to herself. On the other hand, Jerome admits he is afraid of showing Asher his more playful side. Which Asher, who had to lead a primarily regimented life, looks forward to seeing. Lim and Andrews establish a rapport and subsequently see Spider-Man 2 together.

Episode 15 - My Way

When Marcus needs assistance, Morgan introduces him to Kevin Wilks (Jesse Moss), a patient with Sarah Buendia (Conchita Campbell), the Golden Compassion Boys Home director. Kevin needs reconstructive surgery on his face and ribs because three of them are shattered and misplaced, according to Marcus. Marcus requests to view a book of pictures that Kevin has, and when he does, he tells him it’s great. Kevin won’t respond when Marcus tries to explain that he wants to assist him if the group home is harmful. 


Aaron is with Jordan and Lea; he speaks to them about investors and informs them that they are the product, which requires retooling. Marcus tells Kevin that he has placed him in a new foster family, which will take about a week. When Sophie (Jess Salgueiro) inquires again about the show, he replies that Lea doesn’t want to participate, which is okay.

Episode 16 - The Shaun Show

After a fire, Grant Ferlin, a fireman, is treated by Park for a fractured spine, while Dana Bradley (Mercedes de la Zerda) is treated by Shaun for facial burns. Shaun makes a mistake during Dana’s debridement, exacerbating her condition. Grant declines a spinal fusion because it would terminate his career. Grant Ferlin (Sandy Robson) is Park’s patient, and Park asks Lim’s assistance to conduct a different procedure.


After Jordan tells him that her admiration for Shaun was only increased by his error, Shaun admits his mistake and enables Sophie to keep the footage. After experiencing some problems, Nurse Villanueva confesses to Lim that she is a victim of domestic violence, and Lim assures her that he will assist her.

Episode 17 - The Lea Show

When Claire Browne (Antonia Thomas) first encountered Shaun, he was cold and damp, and she recalls him appearing like a lost puppy. The reality show is interviewing Claire. Morgan informs Alex that Claire is present before discussing a wedding gift for Lea and Shaun, a bread maker, with Alex. Claire, Audrey, and Shaun are there to examine the findings of an MRI that Lucho (Julian Rangel) is having.


Marcus is in a room with Audrey, Aaron, Claire, Alex, Shuan, and Asher, talking about Lucho. Marcus replies that he gave Lea and Shuan a weekend in Napa when Alex inquiries about his wedding gift during surgery. Lucho will pass away, according to Shaun. When Lucho awakens, Claire tells him the tumor in his head has disappeared and hands him a soccer ball. As Sophie enters the room, Lea announces that there won’t be a wedding.

Episode 18 – Sons

Steph Lewis (Keira Allen) is treated by Park and Morgan. She is a young woman who was paralyzed by a stroke year earlier. She lost what little control she had over her right hand as a result of an operation to cure lung problems. Lea helps Morgan configure the implant with Steph’s voice, and the surgery is a success. Morgan comes up with the idea to utilize a gadget attached to Steph’s brain to enable her to communicate. 


Yosel Wolke (Richard Pool), Asher’s estranged father, visits the hospital simultaneously and asks Shaun for assistance treating his terminal lung cancer. Without Shaun’s treatment, Yosel would only have a few days to a few weeks to live. After Jordan calls Asher out on his lack of sympathy for his father, Asher persuades his mother to respect Yosel’s wishes to die at home rather than in a hospital. Just before he departs, Asher and Yosel reconcile.


After speaking with Lim, Park decides to support her. In a ceremony that Glassman planned on the hospital rooftop, Andrews officiated, and Shaun and Lea’s friends were present. While planning, Glassman, and Shaun acknowledged their own father-son bond. Villanueva’s stalker Owen stabs Lim and Dalisay Villanueva (Elfina Luk) during the wedding, leaving their whereabouts uncertain.

The Good Quick Facts

  • an American medical drama television series developed for ABC by David Shore
  • based on the South Korean series of the same name
  • produced by Sony Pictures Television and ABC Studios
  • premiered on September 25, 2017
  • concluded on May 16, 2022

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