What Happened in the Last Season of Doug? (Season 7)

Doug Season 7 - Doug Cover

In the series finale, Doug’s (Billy West) life is going through even more upheavals as Judy Funnie (Becca Lish) gets ready to depart for college, and his voice starts to break. Seventh grade is officially done for Doug and his friends, who are creating the summer with Chad Mayonnaise and Miss (Constance Shulman). Krystal (Fran Brill) will soon be wed.

Doug and Skeeter (Fred Newman) ride around town to find Mr. Swirly (Bruce Bayley Johnson). Judy complains that the stage she is performing on is too small. Mr. Bone (Doug Preis) and Mr. Fort (Orville Willis Forte IV) disagree about who should play at the wedding, and one of Mr. Dink’s (Zevi Wolmark) costly machines malfunctions.

Cast of Doug Season 7

  • Douglas Yancey “Doug” Funnie voiced by Billy West
  • Porkchop voiced by Fred Newman
  • Mosquito “Skeeter” Valentine voiced by Fred Newman
  • Roger M. Klotz voiced by Billy West
  • Beebe Bluff (voiced by Alice Playten
  • Judith “Judy” Anastasia Funnie voiced by Becca Lish
  • Chalky Studebaker voiced by Doug Pries
  • Connie Benge voiced by Becca Lish
  • Al and Moo Sleech voiced by Eddie Korbich
  • Mr. Bud Dink voiced by Fred Newman

Doug Season 7 Episode 31 Recap

Doug Season 7 - Cast

For Doug and his friends, seventh grade is ended, and Chad and Ms. Krystal are getting married to kick off the summer. Patti (Constance Shulman) requests Doug to hold onto her wedding ring because her dress lacks pockets while Principal White officiates the marriage. However, when paying for fluffy goats, he unintentionally misplaces them.

Mr. Bone and Mr. Fort disagree about who should play at the wedding, and one of Mr. Dink’s costly machines malfunctions. As if that weren’t enough, Principal White faints as soon as the ceremony begins, igniting a new round of arguments. Roger’s wedding gift falls on top of the reception tent, causing it to collapse. Krystal.

Following Chad and Ms. Krystal’s wedding, Judy departs in Vole’s direction, the Sleech twins (Eddie Korbich) go on dates, and Cleopatra (Fred Newman) utters her first words. The episode, let alone the entire series, closes with Doug saying, “So long, everyone. It’s been great. Your friend forever, Doug,” after reaching the last page of his journal and receiving a new one from Porkchop.

Doug Season 7 Full Recap

Episode 1 - Doug's Midnight Kiss

Judy detests the entire New Year’s festivities, while Roger tries to beat his record for the number of girls he can kiss at midnight.

Episode 2 - Doug's Older Woman

Doug makes every effort to appear cool in front of popular ninth student Cassandra Bleem. She asks him to go with her to the forthcoming Bluffington Blowout Bar-B-Que and Beach Bash beach party.

Episode 3: Doug Gets Right Back On!

Doug Season 7 - Doug

As part of Patti’s team, Doug is preparing for the Rudolph Bluff Memorial Bike Rally, where they hope to defeat Roger.

Episode 4 - Quailman VII: Quaildad

Doug Season 7 - Quailman

Quailman and his friends pursue the Golden Salmon at the bottom of the ocean, and then they show up at the volcano with lava and an on/off switch when they are on dry land.

Episode 5 - Doug's in the Middle

After helping Ms. Krystal out, Patti and Skeeter unintentionally end up imprisoned in a janitor’s closet. They exchange a secret while confined and pledge to keep it between themselves.

Episode 6 - Night of the Living Dougs

Doug has a nightmare in which he discovers that everyone in the town is evolving into clones of himself. Doug shows up to the Halloween party in his everyday attire, and Patti is dressed as Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie.

Episode 7 - Doug's Dream House

Doug Season 7 - Doug and Patti

Patti stays with the Funnies for a week while Chad is away, and Doug tries to stop her because of fear that she will understand that Judy will confess his love for Patti.

Episode 8 - Quailman Takes the Blame

Doug Season 7 - Roger

For attention, Roger pretends to have a sprained ankle and accuses Doug. Klotzenstein is transported to the hospital to recover after Quailman numbs him.

Episode 9 - Doug and the Bluffington Five

Doug Season 7 - Sally

Sally organizes a student discussion. Sally eventually loses her voice, forcing Patti to take over the debate. But it appears that Patti has gotten out of control.

Episode 10 - Quailman Vs. Supersport

Quailman overcomes his jealousy to make peace with the Dark Quail, and Quailman and Supersport team up to save the day. In conclusion, Patti remarks that she wishes she could draw and that they are skilled at different things while observing Doug drawing the Quailman and Supersport comics.

Episode 11 - Doug's Concert Crisis

Doug Season 7 - Doug becoming famous

Doug gains popularity by promising 20 tickets for 20 individuals; however, he must now risk losing that popularity by informing the crowd that only two keys are left.

Episode 12 - Quailman Vs. the Annoying S.T.U.A.R.T.

Doug Season 7 - Silver Skater rejoins Quailman

Faulty items from the S.T.U.A.R.T. (Society To Undermine, Annoy, and Ruthlessly Torment) firm give Megalopolis residents an unusually short fuse. Silver Skeeter rejoins Quailman once more after having had enough.

Episode 13 - Quailman vs. the Whackhammer

Doug Season 7 - Quailman and Porkchop

Doug looks to Quailman to see how he would deal with a creature that makes Megalopolis’s residents cranky.

Episode 14 - Big Admission

Doug Season 7 - Doug and Judy

As Doug waits for the results of a drawing talent contest, he tags along with Judy and discovers what he really wants to accomplish with the rest of his life.

Episode 15 - Quailman Vs. the Quizzler

Doug Season 7 - Doug is confused

The Quizzler is stealing data, words, and alphabets from throughout Megalopolis, and Quailman wants to stop and confront him. Quailman needs to return things to normal.

Episode 16 - Doug's Sour Songbird

Doug misleads Patti about her singing, which prompts her to enter the competition. Doug then either needs to confess the truth or get Patti to withdraw because participating would make her look foolish.

Episode 17 - Doug's Best Buddy

Doug Season 7 - Bobby

When Bobby doesn’t show up for class, Doug finds him in the comic book shop and persuades him to be friendlier and let people get to know him better, which Bobby does.

Episode 18 - Quailman and the Quintuple Quandary

Doug Season 7 - Doug and Professor Squint

Professor Quint has genuinely turned into a supervillain, so Quailman and Quaildog set out on an adventure to find him.

Episode 19 - Quailman's Bad Hair Day

Doug Season 7 - Doug's bad hair day

On the day of the school photo, Doug always manages to have a horrible hair day.

Episode 20 - Doug: Beebe Goes Broke

Doug Season 7 - Doug and Beebe

Poor Beebe gets assistance from Doug, Skeeter, and Patti. To prove to Beebe that “you don’t need a lot of money to have a good time,” they attempt to stop Fentruck from departing.

Episode 21 - Quailman and the L.U.B.

Quailman, Silver Skeeter, Material Girl (Beebe Bluff’s alter-ego), Supersport (Patti Mayonnaise’s alter-ego), and the other heroes must stop Judy-dra from converting everyone in Megalopolis into performers in Doug’s daydream.

Episode 22 - Patti's Dad Dilemma

When her mother passes away, Patti sobs. She then encounters her father and sees her mother’s tomb. Doug and Ms. Krystal start to cry at the death of Doug’s hamster, Happy, and Ms. Krystal’s parrot Lord Byron.

Episode 23 - Quailman: The Un-Quail Saga

Doug Season 7 - Doug feels lazy

Doug hasn’t started drawing his Quailman-comic paper yet the night before it’s due.

Episode 24 - Doug Cuts School

Doug Season 7 - Doug and Skeeter skipping school

When Doug and Skeeter visit the mall, Swirly’s, and the park, they learn that skipping school is not as outrageous as they initially believed. They return to school after their dull experience, discovering that Patti doesn’t like a real rebel.

Episode 25 - Quailman Vs. the Triad of Terror

Three evildoers are persuaded by Generalissimo Twang that they can fight Quailman as a team. Klotzenstein, the Golden Salmon, and RoboBone are defeated by Quailman, who also imprisons them.

Episode 26 - Doug Plays Cupid

Doug Season 7 - Coach Spitz

Skunky confronts Coach Spitz and requests that he refrain from making Skunky cover his toes. Doug and Patti are the targets of Roger’s subsequent water balloon attempt, but Mr. Bone grants him detention.

Episode 27 Doug: I, Rubbersuit

The Kabrain twins help Quailman transform into Rubbersuit in Megalopolis so they may learn more about him. The Kabrain twins are visited by the actual Rubbersuit to persuade them to convert “Rubbersuit” back into Quailman after he knows about this. When Klotzenstein appears, the Kabrain twins transform Quailman into the genuine Rubbersuit and Rubbersuit back into the real Quailman.

Episode 28 - Doug's Adventures On-Line

Doug Season 7 - Judy

Doug and Skeeter are saved by Mayor Dink and Mr. Dink, who then violently confront Frankie, who has turned criminal. When Judy gets online, she encounters a man going by the screen name “Leonardo D’Warhol” in the “Bluffington’s Pretentious Artists Chat Room.”

Episode 29 - Quailman Vs. the Little Rubber Army

The kids are abducted by Rubbersuit, and Quailman and Quaildog get to melt the synthetic rubber. Kid-Quail eventually stops Rubbersuit from killing Quailman when he makes an attempt. Later, Quailman ties Rubbersuit up and takes him away.

Episode 30 - Doug's Grand Band Plan

Members of Mr. Funnie’s former band pay a visit to the Funnies and accept Doug’s invitation to perform at the dance. However, after hearing about their appalling practice,

Episode 31 - Doug's Marriage Madness

Doug Season 7 - Patti asks Doug for a date

Following the marriage of Mr. Mayonnaise and Ms. Krystal, Patti (now Ms. Krystal’s stepdaughter) asks Doug on a date to the approaching Summer Harvest Moon Festival. The Sleech twins go on dates, Cleopatra utters her first word, and Judy departs in the direction of Vole. The last page of Doug’s journal is turned. Porkchop provides Doug with a new journal to record his exploits in.

Doug Quick Facts

  • an animated T.V. show
  • created by Jim Jinkins
  • produced by Jumbo Pictures
  • debuted on the cable network Nickelodeon
  • premiered on August 11, 1991
  • concluded on January 2, 1994
  • originally aired on Nickelodeon in the U.S.
  • debuted on A.B.C. as a part of the previous Disney’s One Saturday Morning programming block when Disney bought the defunct Jumbo Pictures in 1996
  • Nickelodeon channel’s first Nicktoon
  • 166-episode portions were made across 117 half-hour episodes

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