Men Just Documented Their Harassment? Saying The Policewoman Is In The Wrong Field

Men Just Documented Their Harassment Saying The Policewoman Is In The Wrong Field

Netizens heavily criticized a group of males after making a series of offensive statements directed toward a female police officer.

One of the most disappointing things to ever witness is a bizarre and absurd act of men documenting themselves while harassing a woman. The policewoman is seemingly uncomfortable with her situation.

In the video filmed by the user blackmagictvv, he is heard in the background saying, “damn, this one is nice,” about the cop, and his peers were laughing. He continued, “Bro, this one should be a model.”

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@blackmagictvv Somebody find this police officer and make her a model 😂😂😂😂😂😂 #fyp #fypシ #funny #australia #police ♬ original sound – BlackMagic
The cop looked about at her surroundings while attempting to ignore the gathering of men, who clearly made her uncomfortable with their vulgar commentary.

“This woman is beautiful,” the man filming could be heard saying as she turned to face the other way.

The video has more than 2.9 million views and accumulated 301.9 thousand likes. The video captioned, “She’s definitely in the wrong field,” and was uploaded earlier this month.

The majority of the comments in the video are worried about the cop. Some addressed the man appropriate manner.

A user expressed his thought on youth’s behavior these days, “This clearly shows that the youth of today have zero respect for anyone apart from themselves,” another user said, “No respect at all, smh.”

“To many lil boys that need to grow up both in the commend and the video,” a user wrote.

One user commented about the woman’s situation, saying, “Actually, her body language says uncomfortable.”

Reactions to Men Just Documented Their Harassment? Saying The “Beautiful” Policewoman Is In The Wrong Field

This is ridiculous.


Saw a woman do this to a man who was a chief and no one batted an eye


Nah wrong country fam, she'd be a cooldrink millionaire this side


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