What Happened in Selling Sunset Season 4?

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In the fourth season of Selling Sunset, the controversial Oppenheim agent and broker left on sour terms last season but returned with her tail between her legs, asking to rejoin the brokerage. And while sales-wise, she was a great asset to the team, personal beef soured her return. Luckily, there were some new faces to distract from the negativity of Davina’s previous comments.

Cast of Selling Sunset Season 4

  • Brett and Jason Oppenheim are twin brothers and co-founders of the Oppenheim Group.
  • Chrishell Stause, actress, a recent addition, actress, and real estate agent, formerly married to actor Justin Hartley
  • Christine Quinn, real estate agent, Chrishell’s rival
  • Maya Vander is a real estate agent, an Israeli ex-pat who splits her time between Los Angeles and Miami.
  • Mary Fitzgerald, real estate agent, previously dated Jason
  • Heather Rae Young, a real estate agent, is an agent, a former Playboy Playmate, and an actress. She is married to Tarek El Moussa, a TV personality.
  • Davina Potratz, real estate agent, joins the rival agency, Douglas Elliman 
  • Amanza Smith, an interior designer and a founder of her own business
  • Vanessa Villela, a Mexican soap opera star Emma Hernan

Episode 1 - Very High Heels to Fill

Selling Sunset S4 - Christine Quinn

A pregnant Christine Quinn and a resurrected Chrishell Stause look at sultry, opulent houses. A booming market signals rapid expansion, which led to the hiring of Vanessa Villela by the Oppenheim Group. Vanessa, a former soap opera star like Chrishell Stause, has been working in real estate for a year in memory of her sister, a realtor who passed away.

Unsurprisingly, Vanessa is quickly included in the standoff between Christine Quinn and everyone else. Christine claims Chrishell is not as sweet as she seems and that Mary Fitzgerald shouldn’t be trusted since Emma Hernan, who Christine claims were dating Christine’s boyfriend at the time, is friends with Mary Fitzgerald.

Episode 2- New Friends, Old Enemies

Selling Sunset S4 - Vanessa Villela

After visiting French Montana’s lavish residences, drama develops when Vanessa befriends Christine, Crishell, Heather Rae El Moussa, and Mary. Mary goes to see Ayoub, the rapper French Montana’s younger brother. I want to prepare your Montana French for you because Ayoub is a beautiful delicacy.

Mary shouldn’t put this place on the list, and you should give this kid a job in the program and a real estate license. Mary cites the house French purchased from Selena Gomez for $3.3 million in 2016. Still, the program omits the information that she previously offered it for $6.6 million, and no one was interested, probably because it is in a suburban area.

Which is only fantastic due to his connection to the Kardashian family. Additionally, it is not stated that it was sold to another Oppenheim Group client for $5 million in September.

Episode 3 - Rival Arrival

The Oppenheim Vineyards Wine Experience that the twins can’t get rid of needs to be sipped heavily by the envious women of the O Group to decompress. Everyone learns about Christine’s birth on Instagram, which is, to be honest, how we now understand all significant life events. Days later, as Amanza Smith and Vanessa pass by Christine’s home, she is sporting a Fendi-print dress and wearing full makeup because that is realistic.

When Chrishell and Mary arrive at a four-bedroom, $3.495 million home, Chrishell walks inside to take a look. Even though there were six other bidders for the house, Chrishell successfully bid on it with Jason Oppenheim on speakerphone. Everyone is delighted for Chrishell since they know she won’t be homeless again.

The Oppenheim Vineyards Wine Experience that the twins can’t get rid of needs to be sipped heavily by the envious women of the O Group to decompress. Everyone learns about Christine’s birth on Instagram, which is, to be honest, how we now understand all major life events. It is the equivalent of a floor-mounted TV in a home.

Episode 4 - The Emma Dilemma

Another meal, another shocking revelation. Emma presents her account of the events. She said that she started a food company, and invested in the stock market when she was 14.  She took over her grandfather’s food company when she was 17 years old.

At the end of the episode, Christine arrives in the office with her baby and greets everyone.  Jason holds the baby and everyone was happy to see little Christian in their office that day.

Episode 5 - Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

We saw many family canines in this episode, including Christine Quinn’s and Chrishell Stause’s puppies, and we celebrated Niko’s 15th birthday, the dog that both Jason and Mary own. This meant an extravagant event with a dramatic theme and many puppies running around. There were breathtaking appearances, tasty snacks for people and canines, and flowing beverages.

In essence, this was the celebration we would anticipate from the Selling Sunset cast. Along with reciting two lengthy poems on Zelda and Niko, Jason also declared that he had donated to the same shelter Chrishell had used to get her own dog, Gracie.

Episode 6 - A House for a Hero

Selling Sunset S4 - Christine and Emma

After not inviting Mary to her baby shower, Christine states she can’t handle Mary’s “frenzied energy” after the puppy’s birthday party as if Mary wasn’t the one who attended. Instead, Christine decides to speak with Emma, her ex-boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend, with whom she used to frequent Crunch on Sunset, a restaurant famous for its steam room. Christine attempts to relate the incident by making it sound as though she approached Emma calmly at the time and informed her that this man was a rat to assist her.

According to Emma, the incident occurred in March, and Christine and their ex-boyfriend split up in August. Emma responds that she is confident the ring was picked out for her when Christine says that this guy proposed to her and that she hopes he didn’t give Emma the call.He claims he just notified Davina Potratz about the proposal and kept it a secret.

Christine leans so heavily toward victimization that for the entirety of season 48 of SVU, she was portrayed as the corpse in the opening scene. Nobody, especially Emma, is convinced.

Episode 7 - Back on the Market

Heather worries that the house built on the property under hers in Doheny will obstruct the view, so she brings the Pistachio King to the same place a third time. She and Jason decide to put a two-foot balloon. That is on a 28-foot rope in the lot next to theirs as a temporary fix.

He might be able to see the home if he can see the balloon because they are only permitted to construct up to 30 feet legally. Heather throws a party on a yacht so Tarek El Moussa can continue to hate HGTV. Chrishell will get the opportunity to meet Tarek’s pal Robert Drenk, a former loser with a marine appearance.

Robert prefers to party in Huntington Beach rather than travel to Los Angeles, and he believes it is appropriate to steal a lady away from having fun with her friends so he can flirt with her. 

Direct messages from fictitious accounts claiming to know something about Emma are being sent to Emma’s friends. Because Mary witnessed Christine acting similarly while they were roommates and Chrishell has previously dealt with something similar, everyone is confident that Christine is to blame.

Episode 8 - The Truth Hurts

Selling Sunset S4 - Davina Potratz

Amanza visits Mary, where Romaine Fitzgerald greets them and opens the champagne while still wearing her shirt. Amanza describes what transpired when she saw her attorney’s office. He claims that the father of his children gave up custody and all rights to them in a letter delivered to the court two years ago, making the search for him fruitless.

I just want to hold Amanza and assure her that everything will be okay as she talks about the challenges of raising kids, sleeping on the sofa for two years so they could have their own beds, and telling her the father won’t be home. Unlike these other heifers, Amanza is given a pass for the remainder of the season because she is dealing with actual crap. Jason leads Mary, Davina, and Vanessa to a $7.85 million home that was once owned by Guns ‘N’ Roses guitarist Slash and is now the residence of a Dodgers pitcher.

He implies that the kitchen needs to be updated when he says it needs an update. It resembles a vintage white refrigerator. A Boo-Berry box from 1987 is deteriorating in the old cupboard.

Episode 9 - The Beginning of the End

Selling Sunset S4 - Jason makes an announcement

The house that Amanza owns with a neon “Vibes” sign on the wall of old mirrors is now ready for Davina to sell. Christine also shows up for the open house wearing one of her countless pairs of Lolita-inspired sunglasses, and Davina brings her to talk while we’re putting the contract together and on the small patio by the pool. Christine responds that she cannot defend herself because doing so is what got her into problems in the first place when Vanessa Villela urges her to.

Christine continues by saying that her husband is being disrespectful by continually bringing up their previous relationship. Jason is meeting with his team about the big announcement party when we see Christine walking with her husband and infant in a pink Chanel-inspired outfit and a pair of gold shoes that are so high they could be in French Montana’s home. At that point, we learn that Christian has the same delusions as Christine.

He claims that envy is the basis of her coworkers’ hatred for her.

Episode 10 - One Last Hail Mary

Selling Sunset S4 - the cast

The Oppenheim brothers throw a celebration to make a shocking announcement. The exciting revelation is that they are expanding the business to other parts of America. 

Selling Sunset has an official spin-off. Christine finally shows up, but she prefers to speak with each woman privately rather than in front of the entire group. She clearly misses Mary the most, which is heartbreaking because she views Mary as her best friend.

Mary still has feelings for Christine but is at her wits’ end with her. The women expect Christine to apologize to them, but they won’t speak to her one-on-one. Christine believes they are unjust and cruel, nevertheless.

However, you can also see it from the opposite side. There is a slight argument that they are being abusive and that the tribal mentality is uncomfortable. Christine leaves the party, and it seems more and more likely that she will have to go to The Oppenheim Group if no peace deals are reached.

We think she’ll do it. It’s becoming intolerable from an operational standpoint because she won’t go to work, and all the women aren’t acting professionally about this. Christine also has other options, and she and her husband are starting a prosperous family.

Selling Sunset Quick Facts

  • an American reality TV series 
  • created for Netflix by Adam DiVello
  • premiered with ten episodes on November 24, 2021
  • series revolves around the O Group, a high-end real estate brokerage firm in the Los Angeles area (with offices in West Hollywood and Newport Beach)
  • also follows a group of agents as they navigate their personal and professional lives

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